March 28, 2019: VWBPE Preview

Transcript of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable: March 28, 2019

Topic: VWBPE Preview

Photos by Beth Ghostraven

Beth Ghostraven: Hi everyone and welcome to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable! This is a public meeting in TEXT chat. We log the chat and publish a transcript of each meeting. VWER has met weekly since 2008, and you can find those transcripts at, full of info and opinions on many topics re: virtual worlds and education. General info about the VWER: We meet every Thursday from 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm SLT (SLT = Second Life Time, same as U.S. Pacific time), and we thank VSTE (the Virginia Society for Technology in Education) for allowing us to meet on their virtual island at VSTE Island (43,50,22). We welcome a wide variety of educators, from seasoned veterans to the newly-rezzed. Check out the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable group in Second Life, or our group on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter @VWER, and when you blog or tweet, please remember to include the hashtag #VWER. Today’s meeting is in TEXT chat, so we’re free to ask any questions and make any comments related to virtual worlds and education.

2019-03-28 VWER - VWBPE Preview_001

Beth Ghostraven: Now… we like to begin by introducing ourselves, and if this is your first time here, please say so, so we can take good care of you. You do not have to give out your real-life name or other info if you don’t want to. Everyone can type at once!

Merlin Moonshadow: This is my first time here… in a while.  🙂

Beth Ghostraven: I’m Beth Ghostraven, middle school teacher-librarian in RL and owner of the Book and Tankard Pub in Victoria City, Caledon in SL; owner of Ghostraven Professional Attire, classic clothing for educators in SL (; Communications Chair for the VWBPE Conference; Communications Chair and Focus Sessions Producer for the ISTE Virtual Environments Network; and unofficial liaison between education groups in SL. For information on events for the educational groups that I work with, see the ISTE VEN Massive Open Online Calendar at; Twitter: @booklady9 I’ll be taking photos to publish with the transcript and recording this session on video; if you have any objection, please IM me.

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Selby Evans, Blogger
Presenting in a virtual world (MUVE). Use the web, use the environment
Rockville: Life on the Margin, an experience roleplay game
Symbolic Modeling Training in Second Life: by Marly Milena, Octagon:Creative Exploration

Marly (marly.milena): Niela Miller, M.S.Education/Communications, Founder of Octagon:Creative Exploration in SL. Also co-founder of Adventures in Lifelong Learning and facilitator for Community of Creative Elders. Combine multi-arts processes with humanistic psychology, coaching and education. Presenting in two VWBPE sessions this year.

Josain Zsun aka Budd Turner, retiree, currently maintaining Expedition Central sites, and presenting Trusted Friend talks, when not yelling at kids to get off my lawn.

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Lorraine Mockford / LV Lustre. Retired instructional designer in Nova Scotia. VWBPE 2019 Program Chair

Mistress Red’s Pet (josephwayseeker): Hello all, I am new to here.

QVINTVS PETILIVS SECVNDVS (severusalexander): hello all.

Merlin Moonshadow: Hi, everyone. I am the Digital Learning Specialist in the Center for Teaching Excellence at Georgia Gwinnett College (in the Atlanta area).

Elli Pinion: Becky Adams/Elli Pinion (SL).  Retired Director of Online Course Development UNM and VWBPE Volunteer Chair

Beth Ghostraven: Merlin, are you still working near Grizzla?

Merlin Moonshadow: Yes, she’s in the conference room down the hall. I can see her if I look out my door.  She’s doing a workshop right now. 🙂

Elli Pinion: 🙂

Beth Ghostraven: cool! tell her I said hi when you see her

Merlin Moonshadow: I will!

Beth Ghostraven: Grizzla used to be very active with VWER

Seafore Perl: Artist and writer exploring the interconnections of virtual and traditional art creations. Currently working on creating a virtual memoir. I am also interested in using art to work through and come to terms with various issues of chronic PTSD.

Mistress Red’s Pet (josephwayseeker): I am Joseph Wayseeker, Electrical Engineer, programmer, TA at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Ga.

Beth Ghostraven: I’m moderating today (for the first time, believe it or not!)

Beth Ghostraven: We are hosting the exceptional Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Team as they preview the upcoming 12th Annual VWBPE Conference on April 4-6 with the theme re:Vision! VWBPE is a global grass-roots community event focusing on education in immersive virtual environments.

Beth Ghostraven: LV and Elli are two of the three members of the VWBPE Executive Committee

2019-03-28 VWER - VWBPE Preview_004a
Elli Pinion and LoriVonne (LV) Lustre

Marly (marly.milena): Yay to Lori and Elli for all the hard work they are doing!

Beth Ghostraven: Phelan Corrimal is ill, so he probably won’t make it today. He’s the head dude. LV and/or Elli, would you like to start?

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Sure Beth. I can start

LV (lorivonne.lustre) was frantically adding some info that Phelan would say

Beth Ghostraven: oh, take your time

LV (lorivonne.lustre): First, here are a couple of links: and Thank you for inviting us. We invite you to attend  VWBPE 2019 re:Vision. 4th – 6th April, just 1 week away!

The epitome of re:Vision is to bring forward the reflections of the learned past, to conceptualize a better future, and to move forward with change that is both promising and constructive. It is a precept in an age when technology connects everyone through both facts and opinions. Mostly, it is about how we utilize technology to renew the promises of connectivity in more insightful ways, so that a new vision of a digital world extends the ideas of collaboration for the purpose of innovation. Please feel free to ask questions as we go along 🙂

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Now I will talk a bit about the program. The VWBPE 2019 program has something for everyone. And presentations by many of you present here today. Nova, Marly, Josain, and an interview with Thinkerer. Many of you also have Exhibits this year, which are amazing BTW! In addition to the engaging Spotlight presentations and workshop, we continue with the ever popular Quadrivium discussions as we challenge what we know and re:Vision the future: Assessment, Professional Learning Communities, and Technology.

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Our Keynote speakers are guaranteed to provide provocative insights. ( On Thursday Tom Boellstorff will introduce us to his insights on what he is calling paraethnographic film – be sure to watch Draxtor Depres’  film “Our Digital Selves: My Avatar is Me” about Tom’s research before the start of the conference. At the end of the day there will be a discussion with Drax and the participants about the making of the the film. Tom may be there, if his schedule permits. 

Friday the keynote focus moves to language and teacher education in virtual worlds with vLanguages own Tuncer Can of Istanbul University. VWBPE welcomes vLanguages as a partner this year and is hosting an exploration of the GUINEVERE project in OpenSim will be offered as an Immersive Experience after the conference.

Jonathon Richter provides the keynote address on Saturday, sharing what works in immersive XR (AR, VR, MR). Jon is a long term friend of VWBPE, and teaching and learning in virtual environments. Some of you may remember Jon as Wainbrave Bernal. I am dredging inventory for my SaLamander shirt 🙂 Jon is the Executive Director of the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN).

LV (lorivonne.lustre): We have an extensive assortment of Immersive Experience tours this year, starting Sunday 24 March and continuing until 19 April. Five sessions are before the conference and 10 after. Two were earlier this week. The next is tonight, and 2 more early next week. Check the program for details.

Beth Ghostraven: Does VWER have an exhibit this year? I can’t remember

LV (lorivonne.lustre): I think Beth has a notecard about the Immersive Experiences

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Sorry, not sure Beth

Josain Zsun: I still have my Salamander HUD

Elli Pinion: 🙂

LV (lorivonne.lustre): me too!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Here are the next 3 Immersive Experiences (pre-conference)

28 March @ 6 PM SLT The adventures of Floridiana Jones

01 April @ 1 PM SLT The Queen’s Heroes in the Five Kingdoms

02 April @ 6 PM SLT You have been recruited to The Agency!

Marly (marly.milena): Alyse Dunavant and I are doing one in the brand new CVL Music Library!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): I can hardly wait Marly!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): These are a wonderful opportunity to see and experience how others are using virtual environments. I do hope you will join us for some or all of these. There is significant representation from virtual world librarians in Kitely, OpenSim, and Second Life, including a really interesting hypergiridding Poker Run! There are several opportunities to participate in research while playing games if you choose, and explore learning environments, and did I mention the Vikings attack? It is actually a language learning environment, how fun!

Nova Saunders: neat

LV (lorivonne.lustre): And finally from me: Two Above the Book sessions, lead by Kevin / Phelan.

Thursday: What new at the Lab? with Patch Linden and Grumpity Linden

Saturday:Catching up with Thinkerer – Selby Evans / Thinkerer

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Over to you Elli

Elli Pinion: TY, LV. I would like to add as well, it’s a real pleasure to be here with you today, some of our favorite people!  Thanks for inviting us.

Nova Saunders: 🙂

Elli Pinion: Along with our theme re:Vision, we like to say it is not just a concept, but a passion of those who seek to revise old ideas or innovate new ones into our modern extended reality.In keeping with that, our always creative Social Committee has worked hard to bring some events to add to your conference experience.

Beth Ghostraven: Hi Tori!

Elli Pinion: There will be our Ribbon Cutting to start the conference on Thursday at 8:00 am SLT, some social media “Unconference” conversations to bring us together, as well as our Parade, some Under The Sea Adventures, an Exhibit Scavenger Hunt and of course Live Music to dance to.

Nova Saunders: waves to Tori

Tori Landau Herbit (tori.landau): Hi Beth, everyone °͜°

Elli Pinion: We are really looking forward to the Dick Clark American Bandstand Tribute, and Friday you won’t want to miss the amazing Mistfit Dance and Performance Art group.

Beth Ghostraven: I can’t wait to go to Heaven (temporarily) for one of the shows :o)

Elli Pinion: NK, Beth!  🙂

Elli Pinion: And, of course, we will be awarding the Thinkerer Award at the Closing Ceremonies on Saturday evening.  Named after our wonderful Thinkerer, and our first recipient, sitting with us today. We are very excited at the amazing educators that were nominated and are looking forward to see who the VWBPE 2019 Thinkerer Award will go to.

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Oooh!

Elli Pinion: We are so excited about this year’s conference and would love to have you volunteer to help, and several of you already are. Thank you! If you would like to volunteer please go to Even if you don’t have time to volunteer, please join us for a great experience with amazing, innovators in education.

Elli Pinion: Back to you, LV.

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Thanks Elli

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Of course, none of this could be possible without the incredible VWBPE sponsors: Thank YOU!

Elli Pinion: claps and cheers!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Their generosity helps to keep the conference free to all. We are ready to take your questions 🙂

Beth Ghostraven: I hope there’s still time to sign up to be a Blue Ribbon sponsor

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Of course!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Contact Phelan 🙂

Beth Ghostraven: There’s a sign behind you all with lots of information and links about the conference–check the other side of it, too

Marly (marly.milena): I am curious about a session called Design Thinking. Will it be purely didactic or will there be an experiential component?

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Only the workshops have an experiential component Marly

Merlin Moonshadow: Hey, Zinnia!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): and the Immersive Experiences, generally

Marly (marly.milena): When will the workshop spaces be available to us to set up?

Zinnia Zauber: Hi everyone!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): I believe the Design Thinking session is a Roundtable discussion

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Zinnia is presenting as well, and has a terrific exhibit

Zinnia Zauber: 🙂

Seafore Perl: Hi Zinnia.

LV (lorivonne.lustre): With hats?

Zinnia Zauber: Aww, thank you!

Elli Pinion: lol

Zinnia Zauber: Yes! Hats! And, more…

Elli Pinion: Woo Hoo!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Woohoo!

Zinnia Zauber: hehe

Marly (marly.milena): When will the workshop spaces be available to us to set up?

Nova Saunders: I know it’s late BUT I was told to ask about adding to the tour list

Nova Saunders: sorry

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Very soon Marly

LV (lorivonne.lustre): The Immersive Experiences Nova?

Nova Saunders: will there be tours after the conference? not sure what Steven was asking

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Yes, the post conference Immersive Experiences.

Nova Saunders: kk

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Sorry, we can’t take any more this year

Nova Saunders: whewwwwwwwww

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Plan early for next year 🙂

Nova Saunders: giggles

Elli Pinion: 🙂

Nova Saunders: I’m safe then

LV (lorivonne.lustre): LOL

Zinnia Zauber: Wait! Are we already planning for 2020?

Beth Ghostraven: Zinnia, could you tell us about your exhibit? I’m intrigued by the title

Zinnia Zauber: yes, thank you

LV (lorivonne.lustre): The one tonight is an adventure game that teaches about diabetes health

Zinnia Zauber: “Welcome Aboard Neo Steampunk Pirate Scholars”

Merlin Moonshadow: Ooh.

Zinnia Zauber: Description: Ahoy! Acceptance and exploring avatar customization is appreciated by our student scholars in collaborative virtual environments. Defining learning objectives with a suitable style and theme for projects doesn’t limit creativity, it refines it.

Zinnia Zauber: Use the Digital Storytelling Checklist and Authentic Avatar Assets to launch imagination, steer the agency helm, and set sail for increased educational confidence. Empower incentive spinning mental gears by developing the tale behind their coat tails.

Elli Pinion: re:Fines!  🙂

Beth Ghostraven: In case you weren’t aware, Zinnia has a clothing shop for professional attire like I do; hers are mesh, and very nicely done. The dress she’s wearing is one of hers :o)

Zinnia Zauber: So, I am sharing my insight on how I encourage students to define themselves through our theme of Neo Steampunk Pirates.

Zinnia Zauber: Thank you very much, Beth!

Merlin Moonshadow: Sounds like fun!

Elli Pinion: Doesn’t it?

LV (lorivonne.lustre): So fun!

Zinnia Zauber: There are gifts in 6 colors to help people don some of these themes.

Dodge Threebeards: Hello everyone

Zinnia Zauber: Hi there!

Elli Pinion: Hi Dodge!

Merlin Moonshadow: Hi, Dodge!

Zinnia Zauber: You know that my work is often focus on color communication, branding, and identity. Thanks for asking about it. 🙂

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Marly, would you like to do a pitch for your workshop?

Marly (marly.milena): I have become fascinated by not only this world as a metaphor for The World, but by what we create as metaphors for our lives, feeling states etc. and have been experimenting for years with objects and arts-based tools to explore Metaphor….visually, through language and in collaborations. So, that is what my session will focus on. And it will introduce the possibility of participating in a training I will be doing in May

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Nova, you’re next. And of course Josain

Nova Saunders: Archaeology …of course and its significance in the virtual world…. and why it shouldn’t be ignored

Marly (marly.milena): Josain Zsun: Josain Zsun shares information about archiving and preserving digital content in virtual worlds. In the future (beyond your lifetime), what happens to digital content in your online spaces? Do you have a Trusted Friend?

A Trusted Friend is someone you entrust with your account information for the eventuality you can no longer login. I can share the resources nc I provide at a talk. IM me for one.

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Fun Marly!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Thank you Nova

Elli Pinion: Interesting, Marly!

Nova Saunders: yw

Elli Pinion: Love that idea, Nova! Very important!

Nova Saunders: ty ty Elli

Marly (marly.milena): Thanks!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): And thank you Josain – who assures me he is building on his topic as he goes 🙂

Merlin Moonshadow: These all sound great!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): They do, and this is just a sampler. I think there is something for everyone

Elli Pinion: Josain really opened my eyes to what we have to think about!  All our work, can’t wait to hear your presentation.

LV (lorivonne.lustre): I do hope to see you at the Immersive Experiences as well

Elli Pinion: The first two have been really excellent…please do come!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): They are a great change to see what your colleagues are doing across the metaverse. It gives you lots of ammunition to answer “Why Virtual Worlds?”

Beth Ghostraven: I’m actually going to be able to go to the IE on Monday about Letty’s Quest!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Yay! Yes, that one has a research component, if you are interested

Elli Pinion: “We” are doing amazing things, still!

Marly (marly.milena): For the immersive experience in the new Music Library, we will show people how to access music and performances they may have missed in SL and will have people build a collaborative sculpture that will become a fixture for the library. If you know of composers, performers et al who would like to contribute their SL creations to the library, please get in touch with Alyse Dunavant-Jones

LV (lorivonne.lustre): One thing you may be interested in is the Above the Book interviews will be held at the Main Auditorium this year, not a secret location and streamed. Get you questions ready for Thinkerer on Saturday 🙂

Elli Pinion: Cool, Marly.

Marly (marly.milena): @ Elli,thanks for being my cheering section!  LOL

LV (lorivonne.lustre): 🙂

Beth Ghostraven: I don’t know if you’ve mentioned this already, but this is our last year with this conference build, so make sure you explore it all and enjoy it. We’ll have a new place next year!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Oh yes, next year it will be all new builds

Nova Saunders: 🙂

Beth Ghostraven: and yes, we are already planning next year :o)

LV (lorivonne.lustre): LOL

Marly (marly.milena): So, Beth, I am curious….what will change, what will stay the same?

Beth Ghostraven: Marly, I don’t know

Nova Saunders: writing a post it note now

Beth Ghostraven: we’re still tossing ideas around

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Questions — I am a retired professor.  I can answer questions whether I know the answer or not

LV (lorivonne.lustre): We are clearing the sims entirely and starting from scratch

Marly (marly.milena): I assume you learned stuff from how it has been.  Will you want input from us re ideas?

LV (lorivonne.lustre): every 3 years

Beth Ghostraven: lol Selby, of course!

Elli Pinion: hahahahahaha, Thinkerer

LV (lorivonne.lustre): LOL Selby!

Beth Ghostraven: Marly, we always ask for input with the end-of-conference survey; we do want your ideas

Elli Pinion: Yes, we don’t want to get “set in our ways” either, though we love our conference site, and the Under the Sea is exquisite!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): I love it. I think this has been my favourite

Marly (marly.milena) We have talked in VWER from time to time about how we tend to imitate classroom/auditorium setups as they are in FL.  I hope there can be more experimenting with new venue forms!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): And I’ve been to all of them!

Elli Pinion: That’s so cool, LV.  I started with the Steampunk build.  Really cool.

Beth Ghostraven: Elli, I think that’s when I came in, too

Elli Pinion: 🙂

Zinnia Zauber: Nice!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): That one is my 2nd favourite

Elli Pinion: That is certainly the idea, Marly.  We feel that way, too.

Elli Pinion: Mine, also, LV.

LV (lorivonne.lustre): 🙂

Elli Pinion: It’s hard not to enjoy being underwater and not holding your breath.  🙂

Beth Ghostraven: Is there anyone else here who’s presenting or exhibiting? I don’t want to miss anyone

Zinnia Zauber: You guys have done such a wonderful job with the conference!

Elli Pinion: LV has really pulled together a great program!

Beth Ghostraven: it’s exciting to be on the Organizing Committee; I feel like I get to hang out with the big kids!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): We could not do it without all of you

Dodge Threebeards: 🙂

Elli Pinion: and TY, Zinnia, it takes a village, for sure!

Zinnia Zauber: A village with a huge coffee shop!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): LOL

Nova Saunders: lol

LV (lorivonne.lustre): and cookies!

Zinnia Zauber: totally cookies!

Beth Ghostraven: and a pub!

Beth Ghostraven: oh wait, do we have a pub?

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Right now we are reminding each other to breathe

LV (lorivonne.lustre): We need a pub!

Nova Saunders: add that to the list

LV (lorivonne.lustre): LOL

Beth Ghostraven: yes, this: 

Seafore Perl: And a place for grown-ups (if there is such a thing) to reconnect with their inner creative child.

Elli Pinion: Gotta have coffee and a pub!

Beth Ghostraven: Seafore, yes

LV (lorivonne.lustre): yes indeed

Beth Ghostraven: for that, I also love Fantasy Faire, which is coming up after the conference in SL

Nova Saunders: I’ll drink to that!

Beth Ghostraven: we have about 7 minutes left

Nova Saunders: (coffee and pub)

Elli Pinion: …and swag!

Zinnia Zauber: So I can have my stout and dark chocolate….

Nova Saunders: omg

LV (lorivonne.lustre): mmmm

Nova Saunders: such a learning experience

Nova Saunders: lol

Elli Pinion: and you don’t put on any pounds!  Magic!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Bonus!

Beth Ghostraven: I have another notecard for you all, just a general reference for the conference

Beth Ghostraven: the Post-Conference Immersive Experiences notecard will be in the Swag Bag

LV (lorivonne.lustre): The VWBPE sims will open to the public on Sunday 31 March

Tori Landau Herbit (tori.landau): Thank you Beth

Zinnia Zauber: Thank you!

Elli Pinion: Beth, you rock!  These are very helpful.

LV (lorivonne.lustre): There may still be some prim wrangling happening. Feel free to come and check it out

Nova Saunders: ty Beth

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Thank you Beth!

TedWhitecrow: Thank you Beth

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Beth is definitely the queen of the notecard!

Dodge Threebeards: yes

Seafore Perl: Thanks for hosting this.

Zinnia Zauber: What hashtags are you digging this year?

LV (lorivonne.lustre): She is hosting a press day at VWBPE on Saturday

LV (lorivonne.lustre): #vwbpe19 for sure

Zinnia Zauber: cool, cool

Beth Ghostraven: thanks LV!

Nova Saunders: ty

Beth Ghostraven: and a master of NOT multitasking, lol–it’s a cruel illusion, that

Nova Saunders: I think I got it

LV (lorivonne.lustre): LOL

Beth Ghostraven: Thank you all for coming! Thank you, LV and Elli!

Elli Pinion: We so appreciate getting to come by and talk about the conference. Hope to see you there!

Beth Ghostraven: I hope to see you all at the conference!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Thank YOU for asking us

Zinnia Zauber: Thank you for hosting this and great to see folks!

Merlin Moonshadow: Good to see everyone! I’m planning to go to as much of the conference as I can.

Nova Saunders: always good to see every one

Elli Pinion: Great to see everyone.  Have a lovely rest of your day/night.

LV (lorivonne.lustre): We’re talking to Nonprofit Commons tomorrow at 8:30 AM SLT

Josain Zsun: Send your Trusted Friend…

Beth Ghostraven: LV and Letty will be at Nonprofit Commons tomorrow at 8:30 am, if you’d like to find out more

Elli Pinion: 🙂

Zinnia Zauber: Thank you for doing that!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): LV and Elli

LV (lorivonne.lustre): and hopefully Phelan

Elli Pinion: 🙂

Beth Ghostraven: yes, I hope Phelan’s feeling better soon

Elli Pinion: We hope so, too.

Zinnia Zauber: aww, yes!

LV (lorivonne.lustre): Thank you all. I have to run. The cat is staaaarrrvvvving

Beth Ghostraven: bye for now!

Elli Pinion: Bye all…see you soon.

Zinnia Zauber: Please take care!

Merlin Moonshadow: I have to run as well. Bye, all!

Zinnia Zauber: Thank you! See you soon!

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): bye All


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