2008-06-24 Discussion on informal learning

Second Life Education Roundtable
June 24, 08
Informal learning

[15:27] AJ Brooks: hello everyone
[15:28] Lyrah Lane: hi Al thanks for the reminder!
[15:28] AJ Brooks: please join us here at the table
[15:28] Mercury Barnes: thanks — thing is huge…:)
[15:29] JeanClaude Vollmar: Hey all
[15:29] Gwenette Writer: Aloha all:)
[15:29] Lyrah Lane: aloha
[15:29] AJ Brooks: i’m going to try somethign different today one of the problems with teh chat transcripts is that there is a lot of personal information in them from my various HUDs I’m going to try that chat logger to see if I can get the transcripts out faster
[15:30] Gwenette Writer: ok
[15:30] Zotarah Shepherd: Hello AJ Hi everyone
[15:30] AJ Brooks: Hey Z
[15:30] Nettrice Beattie: Hello
[15:30] Niobe Moomintoog: Hi.
[15:30] JeanClaude Vollmar: Is that a freebie AJ?
[15:31] AJ Brooks: is what a freebie? the chat logger?
[15:31] JeanClaude Vollmar: Yes
[15:31] AJ Brooks: oh – yeah – its just a script – I made the prim remind me later Fleep!
[15:31] Fleep Tuque: Howdy! Sorry I’m late
[15:31] Zotarah Shepherd: I was just at Chinese Campus sim. It is lovely.
[15:31] Wonderalica Alturas: hi
[15:31] AJ Brooks: not late
[15:31] Mercury Barnes: Hello — go to the SL5B birthday party with a friend — it’s just like going to the State Fair (good music, cool art — just a pleasant evening having fun πŸ™‚
[15:31] Zotarah Shepherd: I have not been there yet
[15:31] AJ Brooks: ok everyone – I”m turning on the chat logger
[15:32] Zotarah Shepherd: ok
[15:32] Patch’s Funky Chat Logger: logging on!.
[15:32] AJ Brooks: if it doesn’t work out, I’ll still hae the chat history if it does work out, I might be able to get these out the same week that would be great welcome everyone
[15:32] Derrik Beck: hi all
[15:32] Wonderalica Alturas: thanks
[15:32] Kyliee Rhiadra: hi
[15:32] AJ Brooks: a few announcements before we get started
[15:32] Mercury Barnes: Hello.
[15:32] Niobe Moomintoog: Hello.
[15:33] AJ Brooks: I was going to plug the Birthday Bash – Mercury beat me to the punch πŸ™‚
[15:33] Fleep Tuque smiles.
[15:33] Mercury Barnes: sorry.
[15:33] AJ Brooks: I’ve not been yet, I plan to go later tonight or tomorrow
[15:33] Zotarah Shepherd: hehe
[15:33] Niobe Moomintoog chuckles.
[15:33] AJ Brooks: πŸ™‚ lol
[15:33] Mercury Barnes: Make sure you find the bug build — so cool.
[15:33] AJ Brooks: maybe before we leave today anyone who has been there can share somethign they like – but we’ll do that at the end
[15:33] Zotarah Shepherd: There is room for everyone at the table here.
[15:34] AJ Brooks: that will also be good ot have in the transcript – for today AND posterity
[15:34] AJ Brooks: πŸ™‚
[15:34] Lyrah Lane: share . . . ?
[15:34] AJ Brooks: you will also notice a red brick pedastle
[15:34] Lyrah Lane: I’ve never been a round table meeting
[15:34] AJ Brooks: it is a notecard giver inside is a notecard about
[15:34] AJ Brooks: the CHSSSouth Land Iniative
[15:34] Zotarah Shepherd: hehe
[15:35] AJ Brooks: feel free to take info – and return the app if you are interested share this also – its an open call at this point Given the Fleep is here, I’ll give her some time to talk about SLCC πŸ™‚
[15:35] Zotarah Shepherd: Cool
[15:36] Fleep Tuque: This year the Second Life Community Convention is in Tampa, FL and instead of doing a small education track as part of the convention
[15:36] Wonderalica Alturas: sorry to ask , but am I able to share the roundtable?
[15:36] Fleep Tuque: we’re sort of having a “conference within a conference”
[15:36] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes wonder
[15:36] Fleep Tuque: with a focus on good pedagogy and high academic standards. πŸ™‚ We’re calling it SLEDcc – Second Life Education Community Conference and we’ll have events both at Tampa and in-world
[15:37] Zotarah Shepherd: Wow great Fleep!
[15:37] Fleep Tuque: You’re all invited to participate, volunteer, and attend! πŸ™‚
[15:37] Wonderalica Alturas: thanks
[15:37] Fleep Tuque: The website is http://sledcc.wikispaces.com
[15:37] Zotarah Shepherd: I wish I could go. : (
[15:37] Wonderalica Alturas: volunteer from distance as well?
[15:37] Fleep Tuque: And you can find out lots of info there as well as ways to get involved. πŸ™‚ Yep! In_world positions as well as Tampa volunteers need to be filled still.
[15:37] Lyrah Lane: fun!
[15:37] Fleep Tuque: Thanks AJ!
[15:38] Gwenette Writer: I will help in Tampa:)
[15:38] AJ Brooks: I want to put in my two cents about SLCC I went last year
[15:38] Wonderalica Alturas: right….where shall we find that information
[15:38] AJ Brooks: a really good friend insitted that I go I had to pay for it myself, my school would not pay
[15:38] Fleep Tuque: All the info is on the website, http://sledcc.wikispaces.com
[15:38] Wonderalica Alturas: right
[15:38] AJ Brooks: it is the best single decision I made last yer, after the one about getting involved in SL πŸ™‚ IF there is any way you can go – go –
[15:38] Fleep Tuque: (I’d agree, I met sooo many wonderful colleagues here in SL, really broadened my horizons about what could be done in this environment too.)
[15:38] AJ Brooks: you meet great people – peopel you’ve meet only in world (me. fleep! :-))
[15:39] Wonderalica Alturas: I wish I could…I still might see…..would love to
[15:39] AJ Brooks: its great netowkring and you learn SOOOO much if you cannot go – go inworld this year
[15:39] Wonderalica Alturas: I can imagine
[15:39] AJ Brooks: there will be inworld and transworld events, I believe
[15:39] Fleep Tuque: Yes! Technology willing. πŸ™‚
[15:39] AJ Brooks: lol
[15:39] Wonderalica Alturas: great….just to know….anybody sharing a room?
[15:39] Zotarah Shepherd: Where and when will the inworld events be?
[15:40] Fleep Tuque: That’s a good question, I’ll post that in our community group on RezEd
[15:40] AJ Brooks: all the info is or will be on the wiki page
[15:40] Wonderalica Alturas: ok Fleep
[15:40] AJ Brooks: Who asked me about tonights topic?
[15:40] Fleep Tuque: http://www.rezed.org/group/sledcc2008
[15:40] arabella Ella: hiya If you join that, you can discuss and network with conference go-ers before the event. sorry i am late
[15:41] AJ Brooks: those sitting in the amphitheater, please do join us here at the table there is plenty of room – and will alwys be one more seat than person
[15:41] Carrilin Heliosense: we spoke after last week’s roundtable
[15:41] AJ Brooks: Someone asked me to do tonights topic, who was that? RIGHT ok good hang one sec we’re going to get started as we usuaal please tell us who you are, what you do, rl name if you want, where you work, etc..
[15:42] Mercury Barnes: Univ. of Illinois -> moving to Univ. of Wisc. Milwaukee.
[15:42] AJ Brooks: no need to wait, everyone type at once and we’ll all catch up in chat history
[15:42] Carrilin Heliosense: Carri Manchester, Dir. of Ed., Olana State Historic Site, Hudson, NY
[15:42] JeanClaude Vollmar: I’m JC (Jeff Le Blanc) and work at University of Northwestern Ohio as VP for IT
[15:42] Fleep Tuque: Chris Collins, University of Cincinnati, Ohio Learning Network, Chilbo Community on the mainland
[15:42] Zotarah Shepherd: I am a MA in Education (technology and psychology) student at Sonoma State University in northern California working an a curriculum thesis project: Teaching and Learning Life-Skills in Second Life.
[15:42] Derrik Beck: Tom Ward, University of Alabama
[15:42] Eddy Grunstein: Steve Naragon, Philosophy at Manchester College
[15:42] Kyliee Rhiadra: I am a student worker at Reed College, working as the Language Lab Tech Assistant, focusing on the French department
[15:42] AJ Brooks: AJ Kelton, Director of Emerging Instructional Technology for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State University in northern NJ, about 6 miles from Manhattan
[15:43] Kyliee Rhiadra: name is JinYoung Park
[15:43] Wonderalica Alturas: Alicia Barbitta – BE and Technical English in RL. Trying to develop courses in SL as well….I run my own institution
[15:43] arabella Ella: i am sandra dingli from university of malta
[15:43] Greyce Congrejo: Sandy Donnelly Lakewood High School
[15:43] Bjerkel Eerie: Washington State University/Shoreline Community College/North West Solar Center
[15:43] Gwenette Writer: Gwenette Sinclair Second Life Developer Kennesaw State U Georgia
[15:43] Nettrice Beattie: Nettrice Gaskins, Computer Arts Academic Specialist at Mass College of Art
[15:43] AJ Brooks: anyone else?
[15:43] SpelNJLT Thibedeau: Student at Norfolk State University , doing my thesis in engineering education
[15:43] Lyrah Lane: I teach at a public middle school rl. in SL I work for Rezzable Productions as Head Manager of Staffing and Events. I’m also a Docent for the International Society for Tech. in Education here in sl. IM me for a membership! πŸ™‚
[15:44] AJ Brooks: ISTE rocks!
[15:44] DocL Brandenburg: Leaunda Hemphill, Instructional Design and Technology, Western Illinois University.
[15:44] AJ Brooks: is that everyone?
[15:44] DocL Brandenburg: Yeah, ISTE!
[15:44] AJ Brooks: good
[15:44] Lyrah Lane: WOOT!
[15:44] AJ Brooks: ok – how did you learn about ontights meeting – if a gropu, what group, is a list, which lists, if events, which cataegory
[15:44] Gwenette Writer: your group
[15:44] AJ Brooks: just shout right out
[15:45] Nettrice Beattie: Your group
[15:45] Niobe Moomintoog: Real Life Education Group
[15:45] Carrilin Heliosense: yours
[15:45] arabella Ella: RL education in SL group
[15:45] Mercury Barnes: Educause — attendance at a meeting.
[15:45] Fleep Tuque: I dunno, it’s just on my calendar
[15:45] Greyce Congrejo: Educause
[15:45] Fleep Tuque: πŸ™‚
[15:45] Wonderalica Alturas: through SLED
[15:45] Derrik Beck: SLED list and Real Life Ed
[15:45] Kyliee Rhiadra: my boss gave me the link. i don’t know how she found out.
[15:45] Lyrah Lane: RL Ed group
[15:45] Zotarah Shepherd: RL Edu and teen edu
[15:45] JeanClaude Vollmar: VW educators, Academic CIO
[15:45] Greyce Congrejo: and RL ed
[15:45] AJ Brooks: great – this helps me focus my efforts on making sure you all know the best way to be sure you know is to join our gropu SL EDUCATION ROUNDTABLE IM me for an invite if you can’t find it in search I’ll respond before logging off
[15:46] Wonderalica Alturas: ok.
[15:46] AJ Brooks: So – tonight we’re going to talk about Informal learning opportunities in SL
[15:46] Zotarah Shepherd: I made another alt and will soon have her set up in other groups so I can join yours AJ hehe
[15:46] Wonderalica Alturas: I’ve always get the info through SLED as well…you are an active participant AJ
[15:46] AJ Brooks: Carrilin Heliosense asked for this topic, so I”m going to let her start us off
[15:46] Carrilin Heliosense: ok, let me start by saying no one agrees on what informal ed is
[15:47] Wonderalica Alturas: my question. .. what do you mean by ‘informal’ ed?
[15:47] Carrilin Heliosense: but in this context, i was thinking about the places, outside the classroom setting, that you’ve used or enjoy
[15:47] Wonderalica Alturas: the setting? the topics?
[15:47] Carrilin Heliosense: i.e., i was very taken with virtual starry night
[15:47] Wonderalica Alturas: πŸ™‚
[15:48] Derrik Beck: yes..it is great
[15:48] Niobe Moomintoog: Yes, and the Machinima of its making is quite interesting.
[15:48] Carrilin Heliosense: museums are my particular interest, but i’d be interested if you are using virtual field trips for environmental learning
[15:48] Fleep Tuque: I certainly enjoy a lot of the art scene in SL, it’s often so creative, it gives me lots of ideas for educational content.
[15:48] AJ Brooks: environmentla learning?
[15:48] Lyrah Lane: I like the idea of teaching CAD thru SL building engineering skills
[15:48] Zotarah Shepherd: I learn something every time I log in to SL. It is an awesome place to learn formally or informally.
[15:48] Carrilin Heliosense: simply learning from the environment, constructivist as opposed to didactic
[15:49] AJ Brooks: ok – got it – thanks. πŸ™‚ i thought you were going all Al Gore on us for a second πŸ™‚ jk
[15:49] Niobe Moomintoog: I found a recreation of the Death of Marat that you can go into.
[15:49] Carrilin Heliosense: well, i might πŸ˜‰
[15:49] Marcel Rydell is lost
[15:49] Bjerkel Eerie: are you thinking in terms of “exploritoriums”?
[15:49] Lyrah Lane: haha!
[15:49] arabella Ella: i also find a great deal of inter cultural learning here due to the fact that VWs eliminate geographical and cultural bolundaries
[15:49] Fleep Tuque: When I don’t have lots of time to wander in-world, I also confess to watching some SL TV. πŸ™‚ They keep me up to date about things I couldn’t visit myself.
[15:49] Wonderalica Alturas: right, I find it useful. In fact when teaching you try to take advantantage of the environment to make it more realistic to the student
[15:49] Derrik Beck: Assisi is spectacular, and the HUD is an excellent guide
[15:50] AJ Brooks: Assisi is amazing – as is Sistine
[15:50] DocL Brandenburg: Yes, my students and I have worked with people in China and England using SL.
[15:50] Zotarah Shepherd: I think that is also something to keep in mind as education expands in SL. Our students will also learn from just being here, talking to people, exploring and building things.
[15:50] Kyliee Rhiadra: does anyone have any experience with foreign language ed on SL?
[15:50] Derrik Beck: and Globr
[15:50] Wonderalica Alturas: me
[15:50] Derrik Beck: only very informally
[15:50] AJ Brooks: lets try to keep on topic for a bit –
[15:50] Fleep Tuque: If you run some kind of public welcome center, it’s a great way to get exposed to lots of languages
[15:50] Greyce Congrejo: I’ve sat in on some ESL classes
[15:51] arabella Ella: i brushed up some language skills using them with people from other countries like italy and germany
[15:51] AJ Brooks: we’re looking at experiences outside the “normal” classroom experience, If I ‘m understanding
[15:51] Fleep Tuque: I like those more natural encounters
[15:51] Wonderalica Alturas: i’ve done a training course in SL
[15:51] Veritas Variscan: Yes, I have been involved a bit with English Village and LanguageLab
[15:51] Carrilin Heliosense: has anyone used these locations with an actual class
[15:51] Wonderalica Alturas: and also taught some conversation classes
[15:51] Zotarah Shepherd: I took an immersive class in Italian set in a cafe.
[15:51] Fleep Tuque: Nice Zotarah!
[15:51] Niobe Moomintoog: No, but I go some of the clubs to taught to people in Spanish or French. So other residents become informal teachers.
[15:51] Fleep Tuque: How was the experience?
[15:51] Mercury Barnes: Roman and Greek builds for Classic Civilisation classes — listened to a prof take a student through a SIM — reallying “being there” helped a lot.
[15:51] Carrilin Heliosense: either asked them to visit on their own time or gone as a group
[15:51] Mickorod Renard: I think it is excelent here for housebound people with disabilities,,both socially and educationaly
[15:52] Wonderalica Alturas: that’s true Mickorod
[15:52] Niobe Moomintoog: Of course I always ask if it’s okay to speak with them as I’m not fluent, but would like to practice.
[15:52] Wonderalica Alturas: there have been long articles on that
[15:52] Veritas Variscan: LanguageLab went in very deep here, purchasing about 75 sims, in which they are creating all RL places where people can intereact as if they were in RL
[15:52] Fleep Tuque: (I’ve also found I really love exploring almost anything more with a friend or two. I think these are like informal “learning communities” and really makes the experience more engaging, whatever the content.)
[15:52] DocL Brandenburg: I’ve gone to sessions as a student on improving my German and trying out Chinese.
[15:52] Zotarah Shepherd: Wow Veritas
[15:52] Lyrah Lane: das gut, DocL
[15:52] Veritas Variscan: yeah they went all out
[15:52] AJ Brooks: lol
[15:52] Kyliee Rhiadra: how do you guys find those sessions or even places to meet people who speak different languages?
[15:52] Veritas Variscan: and it is very cool
[15:52] Wonderalica Alturas: yes, i got a training course in Language Lab
[15:52] Lyrah Lane: they are everywhere
[15:52] Nettrice Beattie: what works for my students is not just that the environment is immersive but also relevant to what they are learning
[15:53] Bjerkel Eerie: I find it intruguing that we are trapped inside the classroom metaphor at all in SL
[15:53] Veritas Variscan: nods, nice
[15:53] Lyrah Lane: but can also search for them
[15:53] Kyliee Rhiadra: I am new to SL (as in I started yesterday)
[15:53] Wonderalica Alturas: and also watched and taught some classes
[15:53] Zotarah Shepherd: I am also taking Spanish classes from a teen on the teen grid.
[15:53] Fleep Tuque: Welcome Kyliee!!
[15:53] Kyliee Rhiadra: πŸ˜€ thanks
[15:53] Wonderalica Alturas: and now I am trying to start in Second Life English
[15:53] AJ Brooks: (i won’t sing anymore)
[15:53] Fleep Tuque: hehehe
[15:53] Kyliee Rhiadra: hehe
[15:54] AJ Brooks: so what is your favorite place to visit for this non-classroom learning?
[15:54] Nettrice Beattie: my AHA! moment came when i tossed out the normal classroom and introduced natural objects they normally would not interact with in RL
[15:54] AJ Brooks: I like Svarga
[15:54] Derrik Beck: like what Nettrice?
[15:54] DocL Brandenburg: sandboxes
[15:54] Nettrice Beattie: the students can sit or build on the ocean
[15:55] Zotarah Shepherd: I have been asked to teach English Language practice starting on Saturday.
[15:55] Lyrah Lane: REZZABLE SIMS!!!
[15:55] Wonderalica Alturas: great Zotarah, where?
[15:55] AJ Brooks: rezzable sims?
[15:55] Lyrah Lane: oh yes!
[15:55] arabella Ella: I often enjoy informal discussions at philosophy house … they can be on any topic one may care to raise
[15:55] Nettrice Beattie: i jumpstarted it through building giant insects and plantlife
[15:55] Zotarah Shepherd: An adult sim.
[15:55] AJ Brooks clears throat
[15:55] Lyrah Lane: Rezzable is a 35 sim entertainment complex with some incredible sims
[15:55] Wonderalica Alturas: good….is it private?
[15:55] Lyrah Lane: interactive
[15:56] Mickorod Renard: I have been attending philosophical classes for 6 months now,,3 times a week
[15:56] Lyrah Lane: you can see a few in my profile
[15:56] Zotarah Shepherd: Even if people are not here for education they still want to learn something.
[15:56] AJ Brooks: ok – so we have a few places, anyone else?
[15:56] arabella Ella: i often find i learn a great deal informally during the discussions which often follow formal learning classes
[15:56] Fleep Tuque: Certainly agree with that, all of SL is one big learning experience. πŸ™‚
[15:56] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: I don’t recall if anyone’s mentioned SLED yet as a source of informal learning. I get so much out of that discussion
[15:57] Wonderalica Alturas: indeed, that’s true Ruby
[15:57] Greyce Congrejo: ISTE’s socials are interesting as well
[15:57] AJ Brooks: so, what is learning – I guess is the meta-question
[15:57] DocL Brandenburg: Yes, I have made some good contacts at the ISTE socials.
[15:57] Southern Georgia: i should mention the Discovery Education Network Information International
[15:58] AJ Brooks: what is learning?
[15:58] Lyrah Lane: oh, that’s a good one, Southern
[15:58] Nettrice Beattie: education 3.0
[15:58] Lyrah Lane: Calleta’s Hobo Railroad Infohub is a great place where creators hang out
[15:58] AJ Brooks: what happened to 2.0?
[15:58] Lyrah Lane: lots of freebies there too
[15:58] Wonderalica Alturas: 3.0?
[15:58] Mercury Barnes: Learning depends on feeling secure and accepted, usually, and that’s what SL can bring….:) It’s why I believe the Univ. of Phoenix added their “physical meeting places” akin to infocommons — people want to learn together…:)
[15:58] Nettrice Beattie: http://www.firstmonday.org/issues/issue12_3/keats/index.html Education 1.0 is mainly a one-way process, Education 2.0 uses the technologies of Web 2.0 to create more interactive education but largely within the constraints of Education 1.0. Education 2.0 is laying the groundwork for Education 3.0, which we believe will see a breakdown of most of the boundaries, imposed or otherwise within education, to create a much more free and open system focused on learning.
[15:59] Greyce Congrejo: To me learning is about dialogue and interaction
[15:59] AJ Brooks: hy has “learning” be catagorized as work and not fun oh – yes – that formal learning
[15:59] Wonderalica Alturas: great Nettrice, did not know about that
[15:59] Carrilin Heliosense: i’m glad to see so many with places they love… it validates our attempt to build in-world
[15:59] AJ Brooks: so – is what each of you is talking about formal?
[16:00] Nettrice Beattie: not necessarily
[16:00] Greyce Congrejo: not at all
[16:00] Carrilin Heliosense: no, learning should be fun
[16:00] Kyliee Rhiadra: li think of learning as finding out or getting to know something you previously did not
[16:00] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Well, I can discuss learning at the cellular level (the establishment of neural pathways), but I don’t think that’s what you mean.
[16:00] AJ Brooks: it SHOUDL be
[16:00] Greyce Congrejo: and interactive
[16:00] AJ Brooks: lol – rudy
[16:00] Southern Georgia: Fermi University
[16:00] AJ Brooks: give us a readers digest I’m intersted
[16:00] Fleep Tuque: I was considering informal to mean the information I absorb and the concepts and ideas I learn about just by exploring places on my own or with friends.
[16:00] Nettrice Beattie: i found that taking my students to a different city is a great way to explore informal learning
[16:00] Carrilin Heliosense: yes fleep
[16:00] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: I need a whiteboard and markers
[16:00] Southern Georgia: EdTech Island
[16:00] arabella Ella: learning always involves reflection … can there be learning without reflection?
[16:00] Greyce Congrejo: well said Fleep
[16:00] Nettrice Beattie: even better if they have tools to document their experience
[16:00] Derrik Beck: ditto Fleep
[16:01] AJ Brooks: yes – I think there can be learning without reflection
[16:01] Mercury Barnes: Wanting to learn is important, and social interaction can be one reason for “wanting.”
[16:01] Leondra Larsson: learning must be an engaging, interactive puzzle, solved by a group.
[16:01] AJ Brooks: you learned to breath without reflecting on it
[16:01] Fleep Tuque: I’d have to disagree with the must in that, Leondra.
[16:01] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: What about the learning of rote skills?
[16:01] Kyliee Rhiadra: i dont think learning needs to be in a group setting
[16:01] AJ Brooks: depends on what type of learning you are tlaking about
[16:01] Fleep Tuque: I am often a solitary learner and prefer it.
[16:01] AJ Brooks: learning styles
[16:01] arabella Ella: yes AJ but learning skills is different … it is then similar to conditioning reflexes like learning to drive a car
[16:01] Carrilin Heliosense: i think the “construction” of knowledge, the individual control, makes for more fun… and more invvestment
[16:02] AJ Brooks: we’ve even catagorized learning
[16:02] Leondra Larsson: yes.. it depends on the level we are speaking about
[16:02] Southern Georgia: Learning is not aquiring but a life long persuit
[16:02] Mickorod Renard: I like the idea that classes are available when otherwise in rl they would not be,ie at this time, and at this price
[16:02] Neuron Shepherd: we constantly learn
[16:02] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Yes, Arabella–that’s where the neural pathways come in. Isn’t there a place for skills learning in SL?
[16:02] AJ Brooks: Agreen arabella, but it is still a type of learning
[16:02] arabella Ella agrees with life long concept
[16:02] Nettrice Beattie: collaborative knowledge creation
[16:02] Fleep Tuque: Agree Carrilin! Building and creating something in SL about whtever topic is very engaging kind of learning.
[16:02] Leondra Larsson: lots of new ways to learn that rote stuff
[16:02] arabella Ella: not sure about skills learning on SL
[16:02] Greyce Congrejo: consider the skills we had to develop just to create our avatars and navigate SL
[16:02] Carrilin Heliosense: oooh, great quote from our public radio station… “from the static idea of being, to the dynamic ideal of becoming”
[16:03] Wonderalica Alturas: speaking, is a must
[16:03] Southern Georgia: today’s learning is all about collaborative experience
[16:03] Wonderalica Alturas: as a skill to be practiced on SL
[16:03] Nettrice Beattie: Open, flexible learning activities that focus on creating room for student creativity; social networking outside traditional boundaries
[16:03] Southern Georgia: sharing and challenging each other
[16:03] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Yes–we needed to practice,practice, practice–and I’m STLL bumping into things
[16:03] Greyce Congrejo: exchanging ideas
[16:03] Southern Georgia: and yes networking with subject matter experts
[16:03] Greyce Congrejo: Discussing pedagogy and best practice
[16:03] Mercury Barnes: Yes, why I suggest locking students in a room and having them “type the key on the door, which just happened to be the Amino Acids in the peptide.” πŸ™‚
[16:03] arabella Ella: networking is another great informal aspect of learning on SL
[16:03] AJ Brooks: This is EXACTLY why I won’t miss SLCC this year, because last year it was all the informal learning
[16:04] Leondra Larsson: learning is a process… and as we move in the future… how we collaborate will really yield the outcomes we hope for.
[16:04] AJ Brooks: sorry – shamless plug, but it’s true
[16:04] Southern Georgia: the days of brick and mortar and are counting down
[16:04] Neuron Shepherd: (aj – any hints on how to get a seat at the table)
[16:04] Fleep Tuque: I don’t think there will be an end to brick and mortar
[16:04] Mickorod Renard: I have students that i wouldnt feel happy about using a sim like this because of its addictional quality
[16:04] AJ Brooks: there should be an open one somewhere
[16:04] Greyce Congrejo: Click a chair
[16:04] Southern Georgia: the days of burning fuel to transport, cool and heat are almost a thing of the past
[16:04] Derrik Beck: find the open chair
[16:04] AJ Brooks: there ya go just added one for you
[16:04] Derrik Beck: but it keeps moving..;-)
[16:04] Fleep Tuque: I just hope that the scope of what are considered legitimate and important learning spaces will become much more expansive.
[16:05] AJ Brooks: someone needs to catalog all this in fact, the EDUCAUSE VIrtual Worlds gropu is going to try to do just that
[16:05] arabella Ella: learning is undergoing massive change with new potentiality for e-learning and blended learning
[16:05] Greyce Congrejo: One can learn something from almost any experience
[16:05] Fleep Tuque: (To include online spaces, but also other real world places.)
[16:05] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Catlogue what, AJ?
[16:05] Nettrice Beattie: Active, strong sense of ownership of own education, co-creation of resources and opportunities, active choice
[16:05] AJ Brooks: yes
[16:05] Neuron Shepherd: ithx
[16:05] Leondra Larsson: I agree Arabelle..
[16:05] Mercury Barnes: Or, maybe just a piece of the Web 2.0 montague — the OU Educause article released today seems on the mark.
[16:05] AJ Brooks: Catalog the virtual worlds experience so others don’t have to reinvent the wheel – in other word, to be come the repository
[16:05] Gwenette Writer: cataloguing the various sl edu buillds?
[16:06] Southern Georgia: todays learners are more picky and only want what they need
[16:06] AJ Brooks: yes
[16:06] Greyce Congrejo: Isn’t the University of Oregon doing that with Salamander?
[16:06] Southern Georgia: virtual education provides a venue of learning opportunities
[16:06] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Ah! There will always be a need for repositories of info…
[16:06] AJ Brooks: those are learning objects
[16:06] Wonderalica Alturas: they are more focused, it’s a more practical way of learining
[16:06] Southern Georgia: students can pick and choose
[16:06] Gwenette Writer: best Practices = best builds
[16:06] AJ Brooks: different than what the EVW focus will be – the EVW will point to salamander
[16:06] Bjerkel Eerie: I think my “Energy Choices” is a fair example of a “learning environment” in sl that you learn by just exploring
[16:06] Wonderalica Alturas: otherwise there is so much to learn that they need to focused on their needs
[16:06] Mercury Barnes: They only want what they need from tiring interfaces — give them something they want to do, then tag on learning — that seems the potential of this place.
[16:07] AJ Brooks: think index
[16:07] Carrilin Heliosense: ooh, love energy choices
[16:07] Leondra Larsson: Greyce , exactly.. so how can they docuament their learned skille?
[16:07] AJ Brooks: studnets always ever only wanted what they needed do just enough to pass, most of them – not all
[16:07] Mickorod Renard: I like that idea mercury
[16:07] Wonderalica Alturas: yes, but had to accept, and now they can be heard
[16:07] AJ Brooks: its our job to help them learn that they want to know more
[16:07] Greyce Congrejo: I’m working on collating educational sims for my teachers and listing them in Moodle
[16:07] Fleep Tuque: yes. πŸ™‚
[16:07] Nettrice Beattie: i don’t tell them what the bottom line is to pass
[16:07] AJ Brooks: not just to teach them more
[16:08] Nettrice Beattie: i keep them guessing
[16:08] Mercury Barnes: Maybe the English approach — a big test, one on one, with the instructor.
[16:08] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Will you share that address with the group, Greyce?
[16:08] AJ Brooks: lol – NO thanks I choke on tests
[16:08] Southern Georgia: students are now consumers of educational opportunities
[16:08] Gwenette Writer: they can use the mediums of “recording” that sl offers to diocument their learning ??
[16:08] Lyrah Lane: I let the students create the rubrick
[16:08] AJ Brooks: I barely got SATS to get me in, but graduated Magna
[16:08] Lyrah Lane: they know what’s coming and they do it
[16:08] Leondra Larsson: please, Greyce
[16:08] Greyce Congrejo: let me see if it’s up and running…it’s a work in progress
[16:09] Southern Georgia: they do not enjoy the courses which are of little benefit to them in RL applications
[16:09] Leondra Larsson: k
[16:09] Neuron Shepherd: Leanesr now need to be leanring things tecahers don’t know for jobs that dont yet exist (did you know?)
[16:09] Lyrah Lane: amen!!!
[16:09] arabella Ella: agree neuron
[16:09] AJ Brooks nods
[16:09] Leondra Larsson: yes, Neuron…
[16:09] AJ Brooks: so what place does informal learning have in formal education?
[16:10] Zotarah Shepherd: They do need critical thinking skills and testing does not reveal that.
[16:10] Carrilin Heliosense: for me, in rl I am that place… the museum educator
[16:10] Greyce Congrejo: Grrr…it’s only available to our teachers in district
[16:10] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Oh–too bad!
[16:10] Carrilin Heliosense: here I can see it being similar
[16:10] arabella Ella: do you mean in this case defining informal learning as learning outside the classroom AJ?
[16:10] Mercury Barnes: Synthesis of what they’ve learned “formally,” the realization of how to use what they know in “real world” applications (even if they are within SL).
[16:10] Derrik Beck: it seems almost as if in formal learning has become a goal in formal ed
[16:10] Leondra Larsson: mmmmmmmmmmm…. it is skills.. one needs to be able to say /document what skills they have.
[16:10] Southern Georgia: life long learning is about learning as you go
[16:10] AJ Brooks: I’m not sure how I define it arabella
[16:10] Derrik Beck: learn by doing, not by studying
[16:10] Lyrah Lane: informal learning, is learning during a teachable moment. When you learn something and didn’t really expect to learn it in that moment.
[16:10] Fleep Tuque: The best class I ever took, the prof made lots and lots and ltos of supplemental materials available, and awarded modest but motivating extra credit for almost any communication with her that demonstrated we’d engaged with the materials. She personally responded, and I learned SO much more from browsing the stuff that caught my curiosity.
[16:11] Neuron Shepherd: (if you haven’t seen did you know ? here’s the link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMcfrLYDm2U)
[16:11] Greyce Congrejo: or show mastery
[16:11] Southern Georgia: our journey in life can be one of learning and growing
[16:11] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: I think informal learning needs to play a bigger role in formal education–however, I think the informal experiences need to be structured to some extent
[16:11] Southern Georgia: consuming education as a process
[16:11] AJ Brooks: structure informal learning?
[16:11] Greyce Congrejo: or guided, Ruby?
[16:11] Southern Georgia: not to an end but a process
[16:11] AJ Brooks: isn’t that an oxymoron>?
[16:11] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: sounds like an oxymoron, I know
[16:11] Leondra Larsson: I know students who have so much knowledge of computers and technology.. yet where can they formally say thay have those kills?
[16:11] AJ Brooks: lol
[16:11] Mercury Barnes: I don’t think so — seems a good idea.
[16:11] Derrik Beck: yes, AJ, but a good one
[16:11] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: but it’s guided discovery learning vs just discovery learning
[16:11] Fleep Tuque: No, I think the example I just gave would fit in Ruby’s definition
[16:11] AJ Brooks: lol – ture
[16:11] Fleep Tuque: structured informal learning
[16:11] AJ Brooks: true
[16:11] Southern Georgia: we should deliver that to todays students as educators
[16:11] Fleep Tuque: the prof provided the scaffold
[16:11] Carrilin Heliosense: i use interpret rather than guide in rl, acknowledging what the learner brings to the experience
[16:11] Fleep Tuque: I had to figure out the route to climb up
[16:12] AJ Brooks: oooo – constructivist, scaffolding
[16:12] Fleep Tuque: and the route I chose fit me and MY interests
[16:12] arabella Ella: transfer of skills and knowledge to new appropriate contexts is important and often neglected
[16:12] AJ Brooks: we’re gong all pedagogy here
[16:12] Fleep Tuque: it was.. much more genuine kind of learning
[16:12] Carrilin Heliosense: yes, as constructivist as possible
[16:12] Fleep Tuque: I think
[16:12] Mercury Barnes: Yeah, put the right ingredients in the pot and the soup makes itself (sorta).
[16:12] Carrilin Heliosense: or at least discovery
[16:12] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: I also don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water. Formal insruction has been around for a long time–I would argued because it is effective…
[16:12] Neuron Shepherd: but we have to set broad outcomes for young peopel to achieve
[16:12] Greyce Congrejo: but it must be differentiated
[16:12] Fleep Tuque: Think so too, Ruby
[16:12] AJ Brooks: but the young peoel hof the world have changed more in the last five years than in the 500 before that
[16:12] Derrik Beck: i agree too ruby
[16:13] Fleep Tuque: I’d like to see more formal application when the student is ready to APPLY the learning to something of consequence
[16:13] AJ Brooks: I love you Fleep
[16:13] Neuron Shepherd: the outcomes become more importnat thna th eprocess then
[16:13] AJ Brooks: πŸ™‚
[16:13] Fleep Tuque: A guide a mentor a referee
[16:13] arabella Ella: there are so many levels of learning both formally and informally just as there are different levels of interpretation or of significance (as per Barthes)
[16:13] AJ Brooks: you make so much sense sometimes
[16:13] Fleep Tuque laughs. That’s scary thought! πŸ™‚
[16:13] AJ Brooks: lol
[16:13] Mercury Barnes: We used to call them TA’s Fleep…:)
[16:13] Veritas Variscan: πŸ™‚
[16:13] Southern Georgia: only a formal assessment can be administered for proof of skill and ability
[16:13] arabella Ella: process of learning is today more important than content … content is often in flux
[16:13] Fleep Tuque: Hehe, dunno about you but TAs spend more time grading than guiding.
[16:14] Leondra Larsson: yes.. but it aout how to guide a collaborative outcome, where group members stretch themselves
[16:14] Greyce Congrejo: Ruby, don’t we tailor formal instruction for our special education students via accommodations on IEP’s?
[16:14] Lyrah Lane: I don’t agree with Southern I think that informal assessments can be just as informative
[16:14] Mercury Barnes: That’s why blended LMS are so nice — frees the TA’s (and profs to some extend).
[16:14] Southern Georgia: that is life
[16:14] Fleep Tuque: Hm. I think there is a place for formal assessment.
[16:14] Greyce Congrejo: Formative assessment is a valuable tool as well
[16:14] Fleep Tuque: I want my doctors to have passed the medical board.:)
[16:14] Zotarah Shepherd: What about portfolio assessments and essays as proof?
[16:14] AJ Brooks: ROFL
[16:14] Southern Georgia: formal assessments exist today from taking your drivers license test to placement exams
[16:14] Lyrah Lane: yes, Zotarah
[16:15] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: I hate to bee the odd-woman out here, but I contend that there is important, empirically-derived info that needs to be communicated to the students I’m from a special ed background, BTW
[16:15] Lyrah Lane: how do you educate these students with special needs, then
[16:15] Neuron Shepherd: that they need to learn
[16:15] Lyrah Lane: we must educate them all, Southern
[16:15] Greyce Congrejo: Absolutely, but the method of delivery may vary
[16:15] Lyrah Lane respectfully debates
[16:15] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: But, speaking as a social scientist, I truly value the accumullated research base
[16:15] Leondra Larsson: SWD is my specialty, too
[16:15] Greyce Congrejo: Hence IEP’s
[16:15] AJ Brooks: SWD? IEP?
[16:15] Bjerkel Eerie: the real question about formal assessments is “for what objective”
[16:15] Lyrah Lane: student with disability individual education plan
[16:16] Leondra Larsson: students with disabilities
[16:16] Fleep Tuque: Well, underscoring a liberal education is the concept of teaching people how to THINK, logically, empirically, rhetorically, I think those are things that require some formal assessment, yes? I mean, some things ARE just right or wrong.
[16:16] Neuron Shepherd: assessing thinking?
[16:16] Lyrah Lane: I teach multi handicapped students in a self-contained classroom and you should see the things they can do on computers when they can’t write their name in pencil
[16:16] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: ooooooh
[16:16] Greyce Congrejo: Yes…summative assessment is essential, but only after continual formative assessment
[16:16] AJ Brooks: nice Lyrah
[16:16] Fleep Tuque: (In the context of emprically thinking, math, statistics, etc.)
[16:16] Derrik Beck: yes…leep, tests with clear right and wrong answers
[16:16] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Fleep–very provocative
[16:16] Leondra Larsson: I work with all spectrums of the bell curve we are all data driven
[16:17] Neuron Shepherd: i work with children
[16:17] Lyrah Lane: I agree, Leondra
[16:17] Greyce Congrejo: We have to be with the state standards
[16:17] arabella Ella: not all topics today have right or wrong answers … some relate more to valid or invalid answers
[16:17] Lyrah Lane: ugh!
[16:17] Fleep Tuque: Good point arabella
[16:17] Greyce Congrejo: or demonstration of critical thinking and analysis
[16:17] Fleep Tuque nods.
[16:17] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: I agree with you, Fleep–but I think it goes beyone the hard sciences. I KNOW there are strategies that are effective in, say, teaching reading. I know the research about it. I want my students to know it, too
[16:17] Leondra Larsson: yes, and NCLB, where evry kid will be on grade level in a few years.
[16:17] AJ Brooks: we have about 10 minutes or so left, so two quick things. First, remember, if you want to be added to the gropu for this meeting, IM me, I probmise to do it before I log off – and also, click the red birck column to the side here for a notecard about the CHSSSouth Free Land Iniative
[16:18] arabella Ella: yes i teach creativity and innovation … and thinking too as in thinking skills … and often the work done by students is assessed depending on possibilities
[16:18] Nettrice Beattie: NCLB is a lost cause
[16:18] AJ Brooks: nobody has o leave, tho – we’ll run overtime if folks are here
[16:18] Gwenette Writer: I think we need to teach people how to LEARN and realize what is media, what is information, what is natural world data versus opinion . . . what am I experiencing and how do i correlate it
[16:18] Neuron Shepherd: we’ve quickly moved from infromal education into the strengths and weaknesses of us education
[16:18] Greyce Congrejo: I prefer no child left unplugged
[16:18] Leondra Larsson: wish I could flush NCLB.
[16:18] Nettrice Beattie: media literacy is essential
[16:19] Leondra Larsson: LOL LUV u Greyce
[16:19] Neuron Shepherd: learning is universal
[16:19] Gwenette Writer: reality litereacy is essential heheh
[16:19] Carrilin Heliosense: i do a lot of visual literacy interprting images
[16:19] AJ Brooks: shout that Neuron
[16:19] Nettrice Beattie: i teach visual language and media lit
[16:19] Fleep Tuque: Hehe, question, do informal education and informal learning mean the same thing? πŸ™‚
[16:19] AJ Brooks: WOW
[16:19] Leondra Larsson: learning is a human right
[16:19] AJ Brooks: no i don’t think they are the same thing
[16:20] Wonderalica Alturas: informal education is a choice
[16:20] AJ Brooks: what about others?
[16:20] Bjerkel Eerie: has anyone here tried to run SL on one of Negroponte’s “Computers for Kids”??
[16:20] Nettrice Beattie: go ?
[16:20] arabella Ella: could informal education include extra curriculur activities?
[16:20] Nettrice Beattie: good ?
[16:20] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: hmmm. I think “education” is a more inclusive word–it implies instruction as well as learning
[16:20] Derrik Beck: informal ed seems like somthing provided through an educational system
[16:20] Carrilin Heliosense: yes srabella
[16:20] Nettrice Beattie: i don’t think SL will run on Computers for Kids
[16:20] Derrik Beck: informal learning happens anywhere anytime
[16:20] Gwenette Writer: well good teachers grab “teachable moments” and ride em . . the student does not even notice they are being taught
[16:21] Neuron Shepherd: the most recent research on the brian is reinforcing soem long held theories of learning
[16:21] AJ Brooks: poor brian
[16:21] AJ Brooks snickers
[16:21] Lyrah Lane: Amen, Gwenette
[16:21] Veritas Variscan: I have been frozen and unable to type 😦
[16:21] Greyce Congrejo: but don’t many students learn on their own? Ours have tech skillsthat they learned at home
[16:21] mOOn Jaecies: i think “education” includes formal assessment to see if the instructor has “educated” too
[16:21] Carrilin Heliosense: i.e. neuron?
[16:21] Neuron Shepherd: sorry brian)
[16:21] AJ Brooks: lol
[16:21] Greyce Congrejo: Yes, Moon
[16:21] SpelNJLT Thibedeau: i think they are exposed on their own they don’t learn theory and core concepts on their own in general
[16:22] Gwenette Writer: students who learn on their own in any setting are nartural informal learners we should watch them:)
[16:22] Greyce Congrejo: And the instructor must modify the delivery if kids aren’t geting it
[16:22] arabella Ella: today it seems that formal assessments are one means to confirm that the learning objectives have been reached
[16:22] Leondra Larsson: and everyone teches to the test.
[16:22] Southern Georgia: you have to remember that todays students are consumers
[16:22] AJ Brooks: in k-12
[16:22] Stargazer Blazer: Learning always happens on the student’s end, instructors do not make them learn, they have to construct the learning themselves.
[16:22] Neuron Shepherd: (apologies. gotta head. thx)
[16:22] Southern Georgia: you create a need and they will eat it all up
[16:23] AJ Brooks: bye neuron – thanks for coming – hope to see you next week
[16:23] Fleep Tuque: Ack, I have to run folks, but it was great talking with you. Any questions about SLEDcc, just send me an IM. πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting AJ!
[16:23] Mercury Barnes: At the Undergrad, maybe — Masters without a single test.
[16:23] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Kind of like, leading a horse to water?
[16:23] Nettrice Beattie: so the student consumers must learn how to become active producers
[16:23] AJ Brooks: bye FLeep – thanks
[16:23] Gwenette Writer: umm I think Einstien developed core theories at a very early age long before he ws “taught” them . . all the really bright stars say that about themselves
[16:23] Zotarah Shepherd: Bye Fleep Good to see you
[16:23] Greyce Congrejo: yes like figuring out how to circumvent our filters they are geniuses
[16:23] Veritas Variscan: Bye Fleep!
[16:23] Bjerkel Eerie: unfortunately “formal assessmnets” in public education are captive to “No Child Left Behind”
[16:23] Nettrice Beattie: 😦
[16:24] Veritas Variscan: kids learn on their own thru play at the earliest ages…we somehow find ways to mess that up for them
[16:24] Leondra Larsson: agree, Bjerkel
[16:24] SpelNJLT Thibedeau: true
[16:24] arabella Ella: motivation is often key … lots of informal learning happens cos people are motivated to learn more on a topic which gives them a buzz
[16:24] AJ Brooks: yeah – we do a pretty good job of taking all teh fun out of lerning
[16:24] Greyce Congrejo: absolutely
[16:24] Veritas Variscan: and in a state of flow we are at our best
[16:24] Nettrice Beattie: they lose the ability to think critically
[16:24] Greyce Congrejo: we need to restore it
[16:24] mOOn Jaecies: you’d be out of job if the students don’t learn from your formal education, but informal education, you can just “hope” and still keep your job, no?
[16:24] AJ Brooks: agreed
[16:24] Southern Georgia: yes but if you entertain through education
[16:24] Veritas Variscan: engagement , mind expansion — key
[16:24] Southern Georgia: then it becomes edutainment
[16:24] Leondra Larsson: more importantly, collaboratively
[16:24] Stargazer Blazer: I think that is exactly it, Arabella, motivation is key.
[16:24] Southern Georgia: not true learning
[16:24] AJ Brooks: well – it can’t be ALL informal, mOOn
[16:24] Veritas Variscan: correct, so very true
[16:24] Carrilin Heliosense: well, no. we set goals in informal
[16:25] Wonderalica Alturas: edutaiment….new term? πŸ™‚
[16:25] Veritas Variscan: m00n
[16:25] Mercury Barnes: Thus this place — which is replacing “TV time” for lots of people (as is WOW, etc.,) with the younger set.
[16:25] AJ Brooks: Wonder, nope – its been coined alread
[16:25] Wonderalica Alturas: edutainment….sorry,
[16:25] Nettrice Beattie: actually i watch TV while in SL
[16:25] Southern Georgia: yes edu-tainment
[16:25] Carrilin Heliosense: i.e. students at the end of the program show greater investment in the goals of the program
[16:25] mOOn Jaecies: no, not all informal. I don’t support that, just thiking that the outcome also defines informal and formal needs
[16:25] Southern Georgia: education through entertainment
[16:25] Wonderalica Alturas: never heard….
[16:25] Bjerkel Eerie: the most intersting development with the CFK project is that the kids do not need to be taught how to use them, their peer network does it
[16:25] Carrilin Heliosense: throught arts, writing, critique
[16:25] Southern Georgia: i am NOT a proponent of this techniques
[16:26] Veritas Variscan: unfortunately, it seems to me at the high school level it is all about the motivation being the grade, not the learning exp.
[16:26] Greyce Congrejo: education through engagement
[16:26] Nettrice Beattie: like having multiple windows open on a screen
[16:26] Leondra Larsson: it’s about setting a stage…. a goal.. providing resources… and facilitating a team approach.
[16:26] AJ Brooks: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edutainment
[16:26] Stargazer Blazer: Veritas, it is that way in higher ed, too.
[16:26] SpelNJLT Thibedeau: at least on the engineering side we need to teach them about their entertainment
[16:26] Leondra Larsson: that is the way of the world
[16:26] Gwenette Writer: the YOUNG younger set are living in nymerous VW designed for the very young 3yo and up . . . tghey will EXPECT vw interface and informal participatory learning when they reach higher ed
[16:26] Mercury Barnes: Google has been argued to be one of the greatest “Web 2.0” educators around…:)
[16:26] Nettrice Beattie: students are processing facebook, youtube, flickr, etc.
[16:26] arabella Ella: young people today multi task and have short attention spans … how does formal education cater for that?
[16:26] Nettrice Beattie: all at the same time!
[16:27] Greyce Congrejo: and they have to power down when they come to high school
[16:27] Veritas Variscan: but if they are truly engaged it seems that their mind is not quite as obssessive about the grade – they are havinga good time, learning is pleasing to them
[16:27] AJ Brooks: hey – Movies, have you seen 1-800-goog-411?
[16:27] Wonderalica Alturas: nop
[16:27] Nettrice Beattie: long attention spans for short form media
[16:27] Movies1963 Beck: no what’s that AJ?
[16:27] AJ Brooks: free 411 services, including text and data if you have a intenet ready phone maps
[16:27] Greyce Congrejo: We’re adhering to the industrial model while they’re fully immersed in the digital age….hence the disconnect
[16:27] AJ Brooks: it totally rocks
[16:27] Nettrice Beattie: twitter
[16:28] Stargazer Blazer: Students have so much at stake right now, they don’t often find the fun in learning because them Must have a degree to find a decent job.
[16:28] AJ Brooks: google it -1-800-goog-411
[16:28] Veritas Variscan: I used to think that too much web was bad for the adolsecents, but webquests are great and kids can now access social media for answers, a new kind of webquest really it has to be incorporated
[16:28] Nettrice Beattie: many of my students are not even checking email!
[16:28] Southern Georgia: but Starg that is teachig to an end point that is not life long learning
[16:28] SpelNJLT Thibedeau: but i’m sure they would check a text message!
[16:28] Wonderalica Alturas: why nettrice?
[16:28] Leondra Larsson: AJ, no.. u got a linkthat is why we must think of pod casts and other ways to multi-task
[16:28] AJ Brooks: Fokls – we’re just about at the ned of the formal meeting – we always hang out, so you are welcome to. Thanks for coming, if you need to leave, and we hope to see you again next Tuesday at 3:30pm right here
[16:29] Nettrice Beattie: they are plugged into facebook and IM
[16:29] Stargazer Blazer: Yes, it is the ability to discern amongst those sources that is most important.
[16:29] Nettrice Beattie: 24-7
[16:29] Movies1963 Beck: wow what a marketing tool
[16:29] Stargazer Blazer: Your’e right, Southern, it’s not lifelong learning.
[16:29] Wonderalica Alturas: right….Nettrice
[16:29] Mercury Barnes: That’s where the “TA” comes in Star…:)
[16:29] AJ Brooks: Leondra?
[16:29] mOOn Jaecies: i think there should be an end point, it doesn’t have to be the only end point.
[16:29] Carrilin Heliosense: thank you all for entertaining the topic. I hope its been as useful to at least of few of you as it has been for me
[16:30] Nettrice Beattie: definitely
[16:30] Veritas Variscan: we know that they are under tremendous pressure – it comes from every side, they are besiged by their parents to get a higher standardized test score b/c of financial aid and scholarships, things suck the fun out of school for today’s adolescent esp.
[16:30] Wonderalica Alturas: this discussion is fantastic and I think can be endless. so many of you collaborating
[16:30] Derrik Beck: good topic
[16:30] AJ Brooks: great topic carrilin
[16:30] Greyce Congrejo: Spirited discourse!
[16:30] AJ Brooks: thanks for suggesting it
[16:30] Leondra Larsson: why should I have to memorize anything I can Google?
[16:30] Mercury Barnes: Infocommons with a couple (more if possible) “Trained men” (said in my best Steve McQueen) can do wonders — it’s the “new frontier” for Librarians — go where you’re needed, not where the books are.
[16:30] Zotarah Shepherd: A great topic
[16:30] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Because it could save your life?
[16:30] Carrilin Heliosense: so on that note, i am now on my way to a gallery opening at folk art new england… a project of the rl fenimore
[16:30] Derrik Beck: hmmm…how about for when your cable goes out?
[16:30] Carrilin Heliosense: if anyone would care to join
[16:30] Stargazer Blazer: You shouldn’t, but you should know how to think!
[16:30] Bjerkel Eerie: multi tasking is just a Type A personalities justification for not being able to stay on task
[16:31] Mickorod Renard: gotta go folks,,,ty
[16:31] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Because sometimes, the info/skill should be there and immediately retrievable?
[16:31] arabella Ella: bye all
[16:31] Leondra Larsson: let me be a scout and do that RL…. facts…..
[16:31] Nettrice Beattie: i am going to check out folk art NE
[16:31] Wonderalica Alturas: bye arabella
[16:31] Carrilin Heliosense: yeah!
[16:31] Southern Georgia: nice to meet everyone bye
[16:31] Nettrice Beattie: bye
[16:31] Veritas Variscan: Take care all
[16:31] Greyce Congrejo: bye
[16:31] Wonderalica Alturas: bye
[16:31] AJ Brooks: bye, thanks for coming – hope to see you next week VERITAS!!!!
[16:31] Mercury Barnes: bye — thanks…:)
[16:31] Wonderalica Alturas: thanks AJ
[16:31] AJ Brooks: have yo made plans for Tampa?
[16:31] Lyrah Lane: thank you all
[16:31] Leondra Larsson: I have 6 devices right now I can access the internet.
[16:31] Southern Georgia: nest week then
[16:31] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Got to go to my cyber office hour. Thanks for the conversation, All.
[16:31] mOOn Jaecies: aloha all! this was another great one AJ. Thanks
[16:32] Greyce Congrejo: Bye Ruby
[16:32] AJ Brooks: bye guys – thanks for coming hope to see you next week
[16:32] Carrilin Heliosense: thanks again… until next week…
[16:32] Lyrah Lane: Mahalo, MOON
[16:32] Eddy Grunstein: Thanks for hosting this AJ.
[16:32] AJ Brooks: those who want to stay – feel free
[16:32] Nettrice Beattie: thank AJ
[16:32] Leondra Larsson: yes, engaing conversation
[16:32] AJ Brooks: its my pleasure to host, truly
[16:32] Wonderalica Alturas: thanks AJ
[16:32] Nettrice Beattie: mahalo
[16:32] Greyce Congrejo: rotfl Eddy
[16:32] JeanClaude Vollmar: Always great to be here. Gotta get going too. Buy all!
[16:32] Veritas Variscan: Thank you so much, AJ!
[16:32] AJ Brooks: jc
[16:32] JeanClaude Vollmar: *bye all
[16:32] AJ Brooks: hang on one sec
[16:32] Leondra Larsson: ty 4 hosting
[16:32] Wonderalica Alturas: me too…thanks all…
[16:33] mOOn Jaecies: Aj, (or anyone else). there was an orientation place that i went to once. no griefers. great place to point students first time in SL. anyone know of where i’m talking about?
[16:33] AJ Brooks: NMC
[16:33] mOOn Jaecies: it had boards covering each of the first steps in SL.
[16:33] Bjerkel Eerie: Now would someone explain to this nube what the captn america blue suits are all about??????
[16:33] AJ Brooks: NMC Orienation
[16:33] Greyce Congrejo: Help Island?
[16:33] Movies1963 Beck: Ben and Jerrys is a good starting point too
[16:34] Jim Rebel: That was intersting. I’ve tried a couple of times to get local ecucators to look at VR for learning. I’ll keep trying, expecialy the local community college.
[16:34] mOOn Jaecies: I went there, and that’s not it, unless i have to navigate for a while to find it, which wouldn’t make sense if you don’t even know how to manage your avitar.
[16:34] mOOn Jaecies: Help island, not it.
[16:34] AJ Brooks: I send all muy students to NMC Orientation Island
[16:34] SpelNJLT Thibedeau: Orientation Island?
[16:34] Greyce Congrejo: Orientation Island?
[16:34] SpelNJLT Thibedeau: I had my students use that location it seemed to work well for them
[16:35] Derrik Beck: got to go. thanks AJ
[16:35] Leondra Larsson: must go throw something in the pan… ty all
[16:35] Gwenette Writer: maybe here?? NCI on Kuula?
[16:35] Derrik Beck: bye all
[16:35] AJ Brooks: it well designed – good information – and I can meet them there if I need to
[16:35] Greyce Congrejo: Bye Derrik
[16:35] AJ Brooks: bye
[16:35] Wonderalica Alturas: bye and thanks once again…
[16:35] mOOn Jaecies: When I get to NMC, it tells you to leave. am i teleporting to the wrong place there?
[16:35] Stargazer Blazer: gotta run, too, see you all later!
[16:35] AJ Brooks: NMC Orientation later star
[16:35] mOOn Jaecies: ill try NCI, i haven’t been there before.
[16:35] Zotarah Shepherd: ELVEN provides Mentors for SL Basics as well as workshops.
[16:36] mOOn Jaecies: Thank you Greyce for the landmark
[16:36] AJ Brooks: what a gret conversation great
[16:36] Greyce Congrejo: YW
[16:36] Zotarah Shepherd: So what is next weeks topic AJ?
[16:36] AJ Brooks: not sure at the moment – I know I had something, but its written down
[16:36] SpelNJLT Thibedeau: Does anyone here use SL for engineering classes?
[16:36] mOOn Jaecies: aloha!
[16:36] SpelNJLT Thibedeau: or know someone who does?
[16:37] AJ Brooks: if yo have a suggestion, Z, let me know
[16:38] Gwenette Writer: Has been real AJ:) I was in a few IMs how do we get chat from you??
[16:38] Greyce Congrejo: Thanks, AJ…a pleasure as always
[16:38] AJ Brooks: The chat logs will get posted as soon as I can – they are outside this amphtheather, I just moved them today
[16:39] Greyce Congrejo: ok…thanks!
[16:39] Zotarah Shepherd: Is it better to train students yourself in SL or is it better for them to get all the basics of SL before they go to your class so you can concentrate on the subject matter?
[16:39] AJ Brooks: to one side of teh stairs in are these meetings to the other side is other meetings I take one class and work on the basics, and I tutor them if they want during outside hours but I also make it a homework assignment for them to go through NMC’s Orientation Island then if they ay they don’t know something, I tell them its covered there and send them back
[16:40] Zotarah Shepherd: Does that work better for you and for them?
[16:40] Gwenette Writer: OK great to here and thanks again for the legal info and NMC is working with me also to “solve” our mysteries so i do appreciate all your help:)
[16:40] Zotarah Shepherd: Does NMC charge for Basic SL training?
[16:41] AJ Brooks: I didn’t teach them to use email, or the internet I”m more than willing to help, but they also have to take respnsiblity I just tell them that, tell them that they are adults and need to act like it if they ahve problems, I don’t turn them away – I always help IF they ask and I DO spend an entire class working with them it seemed to work
[16:42] Zotarah Shepherd: Is one class enough?
[16:42] AJ Brooks: it was they had to get their accounts before that class though some students just won’t do it – or will fight – but the mass majority are willing to go with the flow
[16:42] Zotarah Shepherd: I have heard that some teachers spend a whole week getting students up to speed on SL basics.
[16:43] AJ Brooks: walking, talking, flying, teleporting?notecards? if they are taking a whoel week doing that, somethign is wrong i guess it depends ont eh students, but traditional students, it shouldt take that long these kids know most of the skills already friends list face book AOL or AIM or texting
[16:43] Zotarah Shepherd: Or maybe they need to know building before they can do class projects.
[16:43] AJ Brooks: its all familiart to them well – I don’t have he build
[16:44] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes I find that true on the teen grid
[16:44] AJ Brooks: thats not a basic skill to me – thats advanced
[16:44] Gwenette Writer: so I will check out your orientation center you have landmark??
[16:44] AJ Brooks: but the younger they are, the more they seem to know it intuitibvely anyway
[16:44] Zotarah Shepherd: Do you teach them how to deal with griefers and harassment?
[16:44] AJ Brooks: not handy – just do a search in MAP for NMC Orientation I tell them its a wierd world out there, just like in RL. I teach them how to set a place ont he CHSS Island as home and how to get back there quickly or sign off
[16:45] Gwenette Writer: cool np see you soon and thanks again:)
[16:45] AJ Brooks: these kids are not invetsed in their avis the way social users are YW Gwenette
[16:45] Gwenette Writer: aloha nui loa to you:)
[16:45] AJ Brooks: mahaol, and to you as well
[16:45] Zotarah Shepherd: Oh do they learn as well as social users?
[16:46] AJ Brooks: opps – mahalo differently, I don’t know about “as well”
[16:46] Zotarah Shepherd: If they are more invested in their AVs do they learn better?
[16:47] AJ Brooks: i think they do, yes the learning is more real to them and this becomes less a tool and more a vehicle
[16:47] Southern Georgia gave you CHSSSouth Land Request by Southern Georgia.
[16:48] Zotarah Shepherd: So they could have a generic AV provided by the school with no choice in how they look and still get as much out of an SL course? hmmm
[16:48] AJ Brooks: no I don’t think so i know that is what some people may want, but then SL becomes just liek BlackBoard to them
[16:49] Zotarah Shepherd: There was a lot of discussion about Appearance influencing how students learning was affected. Some colleges have social events in SL so students will be more able to suspend disbelief and get more out of the interactive nature of the courses.
[16:50] AJ Brooks: its all shades of gray my last comment was about the appearances comment i wonder if the chat logger worked – lets see
[16:51] Zotarah Shepherd: k
[16:52] AJ Brooks: guess not 😦
[16:52] Zotarah Shepherd: awww
[16:52] AJ Brooks: damn oh well 😦
[16:53] Zotarah Shepherd: Well you can cut and paste it
[16:53] AJ Brooks: i will – but there is a lot of personal information in there from my HUDs that I have to edit out before I can pist
[16:54] Zotarah Shepherd: Ah yes
[16:54] AJ Brooks: post, not pist
[16:54] Zotarah Shepherd: I have 19 pages so far
[16:54] AJ Brooks: plus I have to change AJ BROOKS: to AJ BROOKS:, but that one is easy πŸ™‚ anyway – I have a ton of IMs to return not i better get to it
[16:55] Zotarah Shepherd: Format should be able to do that
[16:55] AJ Brooks: yup
[16:55] Zotarah Shepherd: Quickly
[16:55] AJ Brooks: yup good meeting today
[16:55] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes
[16:55] AJ Brooks: i look forward to these – I leran so much
[16:55] Zotarah Shepherd: Me too Well see you later. Thanks for the discussion
[16:56] AJ Brooks: i’m gong ot put that notegiver out front too – where more peopel will see it nice to see you again, Z πŸ™‚
[16:56] Zotarah Shepherd: : ) Thanks Bye
[16:56] AJ Brooks: no rest for the weary lol take care

Originally uploaded by AJ Brooks. Downloaded from http://sler-transcripts.wikispaces.com/ by Sheila Yoshikawa, June 2018. Not edited by her.

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