2018-10-11 “Applications of 3D virtual worlds in Higher Education”

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[2018/10/11 12:03] Sheila Yoshikawa: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable. We meet on Thursdays at 12 noon SLT for an hour. 8pm In UK, 3pm EST. VWER is a forum to educate and inform the community about issues that are important and relevant to education in virtual worlds.
[2018/10/11 12:03] Sheila Yoshikawa: This is a public meeting, so we will be keeping and publishing a transcript. The transcripts can be found at https://vwer.info/ The VWER continues to develop a community of educators from around the world.
[2018/10/11 12:03] Sheila Yoshikawa: Please join the VWER group here in SL. If you are on Facebook, . Our group on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/159154226946/
[2018/10/11 12:04] Sheila Yoshikawa: Just an aside – have you heard that the consumer version of Google+ is being withdrawn?
[2018/10/11 12:04] Sheila Yoshikawa: Therefore not much point publicising our Google+ Group
[2018/10/11 12:04] Beth Ghostraven: yes, sadly
[2018/10/11 12:04] Sheila Yoshikawa: If we get bored with today’s topic we can discuss that!
[2018/10/11 12:04] Beth Ghostraven: (I didn’t know there was anything *but* the consumer version)
[2018/10/11 12:04] Sheila Yoshikawa: I am moderating today. The topic for this week’s meeting will be: the review article
[2018/10/11 12:05] Sheila Yoshikawa: investigating various application areas of three‐dimensional virtual worlds for higher education. British Journal of Educational Technology, 49(3), 370-384.
[2018/10/11 12:05] Sheila Yoshikawa: Open access (free) version at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/311760032/download
[2018/10/11 12:05] Sheila Yoshikawa: afraid you may have to register with researchgate to get it……
[2018/10/11 12:05] Sheila Yoshikawa: Let’s start as we normally do and introduce ourselves. As usual we will be in text chat for the whole session.
[2018/10/11 12:06] Sheila Yoshikawa: (after that I will do an intro to the article in text chat and presenter slides, then on to a discussion)
[2018/10/11 12:06] Beth Ghostraven: It didn’t require a log-in for me
[2018/10/11 12:06] Sheila Yoshikawa: good!
[2018/10/11 12:06] Sheila Yoshikawa: I registered with it originally and it took ages for me to get my profile off it when I quickly decided I didn’t want to be on it
[2018/10/11 12:07] Beth Ghostraven: ooh, good to know
[2018/10/11 12:07] Sheila Yoshikawa: I teach and research at Sheffield University in the Information School, that’s in the UK
[2018/10/11 12:07] Sheila Yoshikawa: any more introductions?
[2018/10/11 12:07] Beth Ghostraven: I’m Beth Ghostraven, middle school teacher-librarian in RL and owner of the Book and Tankard Pub in Victoria City, Caledon in SL; owner of Ghostraven Professional Attire, classic clothing for educators in SL (http://bethghostraven.com); Communications Chair for the VWBPE Conference; Communications Chair and Focus Sessions Producer for the ISTE Virtual Environments Network; and unofficial liaison between education groups in SL. For information on events for the educational groups that I work with, see the ISTE VEN Massive Open Online Calendar at http://venetwork.weebly.com/calendar.html; Twitter: @booklady9 I’ll be taking photos to publish with the transcript and recording this session on video; if you have any objection, please IM me.
[2018/10/11 12:08] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Selby Evans, Blogger, INP- tour of a web-based interface to virtual worlds https://virtualoutworlding.blogspot.com/2018/10/2018-edu-ww-inp-tour-of-web-based.html
[2018/10/11 12:08] Stranger Nightfire: i am just another mad scientist bringing about the destruction of the world
[2018/10/11 12:08] Sheila Yoshikawa: Hello Hobbs
[2018/10/11 12:08] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Anybody tried this Place: http://classroom20.com/
[2018/10/11 12:09] Sheila Yoshikawa: we are just introducing ourselves
[2018/10/11 12:09] Beth Ghostraven: Hi Orange! I didn’t realize you were here :o)
[2018/10/11 12:09] Sheila Yoshikawa: not as far as I can remember @Selby
[2018/10/11 12:09] Beth Ghostraven: and hi hobbs!
[2018/10/11 12:09] Stranger Nightfire: well secretly i fight those guys
[2018/10/11 12:09] Orange Planer: Hi Beth.
[2018/10/11 12:09] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Over 85,000 members from 200 countries!
Free, community-supported network.
*I am testing
[2018/10/11 12:10] hobbs Constantine: Hello All!
[2018/10/11 12:10] Beth Ghostraven: Selby, I have that bookmarked but I don’t think I’ve tried it yet
[2018/10/11 12:10] Sheila Yoshikawa: Hi Elli
[2018/10/11 12:10] Sheila Yoshikawa: Ok I will start
[2018/10/11 12:10] Elli Pinion: Hi all!
[2018/10/11 12:10] Beth Ghostraven: Hi Elli!
[2018/10/11 12:10] Sheila Yoshikawa: For newcomers
[2018/10/11 12:10] Sheila Yoshikawa: There is a notecard in the box on the table that has text I will be putting into chat + 2 graphics I will be putting on the presenter board
[2018/10/11 12:11] Sheila Yoshikawa: just click, you get a folder called VWER… and in it is the notecard
[2018/10/11 12:11] Sheila Yoshikawa: So first of all I am going to summarise what the article is about
[2018/10/11 12:11] Sheila Yoshikawa: I think it is interesting because of the list it identified of educational ways that had been used and researched
[2018/10/11 12:11] Stranger Nightfire: that is a sizable group Selby
[2018/10/11 12:11] Sheila Yoshikawa: but I will start by saying what kind of article it is
[2018/10/11 12:12] Sheila Yoshikawa: This reports on a systematic review of the literature
– Searched: ScienceDirect, ProQuest Computing, IEEE Xplore, AISeL, Inspec, Web of Science, ERIC and PsycARTICLES in 2013
– Thorough search strategy covering 3 concepts: 3D, VWs, education – 1402 papers
– 165 papers finally met inclusion criteria and extracted
– Categorised and analysed in various ways
[2018/10/11 12:12] Sheila Yoshikawa: So it seems a properly conducted Systematic Review
[2018/10/11 12:12] Sheila Yoshikawa: as I put on the notecard
[2018/10/11 12:12] Sheila Yoshikawa: the only caveat is that you could only discover articles etc. indexed by those databases
[2018/10/11 12:13] Sheila Yoshikawa: they are very wide ranging
[2018/10/11 12:13] Sheila Yoshikawa: as you may know
[2018/10/11 12:13] Sheila Yoshikawa: web of science has – I think millions of items in it
[2018/10/11 12:13] Sheila Yoshikawa: but still for example
[2018/10/11 12:13] Sheila Yoshikawa: this excludes some journals e.g. Journal of Virtual Worlds Research which aren’t indexed in those databases
[2018/10/11 12:13] Sheila Yoshikawa: so just that journal alone is an omission
[2018/10/11 12:13] Beth Ghostraven: Sheila, would an article like this be useful as a starting point for research on VW education?
[2018/10/11 12:13] Sheila Yoshikawa: however, I still think this is a useful review
[2018/10/11 12:14] Sheila Yoshikawa: definitely!
[2018/10/11 12:14] Sheila Yoshikawa: In the article it explains how they did a very thorough search to start with, all the search terms they used are in an appendix online
[2018/10/11 12:14] Sheila Yoshikawa: then they looked at the titles of the 1000+ article to cut out those obviously not on topic
[2018/10/11 12:15] Sheila Yoshikawa: then at the next stage they looked at the abstracts
[2018/10/11 12:15] Sheila Yoshikawa: and for the final set they extracted information from the complete text
[2018/10/11 12:15] Sheila Yoshikawa: A few points from their initial examination of the 165 selected (totally relevant) research papers
[2018/10/11 12:15] Sheila Yoshikawa: Looking at the 165 extracted papers:
– Steady increase in publications between 2006 and 2010, then a decline to 2013
– 40% articles from USA or UK (this will also have been affected by inclusion policy of databases)
– Authors note that even the extracted studies were often not good at giving detail of data collection, data analysis etc.
[2018/10/11 12:16] Sheila Yoshikawa: I wonder myself if there will be a did upwards again with the increased interest in virtual etc. reality
[2018/10/11 12:17] Sheila Yoshikawa: Anyway the main thing they did was to see what kinds of educational activities were being carried out and what the research findings were
[2018/10/11 12:17] Sheila Yoshikawa: e.g. were the findings showing virtual worlds were beneficial
[2018/10/11 12:17] Sheila Yoshikawa: this diagram displays the “applications” (types of educational activity) [Diagram not included for copyright reasons, it can be found in the article]

[2018/10/11 12:17] Sheila Yoshikawa: I embedded the graphic in the notecard
[2018/10/11 12:18] Sheila Yoshikawa: so you should be able to click on it to see the diagram better than on the presenter!
[2018/10/11 12:18] Sheila Yoshikawa: also on the notecard at the bottom I have listed all those application areas
[2018/10/11 12:19] Sheila Yoshikawa: This bar chart, also embedded in the notecard , shows how many times each of the activity types was mentioned
[2018/10/11 12:19] hobbs Constantine: I am truly trying to stop myself from clapping from everything Sheila is saying.
[2018/10/11 12:19] Sheila Yoshikawa: lol clapping is welcome
[2018/10/11 12:20] Sheila Yoshikawa: ;-)))
[2018/10/11 12:20] Beth Ghostraven: .-‘`’-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-‘`’-.
[2018/10/11 12:20] Sheila Yoshikawa: so you will see virtual learning – which means lectures and the like – is top
[2018/10/11 12:20] Sheila Yoshikawa: haha
[2018/10/11 12:20] Sheila Yoshikawa: actually I might just go to the textual account in the notecard [This information is at the foot of this blog post]
[2018/10/11 12:20] Elli Pinion: 🙂 That is normal with teaching, right?
[2018/10/11 12:20] Sheila Yoshikawa: but I will say it is interesting that “socialisation” didn’t get researched more
[2018/10/11 12:21] Sheila Yoshikawa: perhaps it was something that happened but it wasn’t the subject of the research?
[2018/10/11 12:21] Sheila Yoshikawa: indeed Elli
[2018/10/11 12:21] Elli Pinion: interesting
[2018/10/11 12:21] Sheila Yoshikawa: as you say may well reflect practices outside the virtual world
[2018/10/11 12:21] Elli Pinion: right
[2018/10/11 12:21] Sheila Yoshikawa: Library services are included in “curricular services” by the way
[2018/10/11 12:22] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): If you bring people together and let them communicate, there is socialization
[2018/10/11 12:22] Sheila Yoshikawa: quite @selby
[2018/10/11 12:22] Sheila Yoshikawa: but as I say I think it must have been that that was not what the researchers talked about in the papers
[2018/10/11 12:23] Sheila Yoshikawa: hello
[2018/10/11 12:23] Sheila Yoshikawa: I must just take a moment
[2018/10/11 12:23] Sheila Yoshikawa: someone just knocked on my office door and they want to know
[2018/10/11 12:23] Beth Ghostraven: Hi Fuzz!
[2018/10/11 12:23] Elli Pinion: np
[2018/10/11 12:23] Fuzz Difference: o/
[2018/10/11 12:23] Sheila Yoshikawa: if my key will let them into the researcher lab they locked themselves out of!!
[2018/10/11 12:23] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): They did not take data on socialzation.
[2018/10/11 12:23] Sheila Yoshikawa: so I will be a minute
[2018/10/11 12:24] Sheila Yoshikawa: Fuzz, just to say there is a useful notecard if you click the box on the table
[2018/10/11 12:24] Sheila Yoshikawa: back in a minute!!
[2018/10/11 12:24] Fuzz Difference: Got it, thanks 🙂
[2018/10/11 12:24] Beth Ghostraven: whispers: so, now we can all talk about Sheila behind her back!
[2018/10/11 12:24] Beth Ghostraven: :p
[2018/10/11 12:24] Sheila Yoshikawa: hah no I gave him the key he is going to try it!
[2018/10/11 12:24] Sheila Yoshikawa: so I am sort of back
[2018/10/11 12:25] Beth Ghostraven: oops
[2018/10/11 12:25] Beth Ghostraven: /me looks innocent
[2018/10/11 12:25] Sheila Yoshikawa: ;-))
[2018/10/11 12:25] Sheila Yoshikawa: anyway almost finished
[2018/10/11 12:25] Sheila Yoshikawa: – The results reported in the extracted research articles mostly showed that using VWs was beneficial (details in the paper) – only “assessment” had more uncertain results
– Barriers: “lower hardware performance, limited Internet speed and technical problems. Furthermore, in most experiences, there was no possibility to limit students’ behaviours within the virtual classroom as well as the appearance of their avatar. Lack of a personal computer or smart device as well as limited access to the Internet also could be a significant problem for a student”
– Conclusion – “By taking all above arguments into consideration, it can be concluded that the advantages of using 3DVWs in higher education far outweigh the disadvantages”
[2018/10/11 12:25] Elli Pinion: Welcome (sort of) back! 🙂
[2018/10/11 12:25] Sheila Yoshikawa: so one thing that is really useful about this paper
[2018/10/11 12:25] Sheila Yoshikawa: in terms of persuading others that VWs are worth a go
[2018/10/11 12:26] Sheila Yoshikawa: as the overall findings from these studies were that it was beneficial
[2018/10/11 12:26] Sheila Yoshikawa: with the caveats that are very familiar
[2018/10/11 12:26] Sheila Yoshikawa: about the computing power needed etc etc
[2018/10/11 12:27] Elli Pinion: Which may be getting bigger as students move from computers to phones…
[2018/10/11 12:27] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Visit Stonehenge in your browser: Virtual field trip https://virtualoutworlding.blogspot.com/search?q=stonehenge
[2018/10/11 12:27] Sheila Yoshikawa: [by the way the key worked and he is no longer locked out of his office] [it is 8.30pm here so not many people around]
[2018/10/11 12:27] Sheila Yoshikawa: yes so many excellent field trips!
[2018/10/11 12:27] Elli Pinion: glad you could help him.
[2018/10/11 12:28] hobbs Constantine: Good summary!
[2018/10/11 12:28] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=MumvwhwIsL0
[2018/10/11 12:28] Sheila Yoshikawa: although @Elli, the surveys I have seen indicate that students like to have a phone AND a laptop to use for serious academic work – they don’t want to do everything on their phone
[2018/10/11 12:28] Sheila Yoshikawa: thanks Hobbs!
[2018/10/11 12:28] Elli Pinion: I’m glad to hear that, and that is certainly my experience, as well, with my students.
[2018/10/11 12:29] Elli Pinion: I actually can’t see them doing papers on their phones. But I’m not 20. 😉
[2018/10/11 12:29] Sheila Yoshikawa: yes I think universities went a bit mad-for-mobile imagining students would want to do everything on tablets and phones, but they don’t
[2018/10/11 12:29] Beth Ghostraven: they can’t
[2018/10/11 12:30] Beth Ghostraven: and they also can’t do everything on their laptops; they need both
[2018/10/11 12:30] Elli Pinion: I’m thrilled with this article!
[2018/10/11 12:30] Elli Pinion: good point!
[2018/10/11 12:30] Orange Planer: Which means they need one, Beth. A two-in-one laptop.
[2018/10/11 12:30] Sheila Yoshikawa: anyway, another reason I found the article interesting was that I thought it was a good list of the kind of things that get done in VWs which one could use when thinking of creating a variety of teaching experiences
[2018/10/11 12:31] Beth Ghostraven: (can you do SMS texting on that, Orange?)
[2018/10/11 12:31] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): A laptop is needed to prepare a report
[2018/10/11 12:31] Orange Planer: Yep.
[2018/10/11 12:31] Sheila Yoshikawa: I know we are all likely to be familiar with the listed things, but I still find it useful to have an actual list
[2018/10/11 12:31] Orange Planer: Windows 10 can attach a phone to itself via bluetooth and you can send and receive SMS messages on the computer.
[2018/10/11 12:31] Elli Pinion: It is a great list!
[2018/10/11 12:31] Sheila Yoshikawa: OK if people now want to continue the laptop/phone discussion feel free ;-))
[2018/10/11 12:32] Beth Ghostraven: oops sorry Sheila, I was just curious
[2018/10/11 12:32] Sheila Yoshikawa: yes I see my students using both, some for similar things, but in particular when they show me work they are doing or articles they have found it is normally on their laptops
[2018/10/11 12:32] Sheila Yoshikawa: no worries Beth!
[2018/10/11 12:33] Sheila Yoshikawa: I was meaning to open up discuss not be snide ;-)))
[2018/10/11 12:33] Elli Pinion: (I didn’t mean to get us off topic, either, sorry!)
[2018/10/11 12:33] Elli Pinion: I’m thrilled at the date of the article – 2016
[2018/10/11 12:33] Sheila Yoshikawa: but it still does identify the continuing issue – that SL still does not work on any old device
[2018/10/11 12:33] hobbs Constantine: Just for discussion, can we share what category our first Second Life experiences fell into?
[2018/10/11 12:33] Sheila Yoshikawa: that you have to have a certain spec
[2018/10/11 12:33] Elli Pinion: right.
[2018/10/11 12:34] Sheila Yoshikawa: though if you are a gamer (and more and more people are) it is probable you will have something that COULKD cope with SL
[2018/10/11 12:34] Sheila Yoshikawa: oo good question Hobbs
[2018/10/11 12:34] Elli Pinion: I actually haven’t had as many problems for my students in the past few years as I did earlier, except for them wanting to use a tablet.
[2018/10/11 12:35] Elli Pinion: hmmm….(category)
[2018/10/11 12:35] Sheila Yoshikawa: I think I started by organising a meeting and discussion and going to meetings and discussions and virtual lecturing
[2018/10/11 12:35] Sheila Yoshikawa: this was in 2007
[2018/10/11 12:35] Beth Ghostraven: Discussion and meeting, for me
[2018/10/11 12:35] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Web-worlds run on a Chromebook, tablet, or upscale smart phone
[2018/10/11 12:36] hobbs Constantine: I went to a meeting (Professional Development) that was held in a virtual hot tub, then I went on a field trip to Darfur. INTENSE.
[2018/10/11 12:36] Elli Pinion: Yes, discussion and meeting for me, too.
[2018/10/11 12:36] Elli Pinion: wow!
[2018/10/11 12:36] Sheila Yoshikawa: when i brought students in I did student activities, field trips, inworld creation, course material, meeting and discussion, assessment
[2018/10/11 12:37] Sheila Yoshikawa: wow hobbs intense indeed
[2018/10/11 12:38] Sheila Yoshikawa: I think part of me not totally embracing webworlds is that I see fewer of those “applications” being possible in webworlds currently?
[2018/10/11 12:38] Sheila Yoshikawa: or it could be my prejudice
[2018/10/11 12:39] hobbs Constantine: @Sheila: other applications may have risen to be more prominent?
[2018/10/11 12:39] Sheila Yoshikawa: so the first thing my students used to do was unpack a box, rez stuff, play around with it and then claim a home
[2018/10/11 12:39] Stranger Nightfire: I came to the SL world without any clear plan initially and so wandered about for a couple of weeks wondering if I would find any signs of intelligent life
[2018/10/11 12:39] Sheila Yoshikawa: sorry, I was meaning “applications” to mean “educational activities”
[2018/10/11 12:39] Sheila Yoshikawa: lol stranger
[2018/10/11 12:39] hobbs Constantine: lol Stranger, find any?
[2018/10/11 12:39] Elli Pinion: OK, when I brought students in: mostly Discussion and Meeting, In world Creation, Course Material, Student Activities, Review
[2018/10/11 12:40] Elli Pinion: lol, me, too Stranger!
[2018/10/11 12:40] Sheila Yoshikawa: I wandered around finding it intriguing and then started recreating my first life by proposing an information literacy discussion group with a couple of people I’d come across…
[2018/10/11 12:40] Sheila Yoshikawa: Hi – I think one of you has a mic open?
[2018/10/11 12:41] Orange Planer: On, not open.
[2018/10/11 12:41] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Rught Sheila- Web-worlds more limited, but work for virtual field trips , discussio, and presentations.
[2018/10/11 12:41] Sheila Yoshikawa: o, ok! yes I realise now
[2018/10/11 12:41] Sheila Yoshikawa: yes some odd people
[2018/10/11 12:41] Sheila Yoshikawa: but I found it all intriguing
[2018/10/11 12:41] Stranger Nightfire: when i did it was in fact when I discovered an education sim and stumbled into a group of teachers who were about to have a meeting and I asked if i could sit in
[2018/10/11 12:41] Elli Pinion: I found SL lonely. Was in a research study and never saw another person in the area we were given.
[2018/10/11 12:42] Beth Ghostraven: Stranger, what group was it?
[2018/10/11 12:42] Sheila Yoshikawa: I was lucky in that at that time there was a UK educational initiative Eduserv
[2018/10/11 12:42] Elli Pinion: Love that!
[2018/10/11 12:42] Sheila Yoshikawa: and they had an island
[2018/10/11 12:42] Stranger Nightfire: after the meeting they took me along when they went over tot he ISTE sim and i got to know people there
[2018/10/11 12:42] Sheila Yoshikawa: and supported people in getting to know SL
[2018/10/11 12:42] Stranger Nightfire: i don’t remember with sim the first one was now
[2018/10/11 12:42] Sheila Yoshikawa: and after a bit they offered me an office on their island to do activities
[2018/10/11 12:43] Sheila Yoshikawa: @Stranger yes that sounds a familiar experience
[2018/10/11 12:43] Elli Pinion: The Education Groups are wonderful!
[2018/10/11 12:43] Sheila Yoshikawa: I stumbled across a couple of groups – including this one – that got to be regular contacts
[2018/10/11 12:44] Sheila Yoshikawa: so “finding things by bumbling around” – I suppose that is a sort of inquiry based learning!
[2018/10/11 12:44] Elli Pinion: It could!
[2018/10/11 12:45] Orange Planer: That would be the fly method of learning.
[2018/10/11 12:45] Sheila Yoshikawa: though it also shows we were people who were curious and open to learning, I think?
[2018/10/11 12:45] Sheila Yoshikawa: so open to experience new things?
[2018/10/11 12:45] Beth Ghostraven: the Discovery Method
[2018/10/11 12:46] Elli Pinion: Right, perhaps more daring, looking for something that would help our students
[2018/10/11 12:46] Elli Pinion: I feel both Inquiry Based and Discovery need guidance/mentor/planning to be effective
[2018/10/11 12:47] Sheila Yoshikawa: yes, I would agree Elli
[2018/10/11 12:47] Beth Ghostraven: yes
[2018/10/11 12:47] Elli Pinion: rather than just bumbling. Not that you don’t learn with bumbling
[2018/10/11 12:47] Elli Pinion: I do!
[2018/10/11 12:47] Sheila Yoshikawa: one of my former colleagues did some interesting research and produced a model of inquiry based learning in student learning, and I turned this into a 3D model
[2018/10/11 12:47] Beth Ghostraven: I call it puttering around
[2018/10/11 12:48] Elli Pinion: I’m encouraged by their conclusion: “By taking all above arguments into consideration, it can be concluded that the advantages of using 3DVWs in higher education far outweigh the disadvantages”
[2018/10/11 12:48] Sheila Yoshikawa: yes!
[2018/10/11 12:48] Elli Pinion: Yes, I like the word “puttering”
[2018/10/11 12:48] Elli Pinion: I keep hearing about the steep learning curve, and I think that discourages instructors from trying VWs
[2018/10/11 12:49] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): The learning curve need not be steep for students
[2018/10/11 12:49] Elli Pinion: that, with technology need, still is outweighed is encouraging
[2018/10/11 12:50] Elli Pinion: I REALLY agree with that, Shelby.
[2018/10/11 12:50] Sheila Yoshikawa: I just rezzed the inquiry based learning conceptual framework over to our right if anyone cares to look at it later
[2018/10/11 12:51] Sheila Yoshikawa: yes, and some have talked about using videos, using ready made avatars, having well planned simple scenarios etc etc
[2018/10/11 12:51] Elli Pinion: TY
[2018/10/11 12:51] Sheila Yoshikawa: re learning curve doesn’t have to be steep
[2018/10/11 12:51] Sheila Yoshikawa: also
[2018/10/11 12:51] Sheila Yoshikawa: i do feel
[2018/10/11 12:51] Elli Pinion: I use ready made avatars
[2018/10/11 12:51] Sheila Yoshikawa: with any worthwhile education understanding – there IS a learning curve
[2018/10/11 12:52] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): I have proposed a Viewer that is for student use — Learning will not be steep — Such a viewer is in development for OpenSim
[2018/10/11 12:52] Sheila Yoshikawa: anything that I’ve learned about teaching that is worthwhile
[2018/10/11 12:52] Sheila Yoshikawa: has taken a while
[2018/10/11 12:52] Elli Pinion: Agree Sheila!
[2018/10/11 12:52] Elli Pinion: on both.
[2018/10/11 12:52] Elli Pinion: “steep learning curve” has such a bad connotation when linked to anything tech
[2018/10/11 12:53] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): The learning curve for teachers is steep,
[2018/10/11 12:53] Elli Pinion: Yes…
[2018/10/11 12:53] Elli Pinion: and improving/simplifying the viewer is always welcome
[2018/10/11 12:54] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): But student need not learn everything the teacher can do
[2018/10/11 12:54] Sheila Yoshikawa: no it depends entirely on what the learning outcomes are
[2018/10/11 12:54] Elli Pinion: But I think we need to quit concentrating on that…we need to be a bit more positive in how we talk about that.
[2018/10/11 12:54] Sheila Yoshikawa: for some actually it won’t be a steep learning curve
[2018/10/11 12:55] Elli Pinion: Agreed. And as you mentioned earlier, we are always learning, that is the point.
[2018/10/11 12:55] Sheila Yoshikawa: OK it is near the hour so I will draw the session to a close
[2018/10/11 12:55] Elli Pinion: So let’s embrace learning…climbing the curve!
[2018/10/11 12:55] hobbs Constantine: I would think that SL wouldn’t have to be used as a complete experience though. The number of students that are used to very visually intense experiences with avatars (through games) is increasing. We would not expect them to do *too* much right at the first few experiences.
[2018/10/11 12:55] Elli Pinion: 🙂
[2018/10/11 12:55] Sheila Yoshikawa: yes!
[2018/10/11 12:55] Sheila Yoshikawa: re embracing
[2018/10/11 12:55] Elli Pinion: Exactly, Hobbs!
[2018/10/11 12:56] Sheila Yoshikawa: yes
[2018/10/11 12:56] Elli Pinion: Scaffold their experience
[2018/10/11 12:56] hobbs Constantine: Agreed, Thinkerer
[2018/10/11 12:56] Sheila Yoshikawa: I will just flag up that next week is an open forum
[2018/10/11 12:56] Sheila Yoshikawa: so any topic
[2018/10/11 12:56] Elli Pinion: I also agree with you, Thinker!
[2018/10/11 12:57] Sheila Yoshikawa: I might bring Google+ up again!
[2018/10/11 12:57] Elli Pinion: Oh wow, would love to talk about that!
[2018/10/11 12:57] Beth Ghostraven: me too
[2018/10/11 12:57] Elli Pinion: …hear other’s thoughts.
[2018/10/11 12:57] Elli Pinion: Thank you for this excellent article.
[2018/10/11 12:57] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): I am working on alternatives for G+
[2018/10/11 12:57] Elli Pinion: Very helpful…and lovely discussion
[2018/10/11 12:58] Sheila Yoshikawa: we have the enterprise version so in fact at the moment the groups we have for teaching are ok – might say a bit more about that next week
[2018/10/11 12:58] hobbs Constantine: Thank you!!
[2018/10/11 12:58] Elli Pinion: looking forward to it!
[2018/10/11 12:58] Sheila Yoshikawa: Thanks everyone and bye for now!
[2018/10/11 12:58] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Very useful discussion and thanks for Ref. — with that I can write about the article
[2018/10/11 12:59] Sheila Yoshikawa: 😉
[2018/10/11 12:59] Sheila Yoshikawa: great!
[2018/10/11 12:59] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Bye all

Types of application categorised in the article

Virtual lecturing (73 studies) “applied a virtual replica of a classroom setting or lecture theatre”

Virtual laboratory (14 studies) “that designed and implemented virtual laboratories in virtual worlds for educational purposes”

Field trip (24 studies) “According to the findings, virtual field trips include four types of activities: a trip to a replica of a known place in the real world, a trip to a specific designed place such as a hotel, museum, factory, restaurant, etc; a tour of a virtual island, and an exploration.”

Meeting and discussion (55 studies) “refers to the application of 3DVWs to communicate from one avatar to others or from one person to another.  … During online group discussions or remote virtual meetings, students participate in social and interactive activities such as collaborative discussions, interviews, asking questions about a subject or course, consultations and so on.”

Simulation (42 studies) “The simulation category in our classification is divided into different sub-categories such as practice of a skill, role-playing, simulation of an action, simulation of a system and so on.”

In-world creation (17 studies) “activities related to designing, building and creating objects in virtual space”

Gaming and machinima (17 studies) “Gaming activities were divided into two sub-categories: learning by playing games and designing games inside virtual worlds.

Assessment (9 studies) “used 3DVWs as a tool for evaluation and assessment purposes in education. … Two kinds of activities were carried out for assessment purposes: quizzes and opinionators (places in the virtual environment with questions and answers such as agree and disagree).”

Course material (16 studies) “a place was developed to provide all of the required course material such as documents, presentations, and offline and online videos (such as YouTube videos).

Student activities (35 studies) This category is relevant to different activities carried out by students such as assignment submission, presentation, team and group work (eg, collaboration on projects or group studies), and reading books and magazines provided in the virtual worlds

Socialization (7 studies) “used this technology to involve students in socialization activities. By using these worlds, students are persuaded to participate in activities such as social awareness activities, intercultural communications, and public and extracurricular activities.”

Curricular services (27 studies) “include activities such as virtual library services, orientation programs, brainstorming scenarios, interviews, exhibitions, art galleries and other curricular-related activities.”

Miscellaneous activities (24 studies)

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