2008-06-17 “Open Forum”

SL Education Roundtable
June 17th, 2008
Open Forum

[15:28] AJ Brooks: hello. evening all
[15:28] Zil Lutrova: Should we be sitting at the round table?
[15:28] AJ Brooks: gather round all
[15:28] Derrik Beck: we’ll just think round thoughts
[15:29] Mercury Barnes: No squares allowed.
[15:29] AJ Brooks: ]no squares allowed. no pocket protectors. slide rules
[15:29] Clarke Aluveaux: whats the difference between sitting in the audience and sitting up here?
[15:29] AJ Brooks: good question
[15:29] Clarke Aluveaux: ty. lol
[15:30] AJ Brooks: what are you thoughts on that?
[15:30] Movies1963 Beck: this is more personal
[15:30] AJ Brooks: ok – thats true. more participatory, I think
[15:30] Clarke Aluveaux: more participation from people here
[15:30] Derrik Beck: is this one of those never-ending chair producers?
[15:30] AJ Brooks: more of a sharing instead of preachy
[15:30] AJ Brooks: yes – this is a mystitool chair
[15:30] Trent Hansmann: cool
[15:31] Mercury Barnes: The difference, if you’re sitting here, you’re sitting here, and if you’re sitting there, you’re sitting there — SL is designed to bring “there” to “here.” πŸ™‚
[15:31] Clarke Aluveaux: got it, just making sure that i can sit up here and not say something
[15:31] AJ Brooks: folks in the audience, please join us at the table
[15:31] Clarke Aluveaux: oh lol
[15:31] AJ Brooks: lol – welcome Mercury! πŸ™‚
[15:31] Penelope Drucker: slow rez for me – sorry
[15:31] AJ Brooks: s;ok
[15:31] Skam Dubrovna: hello0o0
[15:31] AJ Brooks: you are welcome to continue to stand in the middle of the table if you wish. πŸ™‚
[15:32] Penelope Drucker: oh lord. is that where I am?
[15:32] Hawc Decosta: lol
[15:32] Penelope Drucker: I cant see the taB
[15:32] Mercury Barnes: Nice dress…:)
[15:32] Penelope Drucker: table or chairs. shall i do a little jig while I am here?
[15:32] AJ Brooks: how is everyone tonight?
[15:32] Clarke Aluveaux: lol
[15:32] Derrik Beck: please
[15:32] Clarke Aluveaux: will anyone be using voice?
[15:33] AJ Brooks: no – we do not use voice for this meeting
[15:33] Hawc Decosta: Doing fine.
[15:33] AJ Brooks: and that chat transcripts are (eventually) made available
[15:33] Mercury Barnes: Transcript I think?
[15:33] AJ Brooks: i’m a bit behind, but we’ll get there. πŸ™‚ I’m going to move them from the Dickson Hall Information Center to here I think
[15:33] Derrik Beck: getting cozier… πŸ™‚
[15:34] AJ Brooks: ok -0 time to play spin the chairs – everyone hold on
[15:34] Clarke Aluveaux: eek!
[15:34] Penelope Drucker: I just found one!!
[15:34] AJ Brooks: much better
[15:34] Shailey Garfield: I am feeling dizzy
[15:34] AJ Brooks: ok – so – thanks everyone for coming. as you know, this is the regular Tuesday edition of the SL Education Roundtable
[15:35] AJ Brooks: for those of you who are new, welcome
[15:35] Zil Lutrova: TY.
[15:35] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: hello
[15:35] AJ Brooks: we do print the chat transcripts, just so you all know those still in the audience, or outside, please join us at the table. its MUCH more fun down here. you can still sit down here and not say anything if you don’t want. πŸ™‚
[15:35] Hawc Decosta: Thanks, didn’t realize this was a regular affair.
[15:36] AJ Brooks: Lets start as we usually do – by introducing ourselves. go ahead and write it out into chat, we’ll all catch up in chat history. I’m AJ Kelton, I work for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair STate University in northern NJ
[15:36] Penelope Drucker: Penny Burger, 8th grade soc st and writing teacher, Muscatine, Iowa
[15:36] Mercury Barnes: is at the Univ. of Illinois, moving to WWiscMilwaukee and supports Distance Ed and Research.
[15:36] Austen Scanlan: Here’s a post I received that might be of interest to this group: 11:34] JeffreyC Nightfire: Dear Donald, I am a part of a research team at the University of Florida conducting a survey regarding the uses of Second Life as an educational tool among post-secondary instructors. We obtained your name and avatar information from the New Media Consortium campus directory. The purpose of this message is twofold. 1) If you are an instructor who is currently using, or has used, Second Life as an educational/teaching tool, would you be willing to participate in our survey? If so, please provide us your direct email so we can e-mail the questionnaire to you. 2) To help us build our sample frame, could you please provide us with the names and e-mail addresses of other instructors you know who are currently using, or have used, Second Life as an educational tool? We greatly appreciate your help with this valuable research. Please send your reply to Jeff Neely at jcneely@ufl.edu. You can also contact my avatar, Jeffr
[15:37] Victor Ellsworth: Mike McPherson, Office of the VP/CIO, University of Virginia
[15:37] NicoleMarie Finesmith: I am Nicole Smith, web coordinator at the Colorado Association of CPAs.
[15:37] Carrilin Heliosense: Carri Manchester, Director of Education, Olana State Historic Site, Hudson, NY
[15:37] Zil Lutrova: Hi All, I teach graphic design at santa barbara city college inCA. and will be bringing a class into SL in the fall.
[15:37] Learnus Maximus: I am Chris Baker, High School science, just acquired an island on the TG
[15:37] Philled Graves: Philled Graves, Director College Technical Services, Ventura College
[15:37] Robin Mochi: I’m Robin, Reference & Distance Services Librarian from a small private liberal arts univ. in Portland, OR, US
[15:37] Mercury Barnes: Good luck Zil.
[15:37] Kavon Zenovka: Kae at Front Range Community College
[15:37] Ellie Brewster: Sharon Collingwood, Women’s Studies at Ohio State Univ
[15:38] AJ Brooks: sorry – someone was at my door. how odd –
[15:38] Zil Lutrova: TY Mercury…I think i’ll need it:-)
[15:38] Chester Reichmann: Hi Everyone. I’m a professor of Speech Communication at Louisiana Tech University.
[15:38] Hawc Decosta: Doug Brown, adjunct Criminal Justice instructor for the Kaplan University online Bachelors in CJ program.
[15:38] Fiona Wobbit: Susannah Reiser, InsSusannah Reiser instructional designer comm college tucson az
[15:38] Austen Scanlan: Hi: I do online promotion. Write on technology and am a Technology Moderator For Fast Company Dot Com.
[15:38] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: Bjorn Littlefield-Palmer, Institute for Multimedia Literacy, USC
[15:38] AJ Brooks: has everyone introduced them self
[15:38] Derrik Beck: Tom Ward, Psychology, University of Alabama
[15:38] Movies1963 Beck: I’m Todd MacIsaac I do live rl educational interactive TV broadcast for grades 1-20
[15:38] Azwaldo Villota is formerly a science instructor, and currently a content developer in SL
[15:38] Philled Graves: sorry… Rick Shaw, Ventura College – neglected to add my rl name
[15:39] AJ Brooks: wow – some new folks. some regulars. nice. tonight is an open forum, but before we get into that there are a few announcements
[15:39] Dimittri Vella: John Cabra ,Creative Studies, Buffalo State College
[15:39] AJ Brooks: please join the group that was started for this – by the request of some members. the group is called SL EDUCATION ROUNDTABLE
[15:39] Fim Fischer: Hi everyone
[15:39] Birdie Newcomb: Birdie Newborn Beach College
[15:39] AJ Brooks: after the meeting, you can IM me for an invite if you want – just don’t do it now _ i won’t be able to. hey birdie
[15:40] Derrik Beck: need to figure out what to leave to join
[15:40] AJ Brooks: if anyone is in the NJ area, there is a conference on Monday – it is free
[15:40] Birdie Newcomb: Helloo, can’t stay too long
[15:40] AJ Brooks: RL only
[15:40] Derrik Beck: unless somebody knows how to beat the 25 limit
[15:40] AJ Brooks: IM me later for the URL
[15:40] Birdie Newcomb: Where’s the empty chair?
[15:40] Derrik Beck: ah..gotcha
[15:40] AJ Brooks: belonging to the group is not a requirement. some folks wanted it to get announcements
[15:41] Fim Fischer points to his right
[15:41] AJ Brooks: and for community. but its not required….yet….lol. jk. this island is a project in progress. we are going to be giving away parcels to those in education. however, my school faculty get first dibs. they have until Monday to pick. after that, and until July 7, the rest of MSU faculty will get their choices. after that – it will be open. if you are interested, AFTER THE MEETING, ask me for a notecard. that pretty much does announcements – so lets get to it
[15:43] Zil Lutrova: AJ, are there a lot of faculty interested in SL?
[15:43] AJ Brooks: it is a small number at the moment, but growing. it is supported by two of the colleges. mine – Humanities and Social Sciences. and also – Education and Human Services. but there is interest across campus. folks are taking a wait and see approach. many scoff. but many are open. So – anyone have a burning issue they’d like to start us off with? Willie Randolph got fired πŸ™‚
[15:44] Zil Lutrova: who’s willie?
[15:44] Ellie Brewster: Hello Birdie my dear
[15:44] AJ Brooks: hello – is this thing on [thunk thunk[] is this thing on?
[15:45] AJ Brooks: πŸ™‚ Willie Randolph was the manager of the Mets.
[15:45] Schmilsson Nilsson is Online
[15:45] Zil Lutrova: OH…
[15:45] Penelope Drucker: has this group talked about the culture of SL?
[15:45] AJ Brooks: explain
[15:45] Penelope Drucker: well, we all bring our own regional and world differences. cultures. manners. mores. but then this world has its own too
[15:46] Learnus Maximus: afk
[15:46] Penelope Drucker: I am only 6 weeks lod. old
[15:46] AJ Brooks: indeed
[15:46] Learnus Maximus: /afk
[15:46] AJ Brooks: SIX WEEKS!
[15:46] Penelope Drucker: and it is sometimes difficult to communicate and understand
[15:46] AJ Brooks: you’re a pup πŸ™‚
[15:46] Philled Graves: welcome
[15:46] Penelope Drucker: the communication vehicle here. uh. sucks. sorta. sorry
[15:47] AJ Brooks: texing based o rhte voice or both
[15:47] Penelope Drucker: both. I love voice
[15:47] AJ Brooks: ok
[15:47] Penelope Drucker: but it often warbles
[15:47] Learnus Maximus: sorry…gotta go…in additional to being a teacher, i am also a paramedic…have a call….
[15:47] Mercury Barnes: And that’s an issue because students coming in want to feel “welcome,” instructors too, but they quickly realize it takes a while to fit in.
[15:47] Penelope Drucker: or is staticy. and just now
[15:47] Zil Lutrova: So Penelope, do u think the culture in SL is really different from RL?
[15:47] Penelope Drucker: I am nervous that I am not typing fast enough. or accurately enough
[15:47] AJ Brooks: nobody in sl worries about accuracy. I always joke – everyone speak Typonese fluently
[15:48] Penelope Drucker: and trying to carry on more than one conversation at a time seems rude to me
[15:48] Philled Graves: most of us follow typoneese
[15:48] AJ Brooks: πŸ™‚
[15:48] Hawc Decosta: And typos don’t count!
[15:48] Penelope Drucker: but it is the way of the kids
[15:48] AJ Brooks: Penelope, you bring up an interesting topic. thank you
[15:48] Mercury Barnes: I mispelled typo as type the other day…:)
[15:48] AJ Brooks: lol
[15:48] Penelope Drucker: well, tis place has made me realize why kids write the way they do
[15:48] Derrik Beck: i kant tipe
[15:48] Penelope Drucker: I teach writing
[15:48] Zil Lutrova: Has anyone had a problem in a classroom setting with using typing to communicate?
[15:48] Penelope Drucker: me either
[15:49] AJ Brooks: so you get stressed a bit by some of the klunkyness and idiosynchroncies
[15:49] Chester Reichmann: Penelope, it seems like the adjustment to norms and culture shock experience of SL seems to mirror RL and thus opens up a nice conversation about culture itself for students.
[15:49] Mercury Barnes: Typing is a subtly different communications channel for the brain, and the culture.
[15:49] Elani Matova: Zil, I have in that by the time I can respond to a students question, it seems they’ve changed the subject
[15:49] AJ Brooks: typing makes us think harder – or more – or at all, for some
[15:49] Victor Ellsworth: I wonder if activities that don’t stress voice/text communications might be the most easily adapted to in SL?
[15:49] Penelope Drucker: like what? oh I see. well I hope to do historical sims someday. for my history classes
[15:49] AJ Brooks: excellent
[15:50] Hawc Decosta: I teach live chat typed seminars in online in RL, I use a very detailed script.
[15:50] Zil Lutrova: Elani, have u found a way to make it easier?
[15:50] Victor Ellsworth: Being tightly scripted might keep things from flying out of control.
[15:50] AJ Brooks: how many people here have ever taught a class here in SL – say YES
[15:50] Elani Matova: Just pausing and letting the students answer first πŸ™‚
[15:50] Victor Ellsworth: Doesn’t get at the full potential, though.
[15:50] AJ Brooks: YES
[15:50] Ellie Brewster: yes
[15:50] Elani Matova: I have
[15:50] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: I’ve had students communicate more honestly through typing and have been less shy in general when communicating through a virtual world.
[15:50] Mercury Barnes: Makes it less tedious as reading is faster than typing — can double the information density of a lecture.
[15:50] Hawc Decosta: That and have students as questions with ??? to make sure I see it.
[15:51] Mercury Barnes: Voice with text-channel questions is very effective here.
[15:51] Penelope Drucker: it is not just the typing itself- it is the manners or non manners that seem to go with it
[15:51] AJ Brooks: being too scripted me, for me, means the class loses some of its spontaneity. Don’t get me wrong, I script when I’m just delivering information – but I can do that in RL also
[15:51] Mercury Barnes: Works with voice and music.
[15:51] AJ Brooks: through ab log, wiki,lms
[15:52] Penelope Drucker: I am mostly interested in learning how I will help my students cope in VW – it will be their life one day
[15:52] AJ Brooks: Penelope, some things develop to compensate for things that are taken for granted in RL and can’t be in SL. like visual cues, I guess
[15:52] Mercury Barnes: Just be here — you’ll see the issues, ponder them, and sometimes, find answers.
[15:52] Penelope Drucker: right
[15:52] Elani Matova: when I’ve tried using voice, I found students went right back to text
[15:52] Penelope Drucker: that is what is missing bigtime here
[15:52] AJ Brooks: wow – mercury and I agree
[15:52] Penelope Drucker: I have been lied to more times here
[15:52] AJ Brooks: oh my god, whats wrong with me???????
[15:52] Elani Matova: they didn’t seem comfortable with voice, because of the pauses
[15:53] Penelope Drucker: and I cannot figure that out as easlity
[15:53] Kavon Zenovka: you can type over someone with text; you have to wait your turn with voice
[15:53] Elani Matova: right kavon
[15:53] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: I feel that VW’s are already most of these students lives. One student only showed up for class (WoW player) because the class was on VW’s.
[15:53] Mercury Barnes: The anonymity aspect can lead to stress as well — something to watch out for.
[15:53] Penelope Drucker: exactly
[15:53] Elani Matova: students found it too frustrating
[15:53] AJ Brooks: lied to? about what? what on earth would people have to lie about?
[15:53] Mercury Barnes: Lots of “real world” information hiding going on the pure social areas of SL — it’s part of the attraction.
[15:54] Ellie Brewster: I agree, students are less shy in SL
[15:54] Hawc Decosta: I am developing some online classes with SL elements, I’m planning to give students a month to get assimilated before asking them to show up to an SL seminar.
[15:54] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: I’ve always found voice frustrating. Plus with text I can go back an reread the discussion and save links.
[15:54] Penelope Drucker: I know the kids will adapt easily
[15:54] AJ Brooks: the shy students are less shy in SL. they have time to think
[15:54] Mercury Barnes: And more adventurous — can lead to some very interesting discussions.
[15:54] Kavon Zenovka: I found something in the literature – not my field but it’s “Online disinhibition effect” John Suler
[15:54] Penelope Drucker: but I still fear they will be lied to and taken advantage of
[15:54] Ellie Brewster: Group activities help students gain confidence
[15:54] Chester Reichmann: As opposed to RL
[15:54] AJ Brooks: Penelope – lied to about what?
[15:54] Chester Reichmann: ???
[15:54] Elani Matova: I taught a three week intensive course last month in SL
[15:54] AJ Brooks: and how is that different than RL
[15:54] Mercury Barnes: No, the major stress will them “not being themselves” — this is stressful.
[15:55] Penelope Drucker: sorry
[15:55] Elani Matova: Students only needed a week to get up to speed
[15:55] Hawc Decosta: Wikipedia?
[15:55] Penelope Drucker: lost the text there. lord
[15:55] Elani Matova: We met in-world twice the first week
[15:55] Penelope Drucker: those are long stories
[15:55] Elani Matova: None of them had been inworld before
[15:55] Penelope Drucker: but basically about who people are and what they want and I don’t hang out a the sex places
[15:55] Elani Matova: I didn’t lose any students
[15:55] Penelope Drucker: I mostly hang with educators
[15:55] Mercury Barnes: Here you can be a girl, when you’re a boy, a Lesbian, when in RL you’re straight — it’s freedom to test, but it leads to stress.
[15:55] Elani Matova: and they are still in-world
[15:56] Penelope Drucker: I do not know who to trust
[15:56] Hawc Decosta: What kind of students, tech/computer classes, or humanities/social sciences?
[15:56] Penelope Drucker: but I am an adult
[15:56] AJ Brooks: around 10% of SL is Education. thats out market – more of less
[15:56] Morgen Bookmite: Interesting, Elani. Did you offer any recommended sites for their acclimatization period?
[15:56] Penelope Drucker: I know how to check things our. out
[15:56] Mercury Barnes: There are ways to deal with the stress — primst is having a strong group of friends where you’re “the real you.” This definitely should be cultivated.
[15:56] AJ Brooks: so the other 90% are here for a variety of reasons – many of them to “play” and that includes role play
[15:56] Elani Matova: Yes, I took them on field trips the second day
[15:56] Penelope Drucker: I am always the real me. except I don’t usually dress like this
[15:57] Elani Matova: They had so much fun, they stayed in-world after class and helped each other
[15:57] Penelope Drucker: but I get tired of seeing all the hooker outfits around
[15:57] Morgen Bookmite: Now, that sounds fun.
[15:57] Elani Matova: they also got help from lots of people inworld
[15:57] Mercury Barnes: Role play is easy — everyone knows, including the student, they’re RPing — it’s mostly “non-stressy.”
[15:57] Penelope Drucker: I am a history teacher so I figured why not dress historical?
[15:57] Derrik Beck wonders how he missed them
[15:57] Greyce Congrejo: lol….hootchie mamas
[15:57] Morgen Bookmite: I’m an English professor. I dress like a hooker.
[15:57] Zil Lutrova: I think we worry too much about putting stress on our students.
[15:57] Victor Ellsworth: I worry more about getting instructors engaged than aclimatizing students. Do any of you provide “operators” so instructors can focus on the teaching instead of the technology?
[15:57] AJ Brooks: where do you go that you see hooker dresses everyplace?
[15:58] Zil Lutrova: That’s what life is….stress u have to deal with.
[15:58] Mercury Barnes: It’s when they follow their deeper desires that the stress shows up — it can be recognized, and it can be managed.
[15:58] Penelope Drucker: almost everywhere
[15:58] Derrik Beck pulls out notebook and pen
[15:58] Elani Matova: I do think most feamiles in world look like Barbies
[15:58] Mercury Barnes: Agreed…:)
[15:58] Penelope Drucker: dont tell me you havent noticed
[15:58] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: I feel the word ‘hooker’ especially when describing ones chosen identity is problematic.
[15:58] AJ Brooks: well – we go to different places – maybe you need to share with me. πŸ™‚
[15:58] Kavon Zenovka: I get embedded in classes for the duration of the SL part.
[15:58] Penelope Drucker: this is the most conservative group I go to. that is not the problem
[15:58] Hawc Decosta: Penelope, your students in K-12 will only be allowed officially in Teen Grid, and you are going to need to get approved to teach there, and everybody is vetted.
[15:58] Penelope Drucker: that is the point
[15:58] Greyce Congrejo: And the most intelligent
[15:58] Penelope Drucker: I am not going to sex places
[15:58] Mercury Barnes: But here, with it so new, it is an issue “that needs to be recognized and dealt with” ((or at least recognized)).
[15:59] Penelope Drucker: I live in Iowa here for crying out loud
[15:59] NicoleMarie Finesmith: AJ, every other person in SL is dressed pretty risque!
[15:59] Penelope Drucker: and I hang with educators or those I meet – like mechants or whatever
[15:59] Greyce Congrejo: I see this as an opportunity for exponential collrgial conversations
[15:59] Zil Lutrova: So are the TV shows !
[15:59] Penelope Drucker: thank you Nicole
[15:59] Derrik Beck: where Nicole?
[15:59] Greyce Congrejo: *collegial
[15:59] AJ Brooks: i see some of it – but to be honest, not really – but I don’t go to the mainland very much
[15:59] Philled Graves: Iowa, and you haven’t washed away?
[15:59] Mercury Barnes: You’re not, but you’re students might, and you might have an Alt that does (which is something I recommend after about six months when you can handle the tech of this place).
[15:59] Penelope Drucker: nope
[15:59] Fiona Wobbit: If you go to an Arizona university in the hot weather, you’ll see some very risque dress too.
[15:59] NicoleMarie Finesmith: go to any shopping area for example
[16:00] AJ Brooks: lol
[16:00] Mercury Barnes: Is this our topic AJ?
[16:00] AJ Brooks: why would I go shopping? its an open forum. anything goes
[16:00] Chester Reichmann laughs at Fiona’s comment
[16:00] Mercury Barnes: k…:)
[16:00] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: Is it risque or just practical?
[16:00] Greyce Congrejo: lol…sharp dressed man AJ
[16:00] Elani Matova: I agree with that, but I think I see more stilletos here:-)
[16:00] AJ Brooks: ok – one store
[16:00] Kavon Zenovka: When I window shop now, I say to myself I can’t wear that, but my avatar can.
[16:00] AJ Brooks: and someone had to drag me
[16:00] Penelope Drucker: I had to look really hard to find anything modest
[16:00] NicoleMarie Finesmith: practical would be staying in the default outfit SL gives you
[16:00] Penelope Drucker: then I came up with the idea to go costume
[16:01] Zil Lutrova: I believe ELVEN is the group that has classes on how to deal with this topic.
[16:01] AJ Brooks: i’ve heard other woman say that too – someone should make those clothes, they’d have a lot of buyers
[16:01] Penelope Drucker: and the detail and work that went into this outfit is amazing
[16:01] Mercury Barnes: Wife was pissed she couldn’t get red shoes that fit, so she came in here, and bought a pair…:)
[16:01] Morgen Bookmite: Elani….you said all the students are still inworld. Do you know if any are continuing in SL classes?
[16:01] Elani Matova: I too wanted to find a dress that wasn’t cut low and it was difficult
[16:01] Fiona Wobbit: platforms with short shorts and a teeny tank? practical?
[16:01] Penelope Drucker: I want my kids to be able to do that
[16:01] Hawc Decosta: There are two different issues of teaching K-12 students in SL and teaching 18+ in college in SL.
[16:01] AJ Brooks: in fact, I believe I’ve seen them – so why don’t people buy those instead?
[16:01] Greyce Congrejo: lol…I know a place with lots of teacher clothes……..
[16:01] Penelope Drucker: give me that LM pls
[16:01] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: I’ve always been baffled at how many avatars are still humanoid in shape.
[16:01] Morgen Bookmite: And did you ask for a class evaluation? I’d be curious to know what the students found most compelling.
[16:01] Penelope Drucker: and I am no prude. that is not the problem
[16:01] Elani Matova: I hope to be offering another SL class in the fall. There aren’t available at our school right now. I was the first
[16:01] Penelope Drucker: but that is my point. people don’t seem to pay attention to what is appropriate here
[16:02] Zil Lutrova: Elani,…
[16:02] Penelope Drucker: as in RL
[16:02] AJ Brooks: appropriate to whom?
[16:02] Palani Allen: Hawc, what is the issue for k12+?
[16:02] AJ Brooks: who is making the rules here?
[16:02] Greyce Congrejo: Some do
[16:02] Penelope Drucker: thanks Hawc
[16:02] Zil Lutrova: was this a face2face class you taught in SL?
[16:02] Fiona Wobbit: Maybe you mean what is distracting.
[16:02] Derrik Beck: but there are PG and “Mature” sims
[16:02] Mercury Barnes: Humanoid is actually harder to manage than something non-human (according to the research) — human avatars kind of force you to be a person, with all that goes with it.
[16:02] Derrik Beck: here is PG
[16:02] Elani Matova: The students posted their travels and interviews in our group in flickr, and they are still posting even though the class is over
[16:02] Penelope Drucker: but you can wear anything you want anywhere
[16:03] Derrik Beck: not many “distractions”
[16:03] Philled Graves: butwhat’s more distracting, barbie/ken… or a humanoid furry?
[16:03] Elani Matova: Zil, no it was online
[16:03] Philled Graves: or a transformer
[16:03] Hawc Decosta: Compliments of my wife, CeArie Decosta.
[16:03] Zil Lutrova: Elani,
[16:03] Mercury Barnes: There is a “sorting” of looks, just like RL — hang around long enough and you’ll see it.
[16:03] Zil Lutrova: how often did u meet with them in SL?
[16:03] Greyce Congrejo: A mature individual transcends the avi
[16:03] Elani Matova: twice a week
[16:03] Fiona Wobbit: I tend to get used to those little distractions. It’s becoming normal.
[16:03] AJ Brooks: why would it be distracting, any of it – we’re here to care about what they think, not what they look like – in fact, opening up options for what they can look like probably opens their mind some
[16:04] Greyce Congrejo: Exactly my point AJ
[16:04] Zil Lutrova: ELani, do most of the students attend regularly…and it is required that they attend 2x?
[16:04] Mercury Barnes: So true Greyce — one typed comment, one spoken sentence, and the AV can be ignored in many cases.
[16:04] Philled Graves: that’s exactly my point AJ and Greyce… it should transcend appearance
[16:04] AJ Brooks: the other problem becomes – only 28% of us are from the US. the rest are from the rest of the world. so whose standards are we going to use
[16:04] Penelope Drucker: that is right.
[16:04] Greyce Congrejo: Yes…..discourse overrides appearance
[16:04] AJ Brooks: every time!
[16:05] Philled Graves: or should!
[16:05] Penelope Drucker: I am just trying to get a handle on the culture
[16:05] Zotarah Shepherd: Outfits with very low necklines, skirts that are too short, midriffs that look more like bikinis gathers and darts that emphasize shape all have too many “Bimbo Points” to be appropriate for a classroom or a PG sim, but you see them anyway in SL.
[16:05] Penelope Drucker: not define it
[16:05] Elani Matova: Zil, they were required to meet twice , yes. I did have to offer one make-up session
[16:05] Bisbee Writer: has anyone tried to bring a class in SL, but some of your students were only 17?
[16:05] Mercury Barnes: You do have to have a venue, though, for the discussion to occur in, otherwise it’s just “noise.” — Social contexts apply, even for “stranger to stranger” encounters.
[16:05] Greyce Congrejo: Don’t you see inappropriate dress on college campuses as well?
[16:05] Dimittri Vella: I understand that Google is beta testing a metaverse at the U. of Arizona. I heard Apple may create one as well.
[16:05] Elani Matova: Sorry, twice a week
[16:05] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: Our Avatars represent us in such powerful ways. I am wondering if there are genderless avatars? Linden still makes you select male/female despite being based in San Francisco!
[16:05] AJ Brooks: Z – I see 13 y/os wearing that today
[16:05] Hawc Decosta: Kaplan University is going make all students wear Kaplan T-shirt to save prims on the islands, but any appropriate Avatar appearance will be acceptable.
[16:05] AJ Brooks: Bisbee – I had that happen – last fall
[16:06] Dimittri Vella: I get concered that if I wirk hard to understand Sl, will my college switch.
[16:06] Bisbee Writer: what did you do?
[16:06] Mercury Barnes: Furry’s are often genderless.
[16:06] Penelope Drucker: I am not talking about young people – I am talking about adults here living out their fantasies – even though they may come here to work in the first place
[16:06] AJ Brooks: SL information is foundational
[16:06] Elani Matova: Zil, sorry: yes, they were required to meet me in-world twice a week from 7-8
[16:06] AJ Brooks: everything will be based on what we are doing here now. think scaffolding knowledge
[16:06] Derrik Beck: good point AJ
[16:06] Bisbee Writer: but how did you handle the under 18 student?
[16:06] Zil Lutrova: Elani, how many students were in the class?
[16:07] Bisbee Writer: aren’t they not allowed on the main grid?
[16:07] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: Will these other metaverses connect with SL?
[16:07] AJ Brooks: thats another topic – I’d like to stay with the culture of appearance if we can. folks will get diverged if we splt
[16:07] Bisbee Writer: ok
[16:07] Dimittri Vella: I do not know. That is my concern
[16:07] AJ Brooks: I can go over that with you shortly
[16:07] Zotarah Shepherd: Only 18 and older are allowed on the main grid.
[16:07] AJ Brooks: the culture of appearance
[16:07] Fim Fischer: bye everyone!
[16:07] Zotarah Shepherd: allowed
[16:07] Greyce Congrejo: A dress code for SL?
[16:07] AJ Brooks: sound like a good paper
[16:07] Hawc Decosta: Is school uniforms the way to go?
[16:07] AJ Brooks: or presentation. DRESS CODE
[16:07] Greyce Congrejo: We’re contemplating that at my high school
[16:07] AJ Brooks ushers Greyce out of the place
[16:08] Zotarah Shepherd: A dress code for PG and educational sims would not be a bad idea
[16:08] Greyce Congrejo: rotfl
[16:08] AJ Brooks: i think it stinks!!!
[16:08] Zil Lutrova: I feel students should have the freedom to dress as they wish…within reason.
[16:08] AJ Brooks: πŸ™‚ sorry Z
[16:08] Philled Graves: i would agree
[16:08] Derrik Beck: what kind of code?
[16:08] Elani Matova: Zil, there were 9 students in the class
[16:08] Fiona Wobbit: I agree.
[16:08] Zil Lutrova: It helps with creativity.
[16:08] Penelope Drucker: to me this isn’t about control
[16:08] Bisbee Writer: dress code, ugh
[16:08] Mercury Barnes: I’ve almost thought that “School AV” is the way to go for teach Hawc. This will allow a clean separation between their School AV, and whatever they’ve chosen for an Alt.
[16:08] Penelope Drucker: it is about teaching our children how to cop[e
[16:08] Greyce Congrejo: I do too…I’m a flaming liberal lol
[16:08] Penelope Drucker: and evaluate
[16:08] Derrik Beck: agreed Zil
[16:08] AJ Brooks: we might as well just tell them what to think
[16:08] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: Also appreance as optimization. I was reading the post on lag. Much like the 2D web follows standards to keep sites running smoothly.
[16:08] Fiona Wobbit: I think students should be allowed to express themselves.
[16:08] Philled Graves: purpose of higher education and a wholistic approach to education includes choices
[16:08] Penelope Drucker: and decide for themselves
[16:08] Bisbee Writer: they should al least wear clothes though… πŸ˜‰
[16:08] Philled Graves: and allowing student to express themselves
[16:09] AJ Brooks: I had a student come in as a zebra
[16:09] Chester Reichmann: lol
[16:09] AJ Brooks: what clothing was I going to tell him to wear. true story
[16:09] Zil Lutrova: Many students come to RL class in” inappropriate” attire.
[16:09] Philled Graves: did you ask him / her where she got the avi?
[16:09] AJ Brooks: he was a zebra the whole class
[16:09] Bisbee Writer: well, animals are ok!
[16:09] AJ Brooks: it was a freebie from Wrehouse
[16:09] Bisbee Writer: I don’t dress my dogs lol
[16:09] Mercury Barnes: It takes months to realize the choices you’ve made could be wrong Penelope — do you want their collars “forcing them” to TP to a SIM during a final?
[16:09] Philled Graves: why animals and not barbie?
[16:09] Penelope Drucker: may I have a moment?
[16:09] Hawc Decosta: But we are talking about acceptable student conduct, whether we are talking about f2f RL, online RL, or in SL.
[16:09] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: I think students should wear whatever they want. And that expression should be open for discussion by the group.
[16:09] Greyce Congrejo: Perhaps the bottom line is the distraction to the educational process
[16:09] Penelope Drucker: the point is to TEACH them
[16:10] AJ Brooks: Penelope – you can try – its hard to do with a group this size
[16:10] Philled Graves: and they should be grown up enough to focus past that
[16:10] Greyce Congrejo: Most students don’t even notice, whereas we do
[16:10] Movies1963 Beck: one of the main points of second life is to be able to make it what you want it to be……with that said don’t inhibit your students creativity, let them dress or appear has they want to so long has it’s not adult rated ofcourse,if you let them express themselves they’ll embrace the learning they came in here for….don’t kill creativity
[16:10] Penelope Drucker: how to get along in this new culture
[16:10] Derrik Beck: that has been the RL standard Greyce
[16:10] Hawc Decosta: Jump right in Penelope, that’s the beauty of typed chat.
[16:10] Morgen Bookmite: Do you think that clothes are distracting?
[16:10] Derrik Beck: makes sense
[16:10] AJ Brooks: can you really teach someone how to get along in a culture, tho?
[16:10] Hawc Decosta: ..beauty..
[16:10] Mercury Barnes: That’s why I like the idea of separate AV’s Hawc — the wild ones can express themselves as an Alt that won’t get them, or the school, in trouble.
[16:10] Morgen Bookmite: To me, distraction is more related to behavior and words than to appearance.
[16:10] Fiona Wobbit: I think it’s less of a distraction and more of a novelty. the newness wears off and one becomes accustomed to the surroundings/people.
[16:10] Zil Lutrova: Elani…9 is great…i will have about 35 in my online class.:-(
[16:10] Greyce Congrejo: That’s why I have an alt lol
[16:10] Mercury Barnes: Much of what happened with Woodbury was kids realizing the reality of the place without controls.
[16:10] Philled Graves: i keep two, one for my inworld business activities and one for my professional rl activities
[16:11] Elani Matova: Zil, Wow! That should be fun! Zil, are you concerned about lag
[16:11] Morgen Bookmite: A modestly dressed student who is verbally disruptive (or textually in this case) would be more problematic for me than a topless male/female.
[16:11] AJ Brooks: What happened at Woodbury was adults refusing to take action
[16:11] Greyce Congrejo: Exactly!!!
[16:11] Zil Lutrova: Elani…it’ll be interesting if they all decide to participate!
[16:11] AJ Brooks: gosh. I bet more than 1/2 of the people here don’t remember woodbury
[16:11] Philled Graves waves his hand
[16:11] Mercury Barnes: An alt can help solve the “identity issue, access issues,” etc., and let’s the students decide if they like SL independently of the school.
[16:11] Philled Graves: i do
[16:12] Philled Graves: yeppers
[16:12] AJ Brooks: YES
[16:12] Carrilin Heliosense: no
[16:12] Victor Ellsworth: yes
[16:12] Mercury Barnes: yes
[16:12] Greyce Congrejo: yes
[16:12] Derrik Beck looks down, shuffles feet
[16:12] Philled Graves: AJ.. brief recap
[16:12] Morgen Bookmite: no
[16:12] Zil Lutrova: NO me…what happened?
[16:12] Chester Reichmann: NO
[16:12] Mercury Barnes: do it AJ
[16:12] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: no.
[16:12] Fiona Wobbit: NO
[16:12] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: link?
[16:12] AJ Brooks: Sure, Phil, go ahead
[16:12] Philled Graves: that was a request
[16:12] AJ Brooks: πŸ™‚ ack. ok
[16:12] Hawc Decosta: I have gotten more participation from online students than f2f students sometimes, partly due to the anonymity factor.
[16:12] AJ Brooks: readers digest
[16:13] Mercury Barnes: It’s been long enough I’d have to google to speak “professionally.”
[16:13] AJ Brooks: these grieferes were hiding out and using a .edu sim for staging attacks around the grid. those who were in charge of the sim did nothing about it. after MANY requests. so LL finally closed down the sim
[16:13] Mercury Barnes: coming back to me…:)
[16:13] AJ Brooks: it was a BIG too-doo. but when the facts came out
[16:13] Mercury Barnes: Yes, they wiped it.
[16:14] Carrilin Heliosense: what kind of attacks?
[16:14] AJ Brooks: it was clear LL did what they had to do, and with good measure. the griefers were out of control
[16:14] Mercury Barnes: But, it was huge public relations negative for Woodbudy…:(
[16:14] AJ Brooks: operating openly. yes. but they should have handled it better. they could have prevented the entire thing
[16:14] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: ah… yesss… I remember that was big concern when we were first purchasing an island… How could we keep all of our work from being deleted in case of a misunderstanding..
[16:14] AJ Brooks: hindsight is always 2020
[16:14] Mercury Barnes: Agreed, both LL and Woodbury could have done better.
[16:15] Philled Graves: but their augment was based upon philosophical stance of academic freedom as i recall
[16:15] AJ Brooks: it was NOT a misunderstanding. yes, and yes
[16:15] Greyce Congrejo: benign neglect?
[16:15] Philled Graves: agreed
[16:15] AJ Brooks: but LL made a business decision in the end. and in the end, they are a business
[16:15] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: I was saying in case WE had a misunderstanding. For them I see why that happened.
[16:15] Mercury Barnes: Less a business decision, more a decision for the collective good.
[16:15] Philled Graves: comes down to the argument i have with my 11y/o… someone has to be the grown up here
[16:15] AJ Brooks: lol – right
[16:16] Dimittri Vella: how could they have done better? I am curious.
[16:16] Austen Scanlan: Yeah, Baby!
[16:16] Derrik Beck: ok..so AJ… does that argue for dress codes and such and strict enforcement?
[16:16] AJ Brooks: no
[16:16] Philled Graves: not at all
[16:16] AJ Brooks: those don’t violate the ToS. Griefing does. wearing a scanty outfit does not harm anyone
[16:16] Mercury Barnes: Not sure Dimittri — trying to get “good press” out is harder than “incident press.”
[16:16] Penelope Drucker: yes it does
[16:16] AJ Brooks: crashing a server in the middle of an event, that does do harm
[16:16] Derrik Beck: agreed
[16:16] Greyce Congrejo: perhaps each instructor should set the parameters at the first meeting?
[16:17] Philled Graves: well… nudity on a PG sim does violate ToS
[16:17] AJ Brooks: absolutely
[16:17] Kavon Zenovka: Do you have dress codes at your RL schools?
[16:17] AJ Brooks: its like parenting – to some extent
[16:17] Greyce Congrejo: We do…
[16:17] Dimittri Vella: I agree with the parameters
[16:17] Hawc Decosta: But doesn’
[16:17] AJ Brooks: if the students should be expected to dress a certain way – tell them to
[16:17] Mercury Barnes: There needs to be “an old hand” around the SIM.
[16:17] AJ Brooks: if that is what YOU want
[16:17] Greyce Congrejo: Make the expectations clear
[16:17] AJ Brooks: but I don’t want to see any rule set made up for all of us. frankly – I don’t care how my students loo, I just want them to think
[16:17] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: no. Even Staff/Faculty do not have dress codes. It’s Amazing.
[16:17] Mercury Barnes: That’s why you want an old hand.
[16:17] Hawc Decosta: t the educational institution already have a student code of conduct?
[16:17] Greyce Congrejo: no, we should empower each instructor
[16:17] Dimittri Vella: From an HR perspective, can certain attire offend ?
[16:18] Kavon Zenovka: ure.
[16:18] AJ Brooks: in who’s country, Dimitri?
[16:18] Kavon Zenovka: sure.
[16:18] Philled Graves: sure… but does that HR perspecitive extend to the classroom and student conduct?
[16:18] Mercury Barnes: Yes Dimittri — if they show up with 8 foot wavy penii.
[16:18] Derrik Beck: yes,,,Dimittri, but what attire?
[16:18] Penelope Drucker: I want young women to consider how they present themselves – make good decisions -not be told what to do,, try to help them understand the why of the thing and what they are setting themselves up for in a sim
[16:18] Kavon Zenovka: or have something written across a t-shirt
[16:18] AJ Brooks: offensive in the US may not be offensive in parts of Europe
[16:18] Dimittri Vella: That is a great question especially when working with distance students.
[16:18] Greyce Congrejo: We also should stress that we are preparing them for the world of work
[16:18] Philled Graves: then that needs to be part of your instructional content, and not a prereq for participation
[16:18] Penelope Drucker: I met a reasonably respectable guy- I checked out what he does
[16:18] Greyce Congrejo: Stress
[16:18] AJ Brooks: YES
[16:19] Hawc Decosta: Penelope, how old are your students?
[16:19] Penelope Drucker: and then found out he uses his camera to look under womens skirts
[16:19] AJ Brooks: state laws versus federal laws
[16:19] Palani Allen: Is the expression of “whatever is on the internet” applies to SL?
[16:19] Penelope Drucker: and he thinks that isokay
[16:19] Dimittri Vella: If I teach in the U.S. would my college’s rules of conduct prevail
[16:19] Penelope Drucker: because this is his fantasy world. 14
[16:19] Mercury Barnes: Looks are apt to be less of an issue than conduct, and if they’re aren’t pose balls around, conduct isn’t that big of an issue — then it’s voice/chat — and this takes someone who can “cool” a dicey situation.
[16:19] Elani Matova: Pene, are you talking about RL or SL
[16:19] Penelope Drucker: sl
[16:19] Mercury Barnes: and rl
[16:19] Austen Scanlan: Excuse me everyone. I have to return to RL. πŸ™‚
[16:19] AJ Brooks: Dimitri – I’m not sure there is a cut and dry answer to that. bye austen
[16:20] Philled Graves: have a good oen Susten
[16:20] AJ Brooks: thanks for coming
[16:20] Philled Graves: Austen
[16:20] AJ Brooks: before more leave
[16:20] Greyce Congrejo: each situation is different
[16:20] Penelope Drucker: yes. that is my pointg. we need to teach the kids how to survive and protect themselves in this culture
[16:20] Mercury Barnes: Yes, a couple of “instructors” hanging around can easily cool a dicey situation.
[16:20] AJ Brooks: I want to thank you all for a great conversation – and its still ongoing. we are here every tuesday at this same time – sometimes we have topic present, sometimes its open like this
[16:20] Penelope Drucker: not give them rigid rules
[16:20] Greyce Congrejo: somewhat akin to situational ethics
[16:20] Dimittri Vella: I know. But what precautions do I take so that I do not create problems with my school’s PR
[16:20] AJ Brooks: i’m not going anywhere – so please do stick around if you can
[16:20] Philled Graves: couldn’t that be an opportunity for one – to – one mentoring off line, or out of class rather than a class room requirement
[16:21] Fiona Wobbit: thank you! bye
[16:21] Dimittri Vella: That is, a student decides to grive.
[16:21] Greyce Congrejo: we need to assess each scenario and make the best choice
[16:21] Hawc Decosta: If you want to continue to get a pay check, you and your students need to abide by the school’s rules of conduct, RL, ONline RL, or in SL.
[16:21] Mercury Barnes: No good answer yet Dimittri — but I’m not sure there’s one for RL either.
[16:21] AJ Brooks: find out what they would consider problems and don’t do tha
[16:21] Dimittri Vella: I agree Hawc
[16:21] AJ Brooks: academic freedom, Hawc
[16:21] Elani Matova: I was giving a presentation to a f2f class one day. We were at the Sistine Chapel. I was trying to show them the ceiling and I accidently went under my own skirt. I laughed and so did the students.
[16:21] Zil Lutrova: TY…bye everyone:-)
[16:21] Greyce Congrejo: as well as conforming to the parameters set by your board of ed/regents
[16:21] AJ Brooks: as long as its not breaking the law – its hard to enforce that
[16:21] Derrik Beck: bye Zil
[16:22] Morgen Bookmite: Dimitri…if you are concerned about your school’s PR, then perhaps you should ask the same question to someone at your school…..consul?
[16:22] Elani Matova: I think we can’t take things as seriously here. If I had done that in a RL class it would’ve been horrible
[16:22] Mercury Barnes: Alts — shields instructors, students, the schools, etc., from a “lot” of issues…:)
[16:22] Dimittri Vella: agreed
[16:22] AJ Brooks: Phil, is that YOU smoking?
[16:23] Morgen Bookmite: In RL, I ripped my skirt almost clean off during a class. Cam up the skirt sounds mild to me…lol
[16:23] Hawc Decosta: There is a difference between academic freedom and activities that disrupt the educational process. This has been an RL issue since the 1960s.
[16:23] Greyce Congrejo: lol…smoke rings
[16:23] AJ Brooks: ya know, dude – that pipe is stinky
[16:23] Philled Graves: yep, need me to put it out? I can blow Hearts too?
[16:23] Greyce Congrejo: the tinker case
[16:23] Derrik Beck is glad odor has not come to SL
[16:23] AJ Brooks: lol -= yeah, blow hearsts
[16:23] Philled Graves: just for you AJ
[16:23] Penelope Drucker: hahaha. ahhhh
[16:23] AJ Brooks: we did a session once on Appearance. its in the Dickson Hall Information Center
[16:23] Penelope Drucker: cute!
[16:23] Hawc Decosta: We have the same issue with hacked WWW activities and now griefers in SL.
[16:24] AJ Brooks: if this topic interests you – go and read it. our special guest was Desideria stockton
[16:24] Mercury Barnes: Griefing is way down, thankfully.
[16:24] Derrik Beck: there was also a long thread on SLED about changing clothes and where and hoe to do it
[16:24] AJ Brooks: who, some people might say, dresses like a bimbo
[16:24] Greyce Congrejo: ll seems to be more willing to take action
[16:24] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: i’ve never dealt with griefing.
[16:25] Elani Matova: Can someone explain griefing
[16:25] Greyce Congrejo: Had griefer boxes on my alts property…a neighbor reported them and they were gon before I relogged
[16:25] Zotarah Shepherd: T taught a class on Appearance for the ELVEN Institute on the 7th. Lots of questions about where to find appropriate clothing for teachers.
[16:25] Mercury Barnes: It takes many forms, sometimes seemingly innocuous.
[16:25] Palani Allen: Desidera gave a very good presentation!
[16:25] Hawc Decosta: Get a Mysti-tool, it has self-defense apps.
[16:25] Philled Graves: and this cool table in the rezzer
[16:25] Dimittri Vella: Would I search under mysti tools?
[16:26] Greyce Congrejo: If you want a place for grrod teacher clothes for the ladies, IM me. good
[16:26] Zotarah Shepherd: I will be teaching a class on Griefing July 5th.
[16:26] Philled Graves: who wants an lm for Mysti’s tools?
[16:26] Greyce Congrejo: I’m in no way affiliated
[16:26] Dimittri Vella: I do.
[16:26] Derrik Beck: please
[16:26] AJ Brooks: oh yes – everyone go buy a mystitool
[16:26] Greyce Congrejo: yes
[16:26] Kavon Zenovka: please
[16:26] Dimittri Vella: yes please.
[16:26] AJ Brooks: its WONDEFUL
[16:26] Victor Ellsworth: please
[16:26] AJ Brooks: and so much more than just this table
[16:26] Zotarah Shepherd: MystiTools are good if you know how to use them.
[16:27] AJ Brooks: there is a great tutorial notecard in the shop
[16:27] Mercury Barnes: I own probably the most fearsome weapon in SL — I only have to wear, let the griefers hear the sound, then I start talking. The talking is the “most fearsome weapon” the tool, with the known sound, just gives me the time to talk.
[16:27] Greyce Congrejo: lm?
[16:27] AJ Brooks: chat transcript of a session given my Mstical hersleve. wow – that was very typo’ed
[16:27] Greyce Congrejo: we speak typonese
[16:27] AJ Brooks: chat transcript of a session given my Mystical herself
[16:27] Zotarah Shepherd: They cost more than most anti griefer tools, but you will use it a lot
[16:28] AJ Brooks: the mystitool?
[16:28] Greyce Congrejo: Thanks!
[16:28] Dimittri Vella: Thanks!
[16:28] AJ Brooks: the mystitool is SO MUCH more than a griefer tool. that is only one part of it
[16:28] Mercury Barnes: Voice, and chat, they are the best tools around — you just have to be able to use them…:)
[16:28] Elani Matova: Could I get one too
[16:28] AJ Brooks: this table alone is worth the $375L. and I can rez as many of these as I want. we have three of them in the cafe in our library. everyone loves them – especially the students
[16:28] Kavon Zenovka: thanks Philled
[16:28] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: What other tools does everyone use? I am currently working with a programmer to try and develop and open source SL educators tool. Please let me know if you’re interested.
[16:28] Philled Graves: i’m not affiliated either, btw
[16:28] Elani Matova: thnks
[16:28] Philled Graves: did i miss anybody
[16:28] Derrik Beck: thanks Philled
[16:29] Dimittri Vella: I am interested.
[16:29] AJ Brooks: what are you giving out, Phil?
[16:29] Philled Graves: lm for Mysti’s tools
[16:29] Zotarah Shepherd: I agree I have special security huds and use the MystiTool more often.
[16:29] Derrik Beck: just some self-re[licating objects
[16:29] Morgen Bookmite: I’m interested,too, Phil.
[16:29] Derrik Beck: no big deal.. πŸ˜‰
[16:29] Philled Graves: IM me direct folks so i can get easy access to your profile
[16:29] Penelope Drucker: ty for the LM
[16:29] Hawc Decosta: I was giving out the LM too!
[16:30] Greyce Congrejo: yw
[16:30] AJ Brooks: my alt has an art gallery on one of Mysti’s sims – she’s really awesome
[16:30] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: ty
[16:30] Philled Graves: and a damn’d fine coder
[16:31] Mercury Barnes: kawaii, I’ve just sent you a notecard on a $375 TV that also shows Web pages. What is needed is an automagic way for instructors to create web pages on a site that can use something like this tool.
[16:31] Philled Graves: got my glasses from her shop too… another commercial, i’m sorry, but i am a fan of her work
[16:31] Mercury Barnes: It would even be better if the JB Kraft made the tool “better” for the display of pages.
[16:31] Elani Matova: I’m wondering if anybody minds if I ask how much time each of you spends per week in SL
[16:31] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: Great! ty.
[16:31] Philled Graves: about 3 hrs aday
[16:32] Hawc Decosta: If anyone would like a new residents folder my wife CeAire Decosta made up with shopping LMs and SL user info, sing out.
[16:32] Mercury Barnes: Buy it, play with it, and your coder will see the potential, tempered by what an ID or Instructor needs.
[16:32] Greyce Congrejo: About 5 hours a day
[16:32] Derrik Beck: probably averages a couple hrs a day
[16:32] Elani Matova: Wow
[16:32] Dimittri Vella: 4 hours a day
[16:32] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: I’ve been wondering if people find using keyboard shortcuts for tools or HUDs more useful…
[16:32] AJ Brooks: hey – anyone here planning on going to SLCC?
[16:32] Derrik Beck: i think so
[16:32] Kavon Zenovka: 1 hr week days weekend probably 2-3
[16:32] Greyce Congrejo: If I can find a way…..yes
[16:32] Derrik Beck: Tampa?
[16:32] Zotarah Shepherd: I spend 40 to 70 hours per week in SL or the teen grid.
[16:32] AJ Brooks: yup. i encourage you to go if you can
[16:32] Greyce Congrejo: Yes….. Sept. 7th?
[16:32] Derrik Beck: i think i got volunteered to help with some things
[16:33] Philled Graves: Zot, cani have your job… i would love to have that much time in world and get paid for it
[16:33] Hawc Decosta: there is Moodle and Sloodle that interface between that LMS/CMS and SL. Both are free.
[16:33] AJ Brooks: I went last year and it was awesome – this year promises to be better
[16:33] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: anywhere between 20 and 40 depending if I am building on the Island.
[16:33] Mercury Barnes: TV/work at home time – 7 hr/day (often standing idly as I work on a server or read e-mail — I use SL for “presence”).
[16:33] Kavon Zenovka: Have to do it thru SL – too close to beginning of semester
[16:33] Zotarah Shepherd: SLCC is too far for me.
[16:33] Hawc Decosta: Yes, I’ll be at SLCC.
[16:33] Elani Matova: Hawc, we use Moodle as our LMS, is it difficult to integrate sloodle?
[16:33] Greyce Congrejo: I’m rolling SL out for my staff on Friday
[16:33] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: However if I’m not in SL I am researching other VW’s for Education.
[16:33] Mercury Barnes: Did anyone else read the OU’s work with Moodle — my God, so cool (Educause ECAR paper).
[16:33] AJ Brooks: well – those who are going I”m planning an SL EDUCATION ROUNTABLE meet up
[16:34] Penelope Drucker: bye all – other meeting to go to ! thanks
[16:34] Mercury Barnes: πŸ™‚
[16:34] Elani Matova: bye Penelope
[16:34] Greyce Congrejo: Bye Penelope
[16:34] AJ Brooks: bye penelope – great seeing you
[16:34] Philled Graves: have a great evening Penelopy
[16:34] Zotarah Shepherd: haha Phil I am a Grad student and my thesis project is on SL.
[16:34] Derrik Beck: excellent…
[16:34] AJ Brooks: and thanks for the topic – it was a great meetin
[16:34] Penelope Drucker: yw. πŸ˜€
[16:34] Philled Graves: i did a couple of papers on sl for my masters
[16:34] Derrik Beck: bye Penelope
[16:34] Kavon Zenovka: Bye everyone!
[16:34] Bisbee Writer: bye, I’ve gotta go to..ty all!
[16:34] Elani Matova: bye kavon
[16:34] AJ Brooks: bye kavon
[16:34] Philled Graves: one on social networks in the educator community and one on it value to distance learning
[16:35] AJ Brooks: bisbee. we need ot catch up about something?
[16:35] Derrik Beck: bye Kavon, Bisbee
[16:35] Philled Graves: and i have to dash to an rl meeting
[16:35] Elani Matova: bye bisbee
[16:35] AJ Brooks: later philled
[16:35] Greyce Congrejo: Bye…
[16:35] Philled Graves: thanks again AJ for hosting!
[16:35] Bisbee Writer: no worries, AJ..thanks!
[16:35] Philled Graves: yall be well
[16:35] Hawc Decosta: Not really if you have tech savvy people and server access, Sloodle is a Moodle add-on. The Sloodlers group is very helpful with set up issues.
[16:35] AJ Brooks: pleasure, as always
[16:35] Derrik Beck: bye
[16:35] Morgen Bookmite: Thanks for a terrific meeting, AJ!
[16:35] AJ Brooks: thanks for coming, Morgen
[16:35] Victor Ellsworth: Gotta go, too. Thanks, all.
[16:35] AJ Brooks: bye victor
[16:35] Zotarah Shepherd: I have done a few papers in my grad classes. I start my final thesis class in Fall.
[16:35] Elani Matova: Thanks Hawc. I’ll have to look into that. We are in the process of testing 1.9
[16:35] AJ Brooks: hope to see you all next week
[16:36] Mercury Barnes: Thanks AJ…:)
[16:36] Elani Matova: Thanks AJ
[16:36] Palani Allen: Thanks AJ, need to go to another meeting.
[16:36] Dimittri Vella: I have to go. This was my first Roundtabel and it was a great one. Thanks!
[16:36] AJ Brooks: thanks for coming
[16:36] Derrik Beck: table getting smaller….
[16:36] Elani Matova: Bye Dimittri
[16:36] AJ Brooks: lol – I just did that
[16:36] Derrik Beck: see you dimittri
[16:36] Greyce Congrejo: lol…I should be prepping my presentation
[16:36] Zotarah Shepherd: Bye Dimittri
[16:36] AJ Brooks: sho sho
[16:36] Dimittri Vella: Thank you all.
[16:36] AJ Brooks: ty!
[16:36] Wonderalica Alturas: how do you do so AJ?
[16:37] AJ Brooks: its a hud. i’m the owner. clikc on it, chane table size
[16:37] Derrik Beck: you can try it out on us Greyce
[16:37] Wonderalica Alturas: ok….
[16:37] Elani Matova: Time to dishes. bye
[16:37] Greyce Congrejo: I’d love to show my teachers this meeting. or one like it
[16:37] AJ Brooks: this one started off slow
[16:37] Mercury Barnes: Leave before you wear out your welcome (my mother always used to say…:) Thanks…:)
[16:37] Greyce Congrejo: I’m stressing the collegial collaboration aspect
[16:37] AJ Brooks: but once we got folks chatting, BAM. mercury. I think we actually agreed on a few things tonight
[16:38] Derrik Beck: yes…my first..but definitely want to come back
[16:38] AJ Brooks: poof. gret, derrik
[16:38] Greyce Congrejo: AJ, these meetings are terrific
[16:39] Derrik Beck: BTW …. NMC was a lot of fun
[16:39] Hawc Decosta: Take a picture, download it to your harddrive. Copy the chat into MSWord, official record (Grin!)
[16:39] Greyce Congrejo: I really appreciate your taking the time to organize them
[16:39] AJ Brooks: ty greyce. you weer at NMC?
[16:39] Derrik Beck: too bad you are so close, but had to miss AJ
[16:39] AJ Brooks: (oh, TY greyce, I enjoy them)_
[16:39] Derrik Beck: yes
[16:39] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: yes this was my first meeting and it was quite enjoyable. Thank you.
[16:39] AJ Brooks: I came down on THursday night
[16:39] Derrik Beck: ah
[16:39] AJ Brooks: crashed th party. TY for coming Kawaii
[16:39] Derrik Beck: wild dance fest that night
[16:40] AJ Brooks: i wasn’t dancing too much – lol – I was out in the lobby talking
[16:40] Derrik Beck: i had a hard time finding the pose balls
[16:40] Greyce Congrejo: Hope everyone smiled….just took a pic
[16:40] Carrilin Heliosense: thanks AJ, I hope to make it back to another
[16:40] Derrik Beck: but once i did i danced just fine
[16:40] AJ Brooks: i was ok crashing the hotel – but the actually party, nope. TY Carrilin, I hope so. did you get my good side, Greyce
[16:41] Learnus Maximus: I’m back…looks like I missed the whole meeting….bummed
[16:41] AJ Brooks: lol
[16:41] Greyce Congrejo: lol…absolutely…I do photography in rl
[16:41] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: Thank you Everyone. Have a wonderful evening. bzzzzzzrp
[16:41] Zotarah Shepherd: Hello Learnus
[16:41] Learnus Maximus: Hi Zo. How are you?
[16:41] AJ Brooks: wb
[16:41] Greyce Congrejo: Hi Learnus, we were talking about dress codes in sl
[16:42] Zotarah Shepherd: Fine thanks How are you?
[16:42] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: sorry about that.
[16:42] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: bzzzzzrp
[16:42] AJ Brooks: i guess bzzzzzzrp is like Samantha crinkling her nose
[16:42] Learnus Maximus: OK thanks. i’ll relaegate myself to reading the chat log…I was looking forward to participating…1st time able to make this meeting
[16:42] AJ Brooks: πŸ™‚ there wil be others πŸ™‚ enjoy the read – it was quite the meeting. I thought. I enjoyed this meeting, a lot. gret subject
[16:43] Movies1963 Beck: I enjoy all these meetings
[16:43] Derrik Beck: same here
[16:43] Learnus Maximus: thank’s I’m looking forward to it.
[16:43] Greyce Congrejo: Very spirited discussion
[16:43] AJ Brooks: ty movies, you know I appreciate all your support
[16:43] Hawc Decosta: Yes, Appearance and academic freedom.
[16:43] Zotarah Shepherd: It usually is
[16:43] Movies1963 Beck: likewise
[16:43] AJ Brooks: Movies was here at the first meeting, I believe
[16:44] Movies1963 Beck: yes
[16:44] AJ Brooks: and I think he’s been at every one since
[16:44] Derrik Beck: ah….. cousin Movies…
[16:44] Movies1963 Beck: they’re always informative
[16:44] Learnus Maximus: there is another interesting one at 6pm SLT…ISTE…about how to build an educational island
[16:44] Movies1963 Beck: lol hi Derrik
[16:44] AJ Brooks: i noticed you stayed away from that whole Google and Apple things
[16:45] Zotarah Shepherd: Oh I want to go to that one.
[16:45] Greyce Congrejo: Saw the notice about that
[16:45] AJ Brooks: that sounds interesting
[16:45] Movies1963 Beck: well I upset a few people in the past so I try not to do that
[16:45] AJ Brooks: they are having one tomorrow about how to moderate a meeting
[16:45] Zotarah Shepherd: I want to build an educational island.
[16:45] AJ Brooks: i don’t think you have upset anyone. I’ve had the good fortune to build one myself, plan this one, and help with the one on the far sid
[16:46] Greyce Congrejo: For teens or adults?
[16:46] Hawc Decosta: I missed that announcement, thanks for the headsup!
[16:46] AJ Brooks: i missed it too
[16:46] Derrik Beck: ISTE?
[16:46] Learnus Maximus: Hello fellow ISTE members in Second Life! Please join us tonight, Tuesday, June 17th at 6:00 pm SLT/PDT (click here to calculate your local time) at the ISTE Island Band Shell http://slurl.com/secondlife/ISTE%20Island/128/128/25 for our weekly ISTE Speaker Series event, the last one until after NECC! Tonight we’re featuring Barbara Knight (SL: Knightbar Jewell), Academic Technology Coordinator, East Tennessee State University. Here is a description of her presentation – one our higher education members definitely won’t want to miss: How to build an Educational Island? – If I build it “Will students come?” – If I build it “Will instructors use it?” Join Barbara in a discussion about a Second Life Island purchased by East Tennessee State University. Look at their success and most of all, let her show you their failures. This will be an open discussion with a brainstorming session near the end. This will be a voice presentation. Please be sure you have a working voice setup prior to the event. See y. here is the info:
[16:46] Derrik Beck: oh…thanks
[16:47] AJ Brooks: ty. sounds interesting, except the voice part. voice and large groups doesn’t’ go so well
[16:47] Greyce Congrejo: I loathe voice
[16:47] Derrik Beck: thanks for hosting AJ
[16:47] AJ Brooks: TY for coming, Derrik
[16:47] Derrik Beck: this was fun
[16:47] AJ Brooks: please come back. excellent. thats the point πŸ™‚
[16:47] Greyce Congrejo: Bye Derrik…
[16:47] AJ Brooks: fun AND informative
[16:47] Derrik Beck: bye all…
[16:47] AJ Brooks: ciao
[16:47] Zotarah Shepherd: Thanks AJ. Bye all
[16:47] AJ Brooks: bye Z
[16:48] Learnus Maximus: yeah, I like voice if it comes from the presenter and the audience “chats” questions
[16:48] AJ Brooks: pleasure as always
[16:48] Learnus Maximus: bye all
[16:48] Derrik Beck: may get to the one at ISTE unless RL intervenes
[16:48] Greyce Congrejo: Have to go feed my parrots…….
[16:48] AJ Brooks: Zotarah is another long time member
[16:48] Greyce Congrejo: then I’ll try to hit ISTE
[16:48] Derrik Beck: thanks Movies
[16:48] Zotarah Shepherd smiles I have missed a few though.
[16:48] AJ Brooks: i’m gong to try – not sure yet. lol
[16:49] Movies1963 Beck: thank you too
[16:49] Hawc Decosta: Bye, everyone checking out!
[16:49] Learnus Maximus: i’m going to boogie too…to read the chat…thanks and good night
[16:49] Greyce Congrejo: Bye everyone… Thanks again AJ
[16:49] AJ Brooks: ciao
[16:49] Hawc Decosta: Thanks for hosting this AJ, I joined the group!
[16:49] Greyce Congrejo: Love that table hud
[16:50] AJ Brooks: great, Haec – thanks
[16:50] Greyce Congrejo: Very cool
[16:50] AJ Brooks: Hawc
[16:50] Hawc Decosta: See you next time!
[16:51] AJ Brooks: ok – its dinner time
[16:51] Movies1963 Beck: bye bye everyone
[16:51] AJ Brooks: ciao, M

Originally uploaded by AJ Brooks. Downloaded from http://sler-transcripts.wikispaces.com/ by Sheila Yoshikawa, June 2018. Lightly edited to correct some obvious typos

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