January 17, 2019: 3DWebWorldz Tour

Transcript of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable: January 17, 2019

2019-01-17 VWER - 3DWebWorldz Tour (5)

Topic: 3DWebWorldz Tour

Photos by Beth Ghostraven

Thinkerer is leading the session today and the programme is laid out in the notecard in the box. The session will start at the usual VWER gathering place for introductions, then people will log in to 3DWebWorld for the field trip (see below for details) https://3dwebworlds.com/index.php?lang=en . Selby will remain in VWER as well as in 3DWebWorld to answer any questions (using text chat or voice) that people have about getting around in 3DWebWorld. At 12.45 we will have a discussion back in VWER in SL about the experience e.g. What did you enjoy most? What most puzzled you? Could you yourself use something similar in your learning and teaching?


Sheila Yoshikawa: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable. We meet on Thursdays at 12 noon SLT for an hour. 8pm In UK, 3pm EST. VWER is a forum to educate and inform the community about issues that are important and relevant to education in virtual worlds.

Scot Jung: we will be in three worlds at once

Sheila Yoshikawa: This is a public meeting, so we will be keeping and publishing a transcript. The transcripts can be found at https://vwer.info/   The VWER continues to develop a community of educators from around the world. Please join the VWER group here in SL. If you are on Facebook please join our group there http://www.facebook.com/groups/159154226946/

2019-01-17 VWER - 3D Web World_001

Thinkerer is leading the session today and the programme is laid out in the notecard in the box

  1. The session will start at the usual VWER gathering place for introductions
  2. Then people will log in to 3DWebWorld for the field trip (see below for details) https://3dwebworlds.com/index.php?lang=en  

Selby will remain in VWER as well as in 3DWebWorld to answer any questions (using text chat or voice) that people have about getting around in 3DWebWorld

  1. At 12.45 we will have a discussion back in VWER in SL about the experience e.g. What did you enjoy most? What most puzzled you? Could you yourself use something similar in your learning and teaching?

Sheila Yoshikawa: So we’ve had the first bit. Except Artee I think you haven’t been here much before so we shouldn’t skip introductions. I teach and research in the Information School, University of Sheffield, UK, and I will also wiz off into 3DWW now! I have an account so i am also called Sheila Yoshikawa there

Artée (artistide.despres): Do I have to introduce myself?

Beth Ghostraven: not if you don’t want to, Artee

Sheila Yoshikawa: if you want Artee, no obligation ;-))

Beth Ghostraven: I’m Beth Ghostraven, middle school teacher-librarian in RL and owner of the Book and Tankard Pub in Victoria City, Caledon in SL; owner of Ghostraven Professional Attire, classic clothing for educators in SL (http://bethghostraven.com ); Communications Chair for the VWBPE Conference; Communications Chair and Focus Sessions Producer for the ISTE Virtual Environments Network; and unofficial liaison between education groups in SL. For information on events for the educational groups that I work with, see the ISTE VEN Massive Open Online Calendar at http://venetwork.weebly.com/calendar.html ; Twitter: @booklady9 I’ll be taking photos to publish with the transcript and recording this session on video; if you have any objection, please IM me.

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Selby Evans (Thinkerer), retired educator and blogger

Scot Jung: Scot Jung, professor of educational leadership

Sheila Yoshikawa: I will stay in SL and in 3DWW as I tested it and indeed my computer is OK with that.

Edward Tarber: Edward, from Germany … computer scientist, IT entrepreneur, software architect, metaverse traveller … using virtual worlds for education, communication and collaboration … creating, expanding and running my own browser based virtual world platform called “cybaLOUNGE” ( http://www.cybalounge.com  and https://nonprofitvirtualworld.org  ). Founder and CEO of Metaverse School ( http://metaverse.school ).

Artée (artistide.despres): Well I teach in RL at an art school in The Netherlands. On SL I create since 2007. Formerly at Caerleon Isle. Specialised in scripts and music.

2019-01-17 VWER - 3D Web World_003

Sheila Yoshikawa: Selby (or Edward) does one browser work better than another? I have Firefox, Chrome and Explorer, does it matter which I use? Welcome Artee.

Edward Tarber: usually Firefox and Chrome are recommended

Scot Jung: amen

Edward Tarber: Edge and Safari don’t comply with all w3c standards … and explorer is completely outdated

Sheila Yoshikawa: lol, now and then Explorer seems to work with something that Firefox and Chrome won’t make work, but it is definitely my 3rd option

Artée (artistide.despres): Chrome wants to know me to sell me ads, lol

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): we all seem to have voice on

Sheila Yoshikawa: Hi Marly the notecard in the box has info. Many of us are now in SL AND 3DWebworld

Marly (marly.milena): I tried getting in there yesterday and had trouble with the log-in

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): I am ready any time. You can ask about problems when I start

Sheila Yoshikawa: I am in the dark manor. Is anyone else there yet?

Marly (marly.milena): Can we stay in SL for this?

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Sheila — do you want me to start? Yes we should stay In SL

Sheila Yoshikawa: yes Selby, please start

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): VWER to 3DWebWorldz

VWER field trip to 3DWebWorld and its first interactive story.

This is a field trip, not a lecture.  The main activity is not reading what I type but visiting the web-world, learning how to get around there, finding the Dark Manor location, and starting the story as a visitor.

I will stay at this instructional location.  When you are ready, stay here and use your browser to visit 3DWebWorlds (instructions below).  A web-world is just an elaborate browser page so almost any computer can handle both MUVEs at the same time.

Don’t turn on voice in 3DWW at first.  Use voice here to follow the conversation and ask questions.    You can text chat 3DWW or here.

When the new world is more interesting than what I am saying, turn off voice here and turn it on in the web-world.  You can talk to the people there. That won’t hurt my feelings–the job of a presenter is successful when the audience can handle the matter on their own.

Here are instructions on starting the visit:
Start any time: Go to https://3dwebworlds.com/index.php?lang=en

Click guest login (upper right).
You will enter at the starter room.
To move in 3D, click the 3D area.
Read the instructions to find out how to move around,

Find out:
how to find destinations and go there.
how to activate interactive objects
and how to open the menu of places for writers
When you know all this, go to Dark Manor and start the story\
There is a big panel near where you land.
Hover the red circle over the panel and read the note in it.
You will have to register to try the quest.
To re-register, log off, and relog: this time with an email address and password.


A beginner’s view: a virtual world on the web. Learn to move in 3dWebWorldz

Classroom in a browser. Walk in, walk around, interact, char, have a conversation

Summary article

Sheila Yoshikawa: yes, I teleported back to the entry area first, I see Ed and Beth. Entering as guest is simpler Marly, you should just get in

Beth Ghostraven: I can’t get my focus point to move, it won’t go up and down. I’m just trying to read the things on the wall, ok thanks. I keep getting stuck after I stop to read something on the wall; I can move but not swing my view around

Stranger Nightfire: yes

Sheila Yoshikawa: Where are you at the moment Beth?

Beth Ghostraven: where you saw me before, Sheila

Sheila Yoshikawa: I have found that clicking on an arrow on the navigation pad may get me going again

Beth Ghostraven: I did that and it’s just going around in a circle, refresh took me back to the beginning

Stranger Nightfire: I am in the webworld starting location now, how do I get where you are

Candy (aryana25pk): i do

Stranger Nightfire: don’t see any of you around where I am

Sheila Yoshikawa: Stranger, some of us are in dark manor

2019-01-17 VWER - 3DWebWorldz Tour (2)

Stranger Nightfire: okay, hmmmm, now i seem to be totally locked up; in there with a view that looks like water reflections

Beth Ghostraven: you have to be a registered user to do the Quest

Stranger Nightfire: now i am in the middle of a lake surrounded by mountains, ah, i was guest, i am registering now. now i am back in the world but my viewpoint is stuck and is spinning me in a circle

Sheila Yoshikawa: Stranger, perhaps try and grab the land or move your mouse?

Beth Ghostraven: I was able to kind of swipe with my mouse and it unstuck me

Sheila Yoshikawa: left clicking on the screen and dragging worked for me

Stranger Nightfire: well i got TPed to the orientation center

Sheila Yoshikawa: I was just agreeing about gathering mentally back here so to speak

Scot Jung: I love the idea of quest and am using this construct in my teaching to some success

2019-01-17 VWER - 3DWebWorldz Tour (4)
The living room inside Dark Manor

Sheila Yoshikawa: Yes, thanks Selby, that would be good to have something in the transcript

Scot Jung: as far as the world itself, i was able to get in, I made an account, was able to tp and to move

Sheila Yoshikawa: Yes Scot so Selby was talking about education as a quest

Scot Jung: but when i got to Dark Manor, it seemed to be very laggy, I felt like i was stuck and then unstuck, maybe it is my connection.

Beth Ghostraven: Scot, I don’t think that was lag, I think it’s a bug

Sheila Yoshikawa: This was my 3rd or 4th trip, I did find it took a few times to get used to how you move

Scot Jung: a bug? I will have to practice moving.

Sheila Yoshikawa: so it sort of seemed laggy, but i think it might have been me not finding it intuitive because I wasn’t used to it

Artée (artistide.despres): It is WebGL isn’t it?

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Yes – -webGL

Sheila Yoshikawa: As I was registered I could see the notes etc. I could see there were 2 types of note, the ones for the quest and some points for discussion.

2019-01-17 VWER - 3DWebWorldz Tour
To get the note below, click the box at the foot of the steps.

2019-01-17 VWER - 3DWebWorldz Tour (1)

Beth Ghostraven: I’ve found all of the web worlds to be not very immersive, very flat looking even though you can move around

Sheila Yoshikawa: Yes I could see how both were aimed at that topic

Artée (artistide.despres): 3 year ago there was a virtual world using this technology… there are quite a lot of possibilities

Sheila Yoshikawa: told entirely in the kitchen? Do you mean in that one location? I think in SL the equivalent would be something text chatting when touched? I have been round houses in SL that told stories or gave information.

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Or deliver a notecard on touch

Sheila Yoshikawa: I can see the advantage of the £DWW is the fact of it being browser based, would you say Selby that it is easier or more difficult to do this kind of thing in 3DWW (than in SL). I mean to build it

Artée (artistide.despres): I suppose there are scripting possibilities, to make things more interactive

Sheila Yoshikawa: yes you are right that you sadly unlikely to be able to access SL in a library.

Beth Ghostraven: actually I attend all of my VWER meetings in a public library.

Sheila Yoshikawa: @Selby which part was done by a professional? Wow Beth that’s great!

Beth Ghostraven: their wifi is better than Panera Bread’s :o) I take my laptop and use their wifi

Sheila Yoshikawa: 😉 @Beth

Stranger Nightfire: i found out how to bring up a teleport directory but could not find a dark manor in that

Sheila Yoshikawa: @Selby so does that mean there are some generic objects or scripts that you can use in different ways?

Sheila Yoshikawa: @Stranger, you select “Writers” and then you need to scroll down to see the list of writers locations

Edward Tarber: videos are also “projected” on an “html on a prim” object … in principle web pages and videos are treated the same

Sheila Yoshikawa: Thanks very much Selby, thank you for organising this!

Scot Jung: yes, Thank you, Selby

Sheila Yoshikawa: I will just mention that next week we will be taking a theme from the new “Innovating pedagogy 2019” report  https://iet.open.ac.uk/file/innovating-pedagogy-2019.pdf , namely the theme is “Decolonising learning”

Scot Jung: fascinating

Artée (artistide.despres): thank you

Sheila Yoshikawa: I hope to see people then! See you in all the worlds ;-)))

Scot Jung: I will plan on it, Sheila, take good care, colleagues

Artée (artistide.despres): bye everyone!


VWER Meeting Transcripts by Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Based on a work at http://vwer.info.

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