2008-05-20 Discussion on Other Virtual Worlds

SL Education Roundtable – Montclair State CHSS Island
Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
Discussion on Other Virtual Worlds

Parts of this transcript have been edited for readability.

AJ Brooks: oh – hi everyone
Del Hapmouche: Hi, AJ
Efuturist Daviau: Hello Al
AJ Brooks: I didn’t see you guys there, AJ Brooks: have a seat
Kay Tairov: 🙂 hello. I’m your lurker
AJ Brooks: we’ll be starting in about 5 minutes or so. you can still have a seat, ven if your lurking
Kay Tairov: woot!
AJ Brooks: its a big table, and there is always one more chair then person
Kay Tairov: nifty!
Natalina DeVinna: hello people 😉
Del Hapmouche: Hi Natalina.
Robin Mochi: hello
Efuturist Daviau: Thank you
Kay Tairov: 🙂
AJ Brooks: excsue me one second, brb
Memoree Lane: hi
Natalina DeVinna: hi Memoree
Del Hapmouche: This ismy first time here. How large does the table get?
Natalina DeVinna: I belive at 2;30
Robin Mochi: the table will get as large as needed. yes
Bjorlyn Loon: yes, just a moment
Robin Mochi: I can hear. yes, I can hear you.
JoannaTrail Blazer: AJ sleeping? 🙂
Robin Mochi: appears to be. AJ, wake up!
Bjorlyn Loon: lol so how do we get more chairs?
AJ Brooks: i’m back
JoannaTrail Blazer: it adds one more when you sit. 🙂
Robin Mochi: chairs will automatically appear whnen the last one is seated.
Natalina DeVinna: wb 😉
AJ Brooks: ty
Bjorlyn Loon: wasnt working there for a bit
Kay Tairov: is this in Voice? Or text?
Liam Gunes: got to get me one of these
AJ Brooks: feel free to join us at the table. thanks everyone for coming. this is our regular tuesday session of the SL Education Roundtable. we alwyas start off by saying who we are, what we do, etc… no need to wait, everyone can type at once and we’ll all see it in chat history
Del Hapmouche: Faculty in psychology at Univ. of Maryland University College
Lark Jonson: Teaching Electronic Engineering at Aston University in the UK
AJ Brooks: I am AJ Kelton, AJ Brooks here in SL. I am the Director of Teaching and Emerging Technology for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State University in northern NJ
Robin Mochi: Reference & Distance Services Librarian in Portland, Oregon, USA
Text Timeless: grad student, UCSB English – not really here, I’m in class right now
Liam Gunes: Chair of Computer Information Systems Dept at the University of Louisiana at Monroe
Efuturist Daviau: Hello all My Name is Mike, Efuturist in SL I am a technologist at University discovering new mediums of learning.
Kay Tairov: I’m with the American Library Association, and am lurking to learn more
Memoree Lane: I am doctoral candidate at UCF – FL, and an engineer for the Navy.
JoannaTrail Blazer: <—— Faculty/Researcher @ Great Northern Way campus Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver Canada, home to the Masters of Digital Media Program – we have a region in SL called University Project which is home to events, research and class work for the Masters of Digital Media program

AJ Brooks: is taht everyone? great

Efuturist Daviau: will the chat be archived?

Greowulf Spyker: I teach for Kaplan University and Seton Hall.

Greowulf Spyker: both online

AJ Brooks: now – for my “marketing” if you will, can you tell me where you heard about todays meeting. If a list, what list, if a group, which group – and was it an IM or notice, and if you saw it in events, please also say so

Del Hapmouche: SL-ED

Kay Tairov: SL-ED

Robin Mochi: SLED

Text Timeless: SLED

Greowulf Spyker: SLED

JoannaTrail Blazer: Group notice in Educause group

Lark Jonson: SL-ED

Efuturist Daviau: Searched Education events in SL

Bjorlyn Loon: ISTE

AJ Brooks: ok – great – excellent

Greowulf Spyker: also got your IM reminder

AJ Brooks: now – will this be archived? Yes, eventually. all of the past archives are in teh building to my left

JoannaTrail Blazer: hi Zotarah

AJ Brooks: Dickson Hall Information Center. Hey Z But I am a few weeks behind

Zotarah Shepherd: Hi Joanna, Hi AJ

Computer Jewell: From the second life education listserve AJ Brooks: so it might be a few weeks before todays is up there

Memoree Lane: For me it was SLED as well.

AJ Brooks: clearly the SLED list has some great reach – thats wonderful. feel free to have a seat – there will always be one more than needed. so – today’s discussion will stsart off with talking abotu SL and pther virtual worlds

Zotarah Shepherd: I am so glad you are archiving all of the discussions now AJ

AJ Brooks: lets do a quick straw poll (TY Z :-> ) by saying YES or NO – have you ever been into a virtual world OTHER THAN SL
Computer Jewell: yes
AJ Brooks: NO
Robin Mochi: yes
Del Hapmouche: Yes, briefly
Zotarah Shepherd: Yes
Efuturist Daviau: yes
Lark Jonson: NO
JeanClaude Vollmar: No
JoannaTrail Blazer: YES
Liam Gunes: yes
David Shea: no
Memoree Lane: yes
Bjorlyn Loon: yes
AJ Brooks: ok 9 yes and 4 no. wow – thats great. those who said yes – what worlds have you visited?
Bjorlyn Loon: there
Computer Jewell: Active World
Robin Mochi: QWAQ (built on opencroquet)
Del Hapmouche: Active World(s)
Zotarah Shepherd: Sims and There briefly
Memoree Lane: OLIVE by Forterra. The Navy does a lot of work in OLIVE.
Efuturist Daviau: Active worlds
Liam Gunes: OneLife, CentralGrid, Kaneva, There, Twiniity
AJ Brooks: wow – liam
Greowulf Spyker: Runescape?
Greowulf Spyker: tee hee
JoannaTrail Blazer: Activeworlds, Cybernetworlds, Palace, Excite Virtual Places, Furcadia, DarkStar wonderland, Adobe, There, Worlds, Croquet…..
Efuturist Daviau: doea webkins count?
AJ Brooks: LOL – Joanna. sure webkins counts
JoannaTrail Blazer: and probably some I am forgetting. LOL
Del Hapmouche: OK…add webkins for me, too
Greowulf Spyker: Travian
JoannaTrail Blazer: oh, Habbo!
AJ Brooks: some of these I’ve never even heard of
Computer Jewell: LOL
AJ Brooks: I know Active Worlds has an education presence, do any of the others?
Liam Gunes: makes for busy desktop
JoannaTrail Blazer: Activeworlds had its day… it used to be very best…
AJ Brooks: what happened?
JoannaTrail Blazer: about 10 years ago, the tech advanced
Robin Mochi: QWAQ can be used for education or business.
Computer Jewell: I agree – it was all we had
JoannaTrail Blazer: they did not, very much. it was awesome, but it’s had its day now
AJ Brooks: when you say the tech advanced, how so? the company just didn’t grow with it? was SL an AWEDU killer?
JoannaTrail Blazer: many elements, such as universal avatars( not having to pick a new body in each place), customizeability, a monetary sytem, in-world creation… LSL
AJ Brooks: wow – every world you visited you need to pick a different avatar
JoannaTrail Blazer: I should say that for some, activeworlds is good, for a niche of people studying bots
Computer Jewell: wish we could go between worlds with our avatars
AJ Brooks: can you explain about the bots?
Del Hapmouche: Computer, have you heard about Myrl?
Memoree Lane: OLIVE has large training platform – not open tho –
JoannaTrail Blazer: yes, if you wanted a custom avatar you had to make it yourself, pay someone to make it outside of the program (such as paypal)… and even the you had to arrange with world owners to have your avatar be there
Computer Jewell: no
JoannaTrail Blazer: and still not customizeable on the fly, like hair change or outfit
Del Hapmouche: Maybe more later. Don’t want to be disruptive.
JoannaTrail Blazer: for bots you can have something like the xelagot bot, which you can log into the metaverse, like a person
AJ Brooks: the what?
JoannaTrail Blazer: and program for various means
AJ Brooks: ah
Efuturist Daviau: a low tech alternative?
JoannaTrail Blazer: http://www.imatowns.com/xelagot/
Robin Mochi: My understanding is that some VWs will be interoperable. Is that correct?
AJ Brooks: open grid is working on that, so is metagrid, but its years off, according to them
JoannaTrail Blazer: and mediagrid immersive education
AJ Brooks: interoperability, that is
JoannaTrail Blazer: it’s a nice dream!
AJ Brooks: yes – I just recently found out about that. yes – media grid, not metagrid. typo
Robin Mochi: yes, mediagrid immersive education is where I heard. It didn’t sound like years off to me.
AJ Brooks: they say 3-5 years. the grid is open, or opening soon
Jeannie Moonflower: sorry, i crashed
AJ Brooks: but the interoperabity partis 3-5 years off
Robin Mochi: that’s too bad, seems too long away.
AJ Brooks: yes – so much will change by then think of how much has changed in only one year how many peopel – by saying YES or NO – were in SL a year ago today?
AJ Brooks: YES
David Shea: no
Memoree Lane: YES
Efuturist Daviau: yes
Jeannie Moonflower: yes
Del Hapmouche: no
Liam Gunes: yes
Lark Jonson: No
Text Timeless: no
Kavon Zenovka: Yes
Computer Jewell: no
Kavon Zenovka: barely
JoannaTrail Blazer: I think there will be a SL-killer, like SL was the Activeworlds killer – some will stay behind, some will move on… what I think is key is our momentum in innovation and collaboration continue
JoannaTrail Blazer: YES
AJ Brooks: well, joanna, someone has to recreate the community that is going to be hard I think SL will end up like AOL still around, but not the king of the hill Movies will tell yu that Google is going to be the SL killer. 🙂 Right?
Liam Gunes: or it may be more like what happened with Apache web server
Efuturist Daviau: unless we evolve
AJ Brooks: and he very well could be right
Memoree Lane: hipihi has momentum that’s hard to deny – I have been following – have you heard?
Liam Gunes: the technology became distrubuted and ubiquitous
AJ Brooks: i’ve heard of hipihi
Kavon Zenovka: is content as easy to create as in SL
Efuturist Daviau: I treat SL like “Our” commmunity this may be incorrect.
Memoree Lane: I don’t know the numbers but when you consider the pop of China, the potential is overpowering…
Efuturist Daviau: Can we change the worl?
AJ Brooks: so – other than Active Worlds, has any other virtual world done anything with education? not potential, I mean real projects
JoannaTrail Blazer: World of Warcraft, if you count it
Del Hapmouche: What’s the platform that Aaron Walsh is working on?
Efuturist Daviau: LOL
AJ Brooks: well – WoW IS a VW
JoannaTrail Blazer: Walsh is working on MediaGrid Immersive Education
AJ Brooks: WoWo just recently had a science conference in world
Efuturist Daviau: Stats show there is a very large ed presence in SL for the moment
JoannaTrail Blazer: I have been involved in some leadership/teamwork training using the Wow mechanic, and there has been some diverse work emerging – and discussed at the recent conference held in Wow details here http://convergentsystems.pbwiki.com/ on that event
AJ Brooks: joanna, you’re just a wealth of knowledge tonight. tyvm – that is great
Robin Mochi: Efuturist – do you have a link to stats on the educational presence in SL?
JoannaTrail Blazer: haha, I am trying to spit it out before I go in 5 mins to a meeting 🙂
AJ Brooks: ok 🙂
Efuturist Daviau: mmmm I’m trying to remember where Ed blog in sl
Robin Mochi: Okay, thanks.
AJ Brooks: the simteach wiki has some stasts, but those are self proclaimed SL does not give out info about clients
Antilles Mighty: :o)
AJ Brooks: so the only data is what we can guess at
Antilles Mighty: Nice to see you beautiful
Efuturist Daviau: But so many schoool and Universities have a presence here a prooving gound perhaps
AJ Brooks: the SLED list has close to 5000 subscribers, if thats any indication folsk on the outskirts, please do grab a seat
Antilles Mighty: Hello everyone
JoannaTrail Blazer: take care friends, sorry I can’t stay & discuss – silly first life! ~waves~
AJ Brooks: hel Antilles bye joanna
Zotarah Shepherd: Bye Joanna
Antilles Mighty: you’re gonna need a bigger round-table
Del Hapmouche: If we were mushrooms this would be a fairy ring
AJ Brooks: we got sidetracked a bit, I’d like tos ee if there are any other education presences out there other than Activer Worlds and SL
Antilles Mighty: …. who has been in Active Worlds?
Efuturist Daviau: Private sector CISCO
Robin Mochi: well what do you mean exactly by educational presence, AJ?
AJ Brooks: cisco has educational opportunites hmmm – i mean someone doing something on behalf of their school i guess
Efuturist Daviau: they have there own world
AJ Brooks: teaching a class, doing research, maybe a school buliding, not sure and a VP of VR development SL and Active Worlds has info right on their web pages about education i havent’ seen any other oh – There.com has
Del Hapmouche: How about DoD?
Robin Mochi: Okay, I have been in QWAQ and believe that would be possible. A univ could put there buildings in QWAQ and hold classes…
Antilles Mighty: I am having trouble seeing as much structured educational purpose here… as in Active Worlds… but a much stronger social and self-defining presence but to be honest, I found QWAQ to be rather boring…it’s not open.
AJ Brooks: oh – well, there is a TON of structure educational presence in SL – especailly now, and it keeps growing
Efuturist Daviau: it is rumoured that Google willl be in the game sooon
AJ Brooks: lol yes – (that is your cue Movies)
Robin Mochi: yes, univ of Arizona and google, correct?
Greowulf Spyker: Ssshhh that was a secret
AJ Brooks: We’ve actually has a roundtable about that
Efuturist Daviau: out of the bag
AJ Brooks: the transcript is already alvaialble
Movies1963 Beck: lol
Antilles Mighty: … that is a bad way to state the difference I see, but the differences are significant
Greowulf Spyker: lol
Bjorlyn Loon: from a recent MacArthur event: : Katie Salen, Professor, Parsons the New School for Design, and game designer, will discuss the new public school based on design and games she is opening in New York City.
Robin Mochi: any more info on the google VW?
AJ Brooks: nothing concrete, but signs do really point in that direction
Del Hapmouche: IS the partnership with Arizona or ASU?
AJ Brooks: but nothing in print ASU
Antilles Mighty: hmmm… what info is available about Google VW
Bjorlyn Loon: where is that transcript AJ?
Zotarah Shepherd: There is so much educational content and investment in SL, what could be good enough to cause sucha great movement to another platform?
Robin Mochi: yes, sorry, it was ASu
AJ Brooks: all transcripts are in teh building next to use, the white stucco with red tile roof now – z – what could cause a movement? how about a stable platform? voice that works better
Mercury Barnes: ?
AJ Brooks: collaborative tools, ability to share documents
Movies1963 Beck: more better free tools for education
Efuturist Daviau: Truely OPen source
AJ Brooks: portability
Mercury Barnes: tools
AJ Brooks: what happens in SL stays in SL
David Shea: a shorter implementation time
Antilles Mighty: That has been Active WOrlds strong point… it has maintained close working relationships in terms of tool development with educators
Mercury Barnes: No, OpenLife is SL reborn.
AJ Brooks: i’v heard big news is coming in like 8 months or so regarding opensim
Bjorlyn Loon: I think a platform that wasnt split between teens and adults could cause a movement
Zotarah Shepherd: So would SL not be able to improve enough to compete with emerging platforms?
Mercury Barnes: The current viewer I’m using in SL is R12, by KirstenLee, R13 is the preferred and recommended viewer for OpenLife.
AJ Brooks: big creatures move more slowly than little ones
Bjorlyn Loon: that makes education initiatives both more and less possible in SL as a platform
Antilles Mighty: … How much direct input do educators have in terms of developments of the SL browser?
AJ Brooks: probably as much as anyone education is about 10% of their market share
Mercury Barnes: KirstenLee has transferred “some” from here to OpenLife (beyond the viewer code).
AJ Brooks: maybe a bit more recently
Efuturist Daviau: considering our presence democratic?
AJ Brooks: SL is still VERY MUCH a social medium
Mercury Barnes: Almost zero Antilles
AJ Brooks: oh – thats not true Mercury yo know that they take feedback from Jira
Mercury Barnes: What then — I can’t see it…?
Antilles Mighty: … well education is the same % of Google share… less really and they still maintain a core value of development for education
AJ Brooks: they hold in world meetings, invite feedback much of what they are working on is based on rssident input Jira is basically a help desk and voting system combined Google really could be an SL killer, under the right cirucmstances
Mercury Barnes: K, true, but the “masses” have to have more sway than the educators.
Robin Mochi: Yes, but it’s difficult to think of moving to another VW unless one could be in several and move between them. When I hear things about SL users moving to other virtual worlds it causes me to not want to develop much of a presence here.
AJ Brooks: because it is a commodity we al already know and trust Mercury – yes, the masses probably have 90 % more sawy than educators 🙂
Kayi Laa: The flaw with trying to jump ship onto new platforms is that you never know if they’re going to last or for how long. Secondlife is the only proven platform that’s lasting, despite any flaws it has. Other virtual worlds that players are moving to are because of their frusteration with flaws in SL, not because a better one is available.
Lark Jonson: It seems to me (someone new to VWs) that a disadvantage of SL is being entirely dependent on a relatively small company in a foreign country (I’m from the UK). Isn’t a better solution to have individuals or organisations able to run their own “world servers” in the way that they have their own web-servers. Some of the alternative worlds mentioned seem to follow this model.
Mercury Barnes: Kirsten says they use “Lindens” there (I’ll get a SIM when time allows) — this will be the “thing” that drives grid linkages — that OpenLife essentiallys uses SL code will help.
AJ Brooks: open source seems to be the model of the future, with big comanpiesn running centralized worlds for those who dont’ reun their onw
Mercury Barnes: Brings forth the possibility of grid-to-grid connectivity, just like the Internet did in the 80’s and 90’s.
AJ Brooks: and SL is moving in that direction yes Lori! Hi! AJ Brooks: 🙂 sorry lol
Lorelei Junot: hi 🙂
Efuturist Daviau: Now the question of the digital divide, acccess? Is an isssue
Liam Gunes: CentralGrid uses that connected grid model
AJ Brooks: can you explain taht Liam?
Liam Gunes: you can run your own server with OpenSim
Mercury Barnes: Always an issue, but as computers trend toward sub-500’s, it’s connectivity that’s the issue.
Liam Gunes: then patch into the Central Grid world
AJ Brooks: a distributed system
Mercury Barnes: Yes AJ.
Liam Gunes: yes, OSGrid has the same kind of thing I believe
Robin Mochi: my understanding is that VWs will run on handheld cell phone like devices and that will solve the digital divide issue to a certain extent for some.
AJ Brooks: with bandwidth expanding as it is, do you think connectivity will remain an issue for long?
JeanClaude Vollmar: How stabe are things in the opensim worlds? and the cetral grid?
AJ Brooks: i have some issues with open source, and that is it is good for those who can afford to support it locally
Liam Gunes: OpenSim is kind of dodgy
Mercury Barnes: The most valuable thing within SL, in an economic sense, is the “Linden micro-payment system” — this transcends pretty much everything else — education will have to ride along with the changes.
Liam Gunes: at the moment
Mercury Barnes: Dodgy — Kirsten measures his uptime in minutes…:)
AJ Brooks: lol
JeanClaude Vollmar: So SL in still has advantages over the opensource alternatives in your experience?
Liam Gunes: OpenLife seems a bit more stable in some ways, thats why I’m building there
AJ Brooks: i think it does. COuld your univerity host an open source world, with programmers needed, etc…
Mercury Barnes: Don’t know as it looks like OpenLife is based on SL’s code — almost has to be because of the viewer.
AJ Brooks: and making sure there is up time so classes can happen
Liam Gunes: SL is a rock compared to OpenSim in terms of stability
AJ Brooks: the open source issue is the same as with the LMS’s
Antilles Mighty: … I wanted again to ask, who here has some significant experience in both Active Worlds and SL… in terms of education?
Mercury Barnes: Yeah, the “open content” standards that never really materialized. Looks like a zero Antilles…:)
Antilles Mighty: hmmm
AJ Brooks: many people hear earlier siad they’d been in AW
Efuturist Daviau: Truthfully I never went far with Active worlds wanted money
AJ Brooks: but the consensus was that SL killed it off
Liam Gunes: there seems to be work going on to allow some degree of transferability between grids that use the SL VW model
Antilles Mighty: …. COnsidering folks like Dede, COrnell, and IU are pioneers of MUVE/VW use in education…. what has kept them there?
Mercury Barnes: Not surprising, though, unless you’re a cutting edge, Ed. type, researching VW’s, you’d never try something, even SL — SL is barely into the consciousness as it is.
AJ Brooks: sorry everyone
Antilles Mighty: Well the developers of SL were AW residents
Mercury Barnes: And before someone nails me, it’s because Education is so huge that even a small fraction is able to have a big impact within SL, or any VW — it’s actually quite amazing….meaning VW’s are still small…:)
Efuturist Daviau: Remember VRs been around ofr fifty years, now taking off
Lark Jonson: Oops – sorry!
Kayi Laa: Education and the money they offer is huge to anyone. There are several tech markets that rely almost entirely on education funds to support them.
AJ Brooks: there is a chair for you
Mercury Barnes: Yes, but mass market matters.
AJ Brooks: but education is still small beans compared to big business so – anyt last thoughts on VW other than SL
Liam Gunes: for mass market, the process has to become very simple and straight forward, as well as ubiquitous
AJ Brooks: we have about 10 minutes left
Mercury Barnes: Ed was small fifty years ago compared to business, always will be — it’s a testiment to the Lindens that they didn’t let their “thing” fail and instead allowed Ed. to enter.
AJ Brooks: yes – LL has a real commitment to education
Kayi Laa: The question you need to ask yourself is what your needs are. Do you want to go mainstream with big business, which will encourage students and teachers to participate more in their free time and to potentially have other income sources supplying funds for continued development (such as SL). Or do you want to break out on your own and try to fund your own VW, which could be slowly tailored more to your needs, despite being behind the times.
Antilles Mighty: …does this group have specific round-tables and invite SL developers to attend?
Mercury Barnes: That’s why SL is so important — the roots are folks who give a damn about Education…:)
AJ Brooks: well – the roots of the SL education community that said we are quicly showing LL we can be a great force for them
Movies1963 Beck: we now spend over $470 billion dollars a year on elementary and secondary education
AJ Brooks: Antilles, we have a roundtable eavery tuesday from 2:30p to 3:30 PT
Movies1963 Beck: http://www.ed.gov/news/speeches/2003/11/11072003.html
AJ Brooks: a variety of topics, TY movies
Movies1963 Beck: yw
Antilles Mighty: … also, is there a means for people (this larger group) to meet and talk about or brainstore specific model projects that smaller teams might work on and then share resulting environments with the larger group?
AJ Brooks: well – that is not really the purpose of this group, although that sounds like a great plan this gropu is simply to meet weekly and chat about issues important to education
Mercury Barnes: SL tried Education as part of a “Business Rescue” model — worked, but then maternal instints were tapped (probably due to everyone within LL having some teacher, at some time, that touched them deeply), so they went with the flow ((boy, can I make stuff up…:)).
Movies1963 Beck: I think this talk here is extreamly important and productive in the way so many ideas are exchanged
Efuturist Daviau: Ofcourse new groups can develop
Antilles Mighty: .. I like that… but I would like to see this impressive knowledge capital produce meaningful models
Mercury Barnes: The part about Business Rescue model is true (the rest…:).
AJ Brooks: absolutely, as this group was at one time
Efuturist Daviau: I’m interested in breakouts
Mercury Barnes: SL has to have a viable business model…they die, horribly, without it.
AJ Brooks: there is room in this great big world for everyone to get what they are looking for if a few folks who come here want to form a new gropu and work on a project, I’m proud that this group was able to kick start that


[15:23] Antilles Mighty: Maybe put a suggest box in… have people submit project ideas for a month, then post all ideas and let people vote on their “top-10” then seek to group people together to work on producing models of those ideas.
[15:23] Efuturist Daviau: mmmm Merc you make a goood point
[15:23] AJ Brooks: well – not kick start so much as provide the venue to bring folks together
[15:24] David Shea: Does your board over there work? A place to post ideas?
[15:24] Efuturist Daviau: funding is crucial
[15:24] AJ Brooks: yes – of course – but again, that is not what this specific group is for
[15:24] Antilles Mighty: … see if ISTE or NSF will fund top ideas :o)
[15:24] AJ Brooks: its enough work fo rme to organize these, I’m not sure I have the bandwidth to take it further
[15:25] Antilles Mighty: hehehe
[15:25] AJ Brooks: before we splt up I just want to remind everyone
[15:25] Efuturist Daviau: Grant proposals in SL
[15:25] Mercury Barnes: I tried to wend a way to get the $100 K Lindens/month grant for a friend, but ultimately gave up…:)
[15:25] AJ Brooks: that we meet here every Tuesday from 2:30pm to 3:30pm PT next week we will be looking at legal issues in virtual worlds
[15:25] Antilles Mighty: …obviously these types of meeting are very important, but when good educational ideas emerge… there should be a process to move talks to actions
[15:26] Efuturist Daviau: Bigger table?
[15:26] AJ Brooks: great – you’re hired
[15:26] Mercury Barnes: eww…yuck…legal…the quagmire…:)
[15:26] Efuturist Daviau: lol
[15:26] Zotarah Shepherd: I hope you can all come and see my interactive build of Multiple Inteligences on the NW corner of Koru.
[15:26] AJ Brooks: Yes – Z has gotten some very good press with that project
[15:26] Kayi Laa: Antilles, you start a group then, I’ll even give you the lindens to open it if you don’t have it.
[15:26] Efuturist Daviau: I’l definately need a transcript of this sesssion
[15:26] Zotarah Shepherd blushes. Thanks to Desideria
[15:26] AJ Brooks: this group didn’t cost anything to start
[15:27] AJ Brooks: in fact, SL education roundtable is not even a group, I just advertise it well lol
[15:27] Kay Tairov: lol
[15:27] AJ Brooks: ok – here’s a straw poll questions
[15:27] Zotarah Shepherd: hehe
[15:27] Efuturist Daviau: can we be a group?
[15:27] Kayi Laa snickers, “Well starting a real group costs 100L$ I believe.
[15:27] Mercury Barnes: Yes, you do — “point of sale” is perfect — you’ve nailed it..
[15:27] AJ Brooks: by saying YES or NO – would you WANT another group to belong to, that would be dedicated to this roundtable 🙂 mercury
[15:27] Movies1963 Beck: yes
[15:28] Mercury Barnes: Yes
[15:28] Zotarah Shepherd: Oh I am so full of groups. I hope the Lindens allow us to have 50 Groups.
[15:28] JeanClaude Vollmar: I’m on 2 already that you moderate AJ.
[15:28] Kayi Laa: Yes, if i had more groups available. (stupid 25 limit)
[15:28] Kay Tairov: yes
[15:28] Efuturist Daviau: mmm yes
[15:28] Mercury Barnes: Cool name please…:)
[15:28] Del Hapmouche: First time here. Not sure.
[15:28] Natalina DeVinna: my list of group is full 😉
[15:28] Robin Mochi: yeah, maybe. I’m at the limit too.
[15:28] David Shea: sure, that would make forming targeted work groups easier
[15:28] AJ Brooks: i’m at my limit
[15:28] Zotarah Shepherd: I don’t think a Group is necessary AJ
[15:28] AJ Brooks: I haate having to decide what to drop
[15:28] Liam Gunes: no
[15:28] Kayi Laa: Consensis is “yes, if we have groups”
[15:28] Efuturist Daviau: I’ll get rid of others this is important
[15:28] David Shea: I’m at my limit but 2/3 of them never do anything
[15:28] Antilles Mighty: It would be great if you get groups that you belong to… to have their chats go to an RSS feed
[15:29] Mercury Barnes: All of us over a few months old are “at the limit” — something to nail the Lindens on…:)
[15:29] Kay Tairov: aren’t there ways around the group limit if everyone really wanted it badly?
[15:29] Antilles Mighty: … a setting that would allow things like this round-table session to be set as “public” and feed to a RSS read
[15:29] AJ Brooks: i could get a copuy of Mailman
[15:29] Kayi Laa: The way around it is make a new account and join groups on the alternate character.
[15:29] AJ Brooks: and add everyone to it
[15:29] Mercury Barnes: Yes, AJ’s point of sale advertising…:)
[15:29] Movies1963 Beck: I’m at my limit too but I’ll gladly clean house of a group or two that doesnt live up to the reason they were started if AJ starts a group for this forum because I think this meet up is extreamly valuable and productive
[15:29] AJ Brooks: lol ty movies
[15:30] Mercury Barnes: Alts are a whole nuther topic…
[15:30] Movies1963 Beck: yw
[15:30] AJ Brooks: I apprecaite your coming as often as you do
[15:30] Norm Skytower: AJ – thanks for your workshop on Saturday…
[15:30] AJ Brooks: i mean that – and to all the regulars, Z, Star everyone mercury you guys make this fun for me to do
[15:30] Mercury Barnes: 🙂 — why we’re here…:)
[15:30] AJ Brooks: i dind’t mean to leave anyone out
[15:30] MystiTool HUD 1.0.23: Entering chat range: Norm Skytower (8m)
[15:30] Efuturist Daviau: THanks, a great Brainstorming sesssion : )
[15:31] Del Hapmouche: Thanks!
[15:31] Robin Mochi: yes, thanks!
[15:31] Antilles Mighty: Nice.. ty for inviting me.
[15:31] AJ Brooks: I’m gong to talk to a few of the di heards who have been around since week 1
[15:31] Zotarah Shepherd smiles at AJ. This is a great group, very productive.
[15:31] AJ Brooks: and I’ll let you folks know about a gropu
[15:31] David Shea: thanks
[15:31] Mercury Barnes: Don’t worry about me — I hang out in welcome areas — flame resistent asbestos suits are required — and just for folks talking…:)
[15:31] AJ Brooks: lol
[15:31] Ivy Innis: my first time here – thanks!
[15:31] AJ Brooks: you’re too funny M
[15:31] Liam Gunes: woot
[15:31] AJ Brooks: YW Ivy, and all the rest
[15:31] Antilles Mighty: … sorry about the flashy belt… I’m trying to find another ;o)
[15:31] AJ Brooks: you make the work SO worth it
[15:32] Zotarah Shepherd: Should we all make alts just so we can join more groups? I am thinking of doing that
[15:32] AJ Brooks: i’ve actually done that
[15:32] Kayi Laa: If you really have to do that, you can. It’s the only way currently.
[15:32] AJ Brooks: the alt controls this land since I have to create the gropus for all our classes
[15:32] Kay Tairov: i’ve been pretty sparing so far with my work alt 😀
[15:32] AJ Brooks: the problem with groups is this
[15:32] Cudjoebill Thibaud is Offline
[15:33] Mercury Barnes: Thanks — perfect timing — wife’s home…and yes, she still gets on Movies — especially when Anshe Chung invited us to a meeting…:)
[15:33] AJ Brooks: evertime an avatar moves through a parcel, the db checks groups from what I’m told
[15:33] Efuturist Daviau: Quick qestion is there a fast way to copy or save the chat?
[15:33] Liam Gunes: maybe a group on Assoc. of Virtual Worlds
[15:33] AJ Brooks: yes
[15:33] Kayi Laa: Efu, use history. Ctrl + H then highlight it all (ctrl + A if you need) and you can copy from there
[15:33] AJ Brooks: tehn control a and control c
[15:34] Kayi Laa: your table shrank o.o
[15:34] AJ Brooks: thans, everyone , for coming lol – yes I can change the size
[15:34] Zotarah Shepherd: Thank you for the group AJ
[15:34] JeanClaude Vollmar smiles, “Thanks again AJ for hosting this.”
[15:34] AJ Brooks: TY for teh support, Z – VERY MUCH!
[15:34] Liam Gunes: thanks
[15:34] David Shea: see you next week … I’ll bring my lawyer jokes
[15:34] AJ Brooks: JC – ACK how did I forget you
[15:34] Kay Tairov: 🙂 yes. very educational
[15:34] AJ Brooks: damn
[15:34] Kay Tairov: no pun intended
[15:34] Efuturist Daviau: My thanks to everyone! : )
[15:35] JeanClaude Vollmar laughs
[15:35] Zotarah Shepherd: Ah I wondered about the legal issues. So that will be next week.
[15:35] AJ Brooks: Thanks for coming Efuturisty yes – next week I hope to get our law professor to oin us hopefully other law folks will also
[15:36] JeanClaude Vollmar: See you all next week, it should be another great topic.
[15:36] Zotarah Shepherd: Good to see you Greowulf and Movies
[15:36] Antilles Mighty: what is the name of this group?
[15:36] Movies1963 Beck: thank you, likewise Zo
[15:36] AJ Brooks: well – it is not a group – yet – but the meeting is called SL Education Roundtable
[15:36] Greowulf Spyker: bye Zatarah
[15:36] AJ Brooks: Bye Z you’ll get notices if you join EDUCAUSE VIRTUAL WORLDS
[15:37] Greowulf Spyker: bye all
[15:37] AJ Brooks: bye greowulf
[15:37] Antilles Mighty: … get a web page… post the round-table chats to it
[15:37] Zotarah Shepherd: Bye Greowulf
[15:37] Greowulf Spyker: bye :-)….I’m just waiting for a ride…..
[15:37] AJ Brooks: time is my enemy, Antilles
[15:38] Antilles Mighty: … maybe a simple blow that people can use the comments to respond with additional thoughts or ideas derived from the meeting chat
[15:38] Movies1963 Beck: is EDUCAUSE VIRTUAL WORLDS a group or a webpage?
[15:38] AJ Brooks: group – in world
[15:38] Antilles Mighty: *blow=blog
[15:38] Movies1963 Beck: thank you
[15:38] AJ Brooks: ol – yes, I figured that yw Movies the blog idea is not bad – or even a wiki no – a blog that would be easy i’ll think about that one and maybe starting an in-world group
[15:39] Antilles Mighty: sorry, didn’t mean to overstay my invite. TY again for inviting me!
[15:39] Kayi Laa: Interesting meeting. Short and sweet. Nice ideas kicked around by everyone.
[15:39] AJ Brooks: since some of the folks want it – everyoen doesn’t have to join TY Kayi glad you enjoyed it
[15:40] Kayi Laa: Glad I could attend
[15:40] AJ Brooks: each week seems to keep that up – so its been exciting yw Antilles
[15:40] Kayi Laa: FIrst time I ever heard of these meetings, so I’m pleased.
[15:40] AJ Brooks: yo udidn[‘t overstay we often hang out after the meeting
[15:40] Kayi Laa: I doubt I’ll have much to contribute next week though. Sadly.
[15:41] AJ Brooks: ty all for your input well – you never know
[15:41] Kay Tairov: eep! there is overstaying? I am getting caught up in previous discussion note cards
[15:41] Penelope Drucker: Thank you AJ
[15:41] Zotarah Shepherd: Good to see you Kayi
[15:41] Penelope Drucker: very enlightening
[15:41] Antilles Mighty: Have a good evening… I hope to see people again!
[15:41] Zotarah Shepherd: Gotta run
[15:41] AJ Brooks: TY Penelope
[15:41] Zotarah Shepherd: Bye
[15:41] AJ Brooks: later Z I hope so too, Antilles
[15:41] Movies1963 Beck: brb
[15:41] Kayi Laa: I very much doubt land owners mind overstaying unless we impede other events that were planned.
[15:42] AJ Brooks: lol – although I’m not real concerned about traffic numbers
[15:42] Kayi Laa: Regardless of the traffic numbers, unless there was another event, the worst case is you’ll excuse yourself and leave us to our goings on.
[15:43] AJ Brooks: and that happens sometimes but I like to hang out
[15:43] Kayi Laa: naturally
[15:43] AJ Brooks: if I have the time i also like keeping the meeting to time lets people go on with their plans
[15:43] Kayi Laa: yes, that’s always a good thing
[15:43] AJ Brooks: In fact, I do have to go just now
[15:43] Kayi Laa: well it was nice to attend your meeting
[15:43] Kayi Laa: Enjoy your day bows politely.
[15:44] AJ Brooks: please do come back if you find the meeting not of interst, you can always leave. 🙂
[15:44] Kayi Laa: as many people did 😛
[15:44] AJ Brooks: i better remember to copy and paste the chat before I sign off

Originally uploaded by AJ Brooks. Downloaded from http://sler-transcripts.wikispaces.com/080602 by Sheila Yoshikawa, June 2018

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