2008-05-06 Open Forum

SL Education Roundtable
May 6th, 2008
Open Forum – Guest Moderator: Intellagirl Tully

Intellagirl Tully: Hi Everyone!
Simmon McDonnell: hi
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ScubaChris Wollongong: Hey there!
Intellagirl Tully: haha it’s not giving me a seat, hmm
Intellagirl Tully: working for anyone else?
Topher Zwiers: Hey Intellagirl!
ScubaChris Wollongong: nope
Topher Zwiers: not for me either…
Miranda Llewellyn: nope – no seat for me either
Intellagirl Tully: Hi Topher
ScubaChris Wollongong: Standing room only?
Intellagirl Tully: this one shoudl work
JeanClaude Vollmar: Hello everyone
Intellagirl Tully: click the table and choose sit…should rez a chair for you
Intellagirl Tully: err or maybe that one will bug out too
Topher Zwiers: wondering if there’s permissions intefering with scripts?
Intellagirl Tully: sim border maybe
JeanClaude Vollmar: We can sit around the old conference table then. It looks ready for us.
Intellagirl Tully: Ohheck…why do we need to sit at all, right?
JeanClaude Vollmar laughs, So true. I guess it’s just human nature.
Intellagirl Tully: Everyone rez their own fav chair πŸ™‚
Simmon McDonnell: sorry miranda
Miranda Llewellyn: no worries!
Intellagirl Tully: haha muh more interesting πŸ™‚
ScubaChris Wollongong: Is there a personality test in here somewhere? What constitutes a “favorite chair”
Intellagirl Tully: haha, whatever chair you want or no chair at all
Miranda Llewellyn: I really wanted a bean bag lol
ScubaChris Wollongong: There you go Miranda
Intellagirl Tully: hah what a variety!
Miranda Llewellyn: fabulous lol
Sorcs Nolan: starting to look like ChairFest 2008 here πŸ™‚
Topher Zwiers wishes he had a royal throne.
Simmon McDonnell: very Scholar
Intellagirl Tully: haha i think i have a lovecraft chair somewhere. there you go…big Giger throne
JeanClaude Vollmar: Ooh, creep. Giger
Topher Zwiers: anyone “seen” AJ.
Intellagirl Tully: AJ can’t come tonight, So I’m here in his place πŸ™‚ Hope you don’t mind
[Topher Zwiers: hmmmm… of course not πŸ˜‰
JeanClaude Vollmar: Not at all. Change things up a bit.
Intellagirl Tully: You had me hanging there for a min
Intellagirl Tully: He says that it’s pretty open for topics…anyone got a burning item to talk about?
Intellagirl Tully: Beuler? haha so no ideas for tonight? if not I’ll toss one out
Topher Zwiers: sounds good (we hit my “pressing topic” last week)
ScubaChris Wollongong: I have a question I’d like to throw out
Intellagirl Tully: Go Scuba!
ScubaChris Wollongong: If we could develop an idea “educational grid,” What would it look like? What characteristics, policies, proceedures, environment?
Intellagirl Tully: haha still looking for feedback for your article?
ScubaChris Wollongong: yep πŸ™‚
Intellagirl Tully: first…what do you all think about an ed grid at all? is it a good idea?
Topher Zwiers: if it’s separate from the main grid – or there’s more than one “ed grid” – I think it’s a bad idea.
Sorcs Nolan: how seperate is the ed grid from the main grid?
Birdie Newcomb: I’ve been ooking for some way to connect over and under 18s for some time.
MB Chevalier: a different region it says
Birdie Newcomb: LL doesn’t make it easy.
ScubaChris Wollongong: One concept wotuld be seperate a second would be to have it “attched to the main and teen grids with control over access
Birdie Newcomb: 8=)
Intellagirl Tully: I think most fgolks think of an ed grid as a seperate grid where only educators can set up space and would allow 14+. Personaly I think it’s a bad idea unless the two spaces are really permeable. the community in the grid is a major asset to education
Sorcs Nolan: not opposed to the idea of a “safe sandbox”… but that might depend on how safe we think our RL locations are?
Mercury Barnes: Agreed.
ScubaChris Wollongong: How wold you define “really permiable”?
Topher Zwiers: Agree. But, other than the 14-17 yo access, how would hte ed grid be different than current grid with better access control?
Intellagirl Tully: True Sorcs
Intellagirl Tully: I wonder what the motivation behind wanted such a grid is beyond allowing 17 year olds to participate in college courses
ScubaChris Wollongong: If you look at the concept of community – it would allow 17< access to role models. You could also create cross-generational projects
JeanClaude Vollmar: I’ve never seen or been in the teen grid. How separate is it?
Sorcs Nolan: I can see a use for an ed grid as the space between main and teen…
Birdie Newcomb: Very.
ScubaChris Wollongong: totally,
Intellagirl Tully: yes but that could be done with special age permissions…no need for another grid, right?
Topher Zwiers: entirely separate.
Birdie Newcomb: And adults are the ones who don’t have much adccess there.
Sorcs Nolan: but if the hope is to stomp out all griefers, it could be disappointing?
ScubaChris Wollongong: if you want to participate you create an AV here and it is transfered never to return
JeanClaude Vollmar: Ok, so I seen the problem then
Intellagirl Tully: Teen grid is very seperate. Content can’t cross over. 17 year olds who turn 18 during the semester are kicked out of the teen grid if they don’t have special permission
Topher Zwiers: or could be accomplished with a “Super Group” of sorts – to which only educators and students could be members – all education builds require membership in that group to access…
Birdie Newcomb: And I’ve been told that Teen Grid has pretty sever griefig.
JeanClaude Vollmar: Couldn’t terms of use be changed in such a way so that 16-17 can enter G and PG areas?
Intellagirl Tully: yeah…but then we’df have to define what education is would it have to be a class or just a project? Global Kids and others aren’t part of a specific school etc
Mercury Barnes: That would mean actually policing G and PG areas — with the risk on the adults, not the kids.
Robin Mochi: I agree about the community in the grid being an asset. Administrators at my university seem to think we need a private area to hold classes to keep our students safe. I’ve not been able to adequately explain that I don’t think that’s a good idea. It would take away from the student’s SL experience.
Topher Zwiers: don’t you have the same problem with an “education” grid.
Intellagirl Tully: Robin, point out to them that you don’t sequester your students to campus in RL
Robin Mochi: good point, Intellagirl. Thanks!
ScubaChris Wollongong: Perhaps “girf” was the wrong term to use as it evokes a certain mental model
Birdie Newcomb: In my brief experience on the Teen Grid, I canme to realize that the teens aren’t there for education.
Mercury Barnes: But we do, on a campus, in buildings, in rooms, with an instructor theoretically “taking attendance.”
ScubaChris Wollongong: and it would have been petter if I said grid instead of grif
Birdie Newcomb: Tehy’re there for scaping from their education.
Intellagirl Tully: and that they don’t want adults there…right birdie?
Birdie Newcomb: As I unserstand, there weren’t adults ther ein the beginning.
Intellagirl Tully: no there weren’t except for lindens
Birdie Newcomb: And adults are restricted to their own islands.
Intellagirl Tully: it’s still that way
ScubaChris Wollongong: correct except for LL staff
Intellagirl Tully: and the teens are more likely to report an unauthorized adult than anyone
Birdie Newcomb: So my Bridging Group is now focusing on connecting the teen Grid adults here on the Main grid
Birdie Newcomb: Cecause we can’t talk on the Teen Grid
Intellagirl Tully: yes…at least there could be communication channels opened perhaps?
Topher Zwiers: I don’t have a problem with private grids (ala IBM) but working to create a separate grid seems to go down the path of web2.0 tools – exactly how many do we need?
Birdie Newcomb: The Web is not LL, so it’s open for either.
Intellagirl Tully: i think the question strikes a cord with folks because it goes to a concern about control and safety in the classroom
Birdie Newcomb: If you have a classroom
Birdie Newcomb: SL isn’t really limited to that
Intellagirl Tully: folks read the stories of griefers and end up in one unsavory place and get concerned abotu locking down their spaces
MB Chevalier: thanks
Intellagirl Tully: If anyone wants a chair and doesn’t have one in their inventory just send me an IM and I’ll drop one for you πŸ™‚
Intellagirl Tully: Anyone come from a campus with security issues? concerns?
Topher Zwiers: in RL?
Zotarah Shepherd: What if LL just put all the XXX rated stuff on a different sim. We would loose so much content by splitting into an educational grid.
JeanClaude Vollmar: I think we are all concerned now of late
Sorcs Nolan: who decides what is XXX, would be the problem πŸ™‚
Intellagirl Tully: Again, Zotarah…then you’d be allowing LL to decide what is adult
Robin Mochi: Yes, I had a rather traumatic griefer experience. Unfortunately a faculty member who had asked me to show him SL was sitting next to me when it happened. The administration here feels that we can’t we allow that sort of thing to happen to students.
Intellagirl Tully: I hear ya Robin….it’s happened to lots of folks.
Mercury Barnes: I really don’t see the issue with isolated, group controlled, islands for teaching. The question is after teaching.
Topher Zwiers: Robin – how is that different from asking students to attend a musical performance in RL – or a museum – and they end up being accosted on their trip?
Sorcs Nolan: but my U would have all manners of concerns on security. But I also know there is interest in virtual worlds…
Zotarah Shepherd: The best way to protect people in SL is to teach them how to protect themselves. so some manner of balance would be needed
Topher Zwiers: we can’t control ventures off of campus in SL any better than we can in RL – but we require those side trips in both environments… (assuming Higher ed)
Intellagirl Tully: well and i think it starts with understanding land controls and properly educating students on the risks and how to avoid them
Mercury Barnes: I do it all the time with kids, show them the tools that allow them to be safe — the big issue for education is underage with overage.
Intellagirl Tully: just like we did with the internet 10 years ago πŸ™‚
Robin Mochi: good point, Topher.
Zotarah Shepherd: LL already does decide what is PG and what isn’t. Looks like they based it on the US movie ratings.
Birdie Newcomb: True, it’s really a misnomer
Intellagirl Tully: Zotarah…I dont’ think so. Land owners are the ones responsible for those ratings and adhering to them
Mercury Barnes: But, it’s not really enforced and no one wants to be the “test case” of cyber sex between an overage with an underage.
Zotarah Shepherd: It is safer in SL than a RL city that has a “red light district”.
Topher Zwiers: the difference is that they’ve already learned some of the things they need to do to protect themselves in RL; I think it is incumbent upon us to teach them how to be safe in environments we ask/require them to participate in…
Intellagirl Tully: totaly!
Mercury Barnes: agreed.
Intellagirl Tully: agreed, but we also have to know where our responsibility ends
Miranda Llewellyn: good poimt
Topher Zwiers: absolutely safer in SL – at worst, Alt-F4 until you can get help.
Intellagirl Tully: i heard an administrator last week say that we’re reponsible for anything students encounter in all of SL
Mercury Barnes: Yes, but then someone elses responsibiliby begins — do we want that to be RL Police, or something within SL?
Intellagirl Tully: I pointed out that we aren’t respoonsible for their personal web use
ScubaChris Wollongong: Aside from the security/access issue, are there other charcateristics or functionality an educational grid (area) should have?
Topher Zwiers: So, if they’re on their way to campus and see a streaker – colllege is responsible?
Miranda Llewellyn: we can’t monitor them 4/7
Kavon Zenovka: Dewey gave the link to the Iowa State presentation last week – it is basically what came out of CHE in August
Zotarah Shepherd: If that is the case than you can have a closed campus sim with limited accounts.
Kavon Zenovka: After I listened to I finally understtod where they were getting the responsible for anything that happens.
Zotarah Shepherd: A barrier for all but the teachers and students
Topher Zwiers: Scuba – most of the things I can think of are simply improving this environment; I’m not sure what would be unique to an education grid other than security/access…
Mercury Barnes: Yes, watch for addictive behavior — I catch a lot of it — kids over the edge digging into SL too much (and it’s easy to spot because it’s happened to me) — how to manage it will be an issue (they trust and confide in me).
Intellagirl Tully: Kavon…was it just because the students wouldn’t be here if we didn’t invite them?
Kavon Zenovka: The responsible for anything seems to come from a Yale Law school case from the seventies
Miranda Llewellyn: yyeah that is the on;y way – if you strictly limit access
Mercury Barnes: If we “require” them to come here, then they get “addicted,” we at least have to have some sort of help structure (even if it’s a trained instructor).
Intellagirl Tully: you can’t sequester to an island….you can keep out but you can’t keep in
Kavon Zenovka: Yes – the law case was a female student who was required to be on campus at night and was attacked. Campus at that time no security, lighting, etc.
Intellagirl Tully: eww
Zotarah Shepherd: If there are enough 17 year olds to take college courses then a college could set up classes in the teen grid and 18+ can be apply to be approved adults there.
Intellagirl Tully: bad situation
Miranda Llewellyn: exactly – SL is for exploration
Intellagirl Tully: i still wonder how much of the concern is based on miscommunication
Zotarah Shepherd: There are closed campus sims on the TG
Kavon Zenovka: But alot of our adminstrators are taking the advice right from the CHE without investigating the rationale further.
Zotarah Shepherd: Why are we concerned about protecting adults (18+)?
Intellagirl Tully: we require students to usechat in an LMS…chat can be time consuming and addictive but we don’t protect them from AIM or Yahoo
Topher Zwiers: We require students to use the internet; are schools responsible for internet addiction?
Miranda Llewellyn: some students although 18 can still be very immature
Topher Zwiers: right.. INtella.. was going the same direction…
Mercury Barnes: That’s why I like the idea of “closed islands” for teaching — the rest of SL becomes “exploration for which the campus is not responsible for.” — it needs to be here to make the place attractive, but the campus has to protect itself.
Intellagirl Tully: I agree Mercury
Zotarah Shepherd: Why not have an orientation course for all students new to SL, so they will know what to expect and how to handle griefing etc.
Topher Zwiers: Mercury – agree…
Miranda Llewellyn: excellent point Mercury
ScubaChris Wollongong: Do your institutions offer something like that (an orientation)
Intellagirl Tully: I do for each of my courses and a disclaimer and offer of guidance in my syllabus
Mercury Barnes: NMC (what I’ve been arguing for for months — just needs people to use it :).
Topher Zwiers: Miranda – but 18 is 18 is an adult. Even an immature adult must take responsibility for themselves – in RL or SL.
Kavon Zenovka: I’m in the classes that use SL and we do a quick one in class and a voluntary one outside of class.
ScubaChris Wollongong: true but there are an awful lot of lawsuits cominhg out of 18 +
Topher Zwiers: unless you’re in a K-12 environment…with 18 yo.
Intellagirl Tully: K-12 is a totally diff situation
Robin Mochi: Yes, Zotarah. I like that idea. Partly why I found the griefing incident rather traumatic was because I didn’t know that sort of thing could happen. If I had been instructed ahead of time it would have helped.
Miranda Llewellyn: I agree but often you need to provide a lot of support
Intellagirl Tully: But adults are adults…i agree
Kavon Zenovka: Topher – I actually had a student over 18 say my father wouldn’t like me going there and that was looking at merchandise on th SLexchange.
Zotarah Shepherd: There can be a centeral place for orientations which would include SL skills, that all collegs could use. So teachers would only teach their subjects and not spend 2 weeks teaching how to use SL.
Intellagirl Tully: So we have to offer other options to SL in a course? Then we have to offer alternative texts too
Topher Zwiers: Kavon, but is that not a matter of opinion? how do we accommodate every opinon? Intellagirl – exactly – once again you got to my point before I did
Mercury Barnes: Yeah, I’ve been trying to work through the under 18 within SL and it’s just so intractable – the teen grid seems the only way within current law (and the reason folks want to break the rule is because they tacitly recognize the large whole of SL is very attractive).
Intellagirl Tully: haha i’m quik on the draw
ScubaChris Wollongong: Believe it or not but the U of Arizona has a policy that, if a student finds an assigment objectionable, we have to provide an alternative
Kavon Zenovka: Intellagirl – that’s what surprised me when adminstrators say it has to be optional. I’ve seen the alternative text battles and have never seen where an instructor actually had to do that.
Intellagirl Tully: ANY assignment?
ScubaChris Wollongong: yep
Intellagirl Tully: same here Kavon
Zotarah Shepherd: No reason why a college could not have a sim or part of one in the Teen grid.
Intellagirl Tully: students don’t get to opt out of using a LMS
Kavon Zenovka: Scuba – what about academic freedom?
ScubaChris Wollongong: Well, it hasn’t been challanged yet – it is just there
Miranda Llewellyn: wow – never heard of that
Zotarah Shepherd: Parents should worry a lot more about RL dangers than anything their children would encounter in SL.
Topher Zwiers: Scuba.. that’s a difficult situation possibly…. never encountered that….
Miranda Llewellyn: they can’t challenge it if it’s too difficult? lol
Intellagirl Tully: yes, at least in sL you can leave
Kavon Zenovka: interesting – I was a ASU around 2000 and the instructor was challenged over Fried Green Tomatoes and the student was not given an alternative.
ScubaChris Wollongong: but it demonstrates a growing concern of administrtors to cover certain parts
Mercury Barnes: Yes they should Zotarah, but they don’t.
Topher Zwiers: I have objections to this whole dissertation thing….LOL
Intellagirl Tully: i thik administrators are far more concerned than students are
JeanClaude Vollmar laughs
Miranda Llewellyn: it makes you wonder who is actually driving the education system
Intellagirl Tully: Dissertations suck!
Mercury Barnes: Yes Int…
ScubaChris Wollongong: ah yes – that little book report with all the hoops attached
Mercury Barnes: But admins have to worry about publicity.
Intellagirl Tully: and legal issues
ScubaChris Wollongong: and helicopter parents
Birdie Newcomb: Adn their jobs
Kavon Zenovka: I know sometimes I’m asked will this conference show up on channel ( nws?
Kavon Zenovka: 9 news?
Mercury Barnes: Yes — helis are a real issue — first year where parents calling in to complain exceeded actual students.
Intellagirl Tully: haha well after the congressional hearings i think lots of people are thinking abotu that
Intellagirl Tully: mercury…if students ate 18+ parents have to go away
Kavon Zenovka: Helicopter parents and the loophole generation
Intellagirl Tully: i had one of those…actually logged into SL to observe class
Mercury Barnes: You’d think, but not true…
Intellagirl Tully: I banned her from our island
Miranda Llewellyn: we are not allowed to discuss students with their parents here in the UK
Intellagirl Tully: legally she coulnd’t observe
Mercury Barnes: Heli’s are an issue.
Topher Zwiers: similar here Miranda.
JeanClaude Vollmar: But oh do they try.
Mercury Barnes: Whether it’s legal, doesn’t matter, we deal with helicopter parents all of the time.
Topher Zwiers: I’ve heard discussions about parents becoming terribly upset when faculty or registrar wouldn’t share grade information..
Intellagirl Tully: Geez…this drives the secutiry question home…i have CNN on my other monitor and two unis are under lockdown in fear of a shooting
Intellagirl Tully: never happens in SL
Miranda Llewellyn: yup – we have had the same problem
Zotarah Shepherd thinks there should be a class for the parents of teens.
Topher Zwiers: never say never.. one of the concerns we have discussed locally is virtual recreations of RL situations – or virtual mockups of one.
Miranda Llewellyn: what unis?
Intellagirl Tully: Richmond VA, well and SL is a good option for schools under lockdown, weather problems etc
Birdie Newcomb: 8=)))
Miranda Llewellyn: wow – we are lucky we don’t have much of that iover here
Mercury Barnes: What’s funny is the most raunchy sounding of sims/rp/areas within SL tend to be populated by very nice, highly-educated, polite, people.
Intellagirl Tully: How many of you come from school sthat have some kind of SL campus?
Birdie Newcomb: Me
Miranda Llewellyn: really? do tell
ScubaChris Wollongong: Me U of Arizona
Mercury Barnes: Yes, I get around…I’m the type that has to “live” an experience (maybe a fault, but it has given me a unique view of SL).
Intellagirl Tully: so the rest of you are roaming educators? πŸ™‚
Robin Mochi: We have an “outpost,” basically still exploring and leasing some space from NMC.
JeanClaude Vollmar: I’m a roamer, looking for ideas
Intellagirl Tully: haha Mercury…that opens a whole nother can of worms about educators in SL, reputation, being seen somwhere “inappropriate” etc
Miranda Llewellyn: I am from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland – we are just beginning to explore SL for teaching
Mercury Barnes: Yes, Int, and it’s funny, we seem to be recognized wherever we are (be it a sword fighing sim or one devoted to RP).
Topher Zwiers: Alts, πŸ˜‰
Intellagirl Tully: it’s the same as in RL
Intellagirl Tully: run into a student at the grocery store and they’re shocked you exist outside the classroom haha anyone see the news story this morning about the teachers in AZ on Myspace?
Mercury Barnes: Me, as myself, I can go “anywhere,” and get away with it — I have a rep — it’s my alts that get to “experience it.”
Miranda Llewellyn: exactly – have another avatar so that you can visit Madame Froo Froos Dungeon of delights with a clear conscience
Intellagirl Tully: Should you have to have another avatar to do that?
ScubaChris Wollongong: Did that make it out of Arizona – darn
JeanClaude Vollmar: LOL
Intellagirl Tully: Do you put on a wig in town in RL?
Topher Zwiers: Miranda… is that a real place? LOL
Mercury Barnes: Not a clear conscious — that’s what makes it different — the empathy eventually shows through.
Topher Zwiers: in the red light district – perhaps….
Miranda Llewellyn: I wouldn’t know……
Intellagirl Tully: but we’re allowed to have a life, right? even a virtual one. i remember back befor eyou could turn off the option to allow friends to see you on the map, people popped in on me all the time
felt kind of big brother
Miranda Llewellyn: exactly – I want to be free to explore
Mercury Barnes: That’s why I like the idea of and “educational zone,” where you use one identity, then “whatever,” and the students will realize they need an alt to pursue it.
Intellagirl Tully: but doesn’t that suggest a false dichotomy between school and life?
Mercury Barnes: Yes — and I’m not sure I’ve figured this out.
Birdie Newcomb: Is it really false?
JeanClaude Vollmar: I’m not sure that is matters, we all have a second, third, forth… face that we present
Robin Mochi: Intella, are you currently teaching another course in SL? How many have you taught thus far and can you talk about the experience some?
Topher Zwiers: back to “ed grid” being separate – I think interoperability is the most important issue – if/when we reach that point, the notion of a separate grid becomes a moot point – have an ed grid would be fine with ability to move from grid to grid.
JeanClaude Vollmar: SL must makes it easier to do
Intellagirl Tully: oh for sure! life long learners learn outside school…anytime they want to know something. true Topher
ScubaChris Wollongong: yep thanks all, Intella. you had a question you wanted to ask
Mercury Barnes: My problem is the real me eventually comes out in the RP sim, folks like me, and I feel the need to bail — as I said, I haven’t figured out the “best way,” yet (or if there is one).
Intellagirl Tully: it’s funny…so many of these issues are really just related to the world shrinking and SL being a tiny tiny world. I see your point Mercury…there’s an upside and a down side to self censoring
Miranda Llewellyn: what do you mean by ‘need to bail’?
Mercury Barnes: And our students will be blundering in, or purposefully doing this, so we kind of have to deal with it (the addition issue I mentioned earlier).
Zotarah Shepherd: Nothing to prevent 18+ having an alt for the main grid.
Birdie Newcomb: We’re bigger than Monaco
Intellagirl Tully: i’ve watched students discover things about themseles in SL…it’s scary but wonderful
MB Chevalier: how scary?
Intellagirl Tully: scary because of the unlimited freedom of expression that SL provides
Topher Zwiers: Mercurty – that’s a matter of identity w/in SL – it’s how you conceptualize your avatar – those that are able to separate their personal identity from their avatar can RP well; me.. .Topher is an extension of who I am; I’m not comfortable in certain sims b/c that’s not who I am personally.
Miranda Llewellyn: SL is the only place I can walk in heels lol
Intellagirl Tully: watchign them set their own limits
Mercury Barnes: Bailing — I get so involved with the folks, they like me, I like them, but there’s a concern “they are real and I’m not and I’m too honest to not be real.” — wow, thanks, this helped frame the issue.
Intellagirl Tully: haha me too Miranda! Me too Topher…I’m INtellagirl everywhere in RL and SL and all over the net. So i have limits but they’re all self set
Miranda Llewellyn: thanks Mercury – that makes sense
Topher Zwiers: and I’m not comfortable in heels in RL or SL πŸ˜‰
Intellagirl Tully: Anyone going to Sloan C this week? oh but topher you’d look so cute in them hahaha
Kavon Zenovka: No have fun!
Miranda Llewellyn: hee hee
Topher Zwiers: of course, I have a virtual closet full of women’s clothing πŸ˜‰
JeanClaude Vollmar: LOL
Zotarah Shepherd: I wish. I am working on projects and papers through 14th.
Intellagirl Tully: ok 10 min left…..what are you all doing for the summer in SL? big projects?
Miranda Llewellyn: Looking good!
JeanClaude Vollmar: Oh, hey. speaking of time ending…
Mercury Barnes: I’m a trusted figure that folks deeply confide in with assurance there won’t be a breach (and there won’t) — and neither do my alts, but my alts don’t have my “education” up front.
Birdie Newcomb: Yes, the Summer of Love 1967 for Bach Collge Academy.
Intellagirl Tully: apologies to folks on the quarter system
MB Chevalier: ^_^ *Nahm Nahm Nahm!* ^_^
Zotarah Shepherd: MA thesis project all summer.
Birdie Newcomb: Recreating it with students
JeanClaude Vollmar: Say who you are and where you’re from for AJ’s records
Topher Zwiers: our SL projects are getting traction… small pilot with an Art class prepping for Fall; possibly a collaborative historical build with regional groups.
Birdie Newcomb: Beach College Academy
Intellagirl Tully: oh awesome Birdie! I think it would be awesome if we organized a tour of projects for one of these meetings
Topher Zwiers is from San Jacinto College, Houston – instructional/emerging technology
Intellagirl Tully: feedback on work in progress, kudos…show and tell
Mercury Barnes: Yes, back to reality (sorry for edging into issues :).
Birdie Newcomb: Ours is just underway and we could use help
Miranda Llewellyn: Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland
Zotarah Shepherd: MA student at Sonoma State U in northern California
Intellagirl Tully: I’m working on two islands for Indiana University…feel free to do a search and come on by
Robin Mochi: I’m hoping to work with one of our faculty on an elective course for an administrative doctorate program.
Birdie Newcomb: Birdie Newcomb, Beach college, launcing the BC Academy
Intellagirl Tully: and a dissertation…back burner haha
JeanClaude Vollmar VP for IT at UNOH, Lima, Ohio
Topher Zwiers: oh yeah… working on a dissertation too πŸ˜‰ (not SL related though)
Zotarah Shepherd: My MA in Edu project is teaching RL Life-skills in SL.
Mercury Barnes: Do the dissertation (I didn’t have the option of objecting and have done two :).
Intellagirl Tully: what’s the toughest part of creating a class in sl or a space? Mercury you’re a glutton for punishment
Zotarah Shepherd: Finding the time to do it. *grins*
Birdie Newcomb: Creatign learning that is notin a classroom
JeanClaude Vollmar: For me it’s just imagination, or lack there of.
Mercury Barnes: One didn’t require a dissertation (too many degrees).
Intellagirl Tully: so planning, time? creativity?
Mercury Barnes: Interacting with people and connecting with them.
Birdie Newcomb: Some of that wil depend nwho shows up
Mercury Barnes: A course is ultimately “A person you want to listen too.”
Topher Zwiers: in general, I think the biggest challenge for classes in SL is modifying the approach to assessment and activity – shouldn’t be doing in SL what can be done with other tools more efficiently.
Miranda Llewellyn: I would also think that persuading students to try SL can also be difficult
Kavon Zenovka: I have always give the optional project. Making the optional project adequate is the hardest part. The SL part is fun.
Intellagirl Tully: Birdie…if I can ever help on something specific please let me know πŸ™‚
Mercury Barnes: Yes Miranda.
Intellagirl Tully: agreed Miranda
Birdie Newcomb: OK, I will.
Intellagirl Tully: i think it depends on the motivation and interest…you have to make the SL component worth it
Birdie Newcomb: Probably soon
Miranda Llewellyn: they get put off if it seems too ‘difficult’
Intellagirl Tully: difficult = not worth it
Miranda Llewellyn: I agree – making it seem excting and interesting is the keyy
Birdie Newcomb: appropiate challenges.
Intellagirl Tully: which usually stems from them not understanding why they’re doing it
Kavon Zenovka: Miranda I also found don’t give them a lot of time to procrastinate
JeanClaude Vollmar: That’s an interesting equation Intella. Never thought of it that way
Miranda Llewellyn: also – persuading fellow colleagues to use it can be even harder lol
Mercury Barnes: Yes, but just simple “talk sessions,” have proved very popular (likely because the instructor was compelling).
Miranda Llewellyn: yeah – start off simple and non threatening
Mercury Barnes: Yes.
Intellagirl Tully: i’ve found, in the 20+ campuses I’ve helped, that it usually depends on what SL is being used for….if it’s worth it to students and they understand why it’s necessary to the class they jump in, if it seems optional or on the side they don’t care enough to learn it
Mercury Barnes: What works best?
Birdie Newcomb: I’m so glad we still ust text. Now I can go back and find what I missed!
Mercury Barnes: Not me, voice is the compelling part.
Miranda Llewellyn: it’s important that the SL component has a clear purpose and not just a gimmick
Intellagirl Tully: totaly Miranda
Topher Zwiers: enjoyed it all… off to another meeting!
Intellagirl Tully: and that clear goals are set. Bye Topher!
Topher Zwiers: Thanks IT for facilitating!
Intellagirl Tully: np at all, my pleasure
Zotarah Shepherd: Good to use both text and Voice in SL
Birdie Newcomb: Thank,s for coming Int. Good to see you inworld
Miranda Llewellyn: yes – structure and purpose are essentail
Intellagirl Tully: Anyone who isn’t my friend….feel free to add me. I’m always happy to chat and share ideas πŸ™‚ New friends! haha
Mercury Barnes: You, I’m sure, already getto to many IM’s Int….:)
Intellagirl Tully: nah never too many
Miranda Llewellyn: brilliant
Robin Mochi: thanks for being our friend! And thanks for being here today. bye all.
Intellagirl Tully: Thanks for coming everyone!
Kavon Zenovka: Bye Everyone!
Intellagirl Tully: Take your chairs! haha
Claire Nostram: bye
mTea Box: Bye all and thanks.
Mercury Barnes: k.
Zotarah Shepherd: Thanks for moderating Intellagirl.
Mercury Barnes: Thanks.
JeanClaude Vollmar: See you all next week
ScubaChris Wollongong: Thanks for letting me ask my question Int
Birdie Newcomb: Bye Sarah
Intellagirl Tully: My pleasure! thanks for having me!

Originally uploaded by AJ Brooks. Downloaded from http://sler-transcripts.wikispaces.com/080602 by Sheila Yoshikawa, June 2018



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