July 29, 2021: Creativity with Marly

Transcript of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable: July 29, 2021: Topic: Creativity with Marly

Strandwind (l) and Marly (r)
Photos by Sheila Yoshikawa
Note: this session was mainly in voice (after people had teleported to the Butterfly Gallery). These were the instructions given to participants:

We will have the usual introduction to VWER and each other. Then Marly will briefly introduce the session, before teleporting to the WBH Butterfly Gallery
In this artistic space she will lead a creative paper-folding activity. There are examples of her own paper folding art in the gallery. Please do not do the exercise in advance of the session.

1) You will create paper-folded art in the physical world Do not do the exercise in advance of the session. Then (if you want) you will upload a photo of the folded art and post it into a frame in the gallery. (see extra instructions about uploading, below). To join in this activity you will need:

  • one or two sheets of paper (preferably fairly thick paper so it folds well, but otherwise whatever paper you have to hand)
  • some pens, crayons or pencils in different colours

2) We will put up our art in frames provided in her gallery,share the creative processes we went through and reflect on how it might be useful literally or metaphorically for our students or our own teaching strategies

3) We will discuss the questions: What are your limiting beliefs re your own creative abilities or potential? What type of experiment would you design to challenge those limiting beliefs or those of your students?

[2021/07/29 12:01] Sheila Yoshikawa: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable. We meet on Thursdays at 12 noon SLT for an hour.
[2021/07/29 12:02] Sheila Yoshikawa: VWER is a forum to educate and inform the community about issues that are important and relevant to education in virtual worlds.
[2021/07/29 12:02] Sheila Yoshikawa: This is a public meeting, so we will be keeping and publishing a transcript in due course. The transcripts can be found at https://vwer.info/.
[2021/07/29 12:02] Sheila Yoshikawa: The VWER continues to develop a community of educators from around the world. Please join the VWER group here in SL.
[2021/07/29 12:02] Sheila Yoshikawa: If you are on Facebook please join our group there http://www.facebook.com/groups/159154226946/
[2021/07/29 12:02] Sheila Yoshikawa: The topic for this week’s meeting will be: Creativity with Marly, after the usual introductions Marly will introduce the session and then we will teleport to her gallery
[2021/07/29 12:03] Sheila Yoshikawa: First let’s start by introducing ourselves
[2021/07/29 12:03] Sheila Yoshikawa: . Please type as much or as little about yourself as you want to, in text chat.
[2021/07/29 12:03] Sheila Yoshikawa: Just type in all at once.
[2021/07/29 12:03] Sheila Yoshikawa: in text chat
[2021/07/29 12:03] Sheila Yoshikawa: I’ll just repeat
[2021/07/29 12:03] Sheila Yoshikawa: please introduce yourself in text chat
[2021/07/29 12:03] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): *waves to Skie… Hiii
[2021/07/29 12:03] PI (pi.illios): PI Illios Virtual Reference medical Librarian & Library Website Content Developer & Administrator Conrado F. Asenjo Library University of Puerto Rico’s Medical Sciences Campus https://www.upr.edu/biblioteca-rcm FB https://www.facebook.com/PicaraPI Twitter @PI_illios
[2021/07/29 12:03] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Selby Evans, Fort Worth, blogger, retired prof. of psychology
[2021/07/29 12:04] Wisdomseeker (lissena): is Founder of Whole Brain Health programs and owner of Inspiration Island, home of Lifelong Learning for Well-Being Online. WBH is a virtual arm of the Ageless Mind Project ( 501c3). FB: Virtual Inspiration Island; website: http://VirtualInspirationIsland.org.
and (in Opensim) Virtual-Learning-Village.org. NYC Area
[2021/07/29 12:04] Azwaldo Villota: /me opens Marly’s website, grateful for the notecard
[2021/07/29 12:04] Sheila Yoshikawa: I teach and research in The Information School at the University of Sheffield, England. I am leader of VWER and owner of Infolit iSchool
[2021/07/29 12:04] Fran (francisco.koolhoven): Francisco Koolhoven (Fran), I’m an estate manager for Inspiration Island and technical assistant to Marly. From Indiana, retired computer programmer.
[2021/07/29 12:04] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): Skie is our other illustrious teacher with Beneath the Waves. that both Marly and he… organize and teach ..
[2021/07/29 12:04] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): *waves to Fran… and waves to Dex ..
[2021/07/29 12:04] Jamie Jordan (jwheels.carver): hi everybody
[2021/07/29 12:05] Gann McGann: hi I’m mark – i work at Durham university in the north of england. i lead the vr study group at the education lab there
[2021/07/29 12:05] Coughran Mayo: CEO, Innovaision, LLC. NPC board member. Head of Mindful Cove Project.
[2021/07/29 12:05] Sheila Yoshikawa: Touch that box for a folder with a notecard
[2021/07/29 12:05] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): Miss Lissi… are you not sitting at the table??
[2021/07/29 12:05] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): *smle
[2021/07/29 12:05] Sheila Yoshikawa: I can also drop people the notecard individually if you need 😉
[2021/07/29 12:05] Gann McGann: hi marly, yep – Durham didn’t block this communication
[2021/07/29 12:06] Strandwind: Hello, in SL I want to become a builder. In RL I work as librian.
[2021/07/29 12:06] Azwaldo Villota: /me is a former microbiologist and secondary science teacher; now interested in collaborative design of VW educational content
[2021/07/29 12:07] Sheila Yoshikawa: Hi, most of you know me and what I do in SL,but for those of you who don’t. here is a short synopsis. I am a creativist, one who derives great satisfaction from the process of creating regardless of the medium. Some of my playgrounds include composing for piano and voice, mixed media art, writing, performing, unusual approaches to teaching and creating organizations.
[2021/07/29 12:07] Sheila Yoshikawa: That’s from Marly
[2021/07/29 12:08] Sheila Yoshikawa: Marly says: In SL, I created the Octagon:Creative Exploration, launched a music library and an education consortium. I readily collaborate in advancing these projects and have done a lot of it in SL. I have facilitated ongoing groups in and out of SL for many years. I have used many arts-based processes to help individuals, groups and organizations become more innovative and creative in how they do their work and what they offer to their clients and students.
[2021/07/29 12:08] Sheila Yoshikawa: Marly says: I brought a background of many arts, humanistic psychology, organization training and development and education into SL and started devising ways of doing in here what I have done all my life out there. To see more about me, my creations, and some of my products, please visit my website: http://www.peoplesystemspotential.com
[2021/07/29 12:09] Sheila Yoshikawa: Marly says: Today, we are going to have an experience, hopefully, one that is new to you, the purpose of which is to be able to observe your own creative process and share it, thereby discovering how many different approaches there are to the process of creating. We will then discuss the two questions included in today’s invitation.
[2021/07/29 12:09] Sheila Yoshikawa: Marly says Any questions or comments? And now, here is the LM for the Butterfly Gallery. When you get there, please take a seat and await instructions. And have a look around! My tech assistant, Fran, will be on hand to help anyone who needs it later.
[2021/07/29 12:10] Sheila Yoshikawa: I’ll post in the landmark too
[2021/07/29 12:11] Sheila Yoshikawa: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Inspiration%20Island/43/100/23
[2021/07/29 12:11] Gann McGann: oops think i just trod on someone – sorry, a bit laggy here
[2021/07/29 12:11] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): sorry for bumping who I bumped

Briefing at VWER

Everyone teleported to the Butterfly Gallery http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Inspiration%20Island/35/99/24
Once there, Marly asked us to do a paper sculpture exercise, and then upload them if we wanted, with this information ————-
Notes about uploading photos and posting to the frames
1) Take the photo. It is best if you take it in landscape (bigger wide than high) – ideally with a ratio of 3×2. However, if portrait better suits your work, then you can make the ratio 2×3.
2) Take photo (e.g. with a phone or iPad) and make it Medium or Large. In order to upload into SL, photos can be NO LARGER than 1024×1024 pixels. Should be in JPG or PNG format.
3) On the viewer, go to Build, then Upload, then Image. Choose the file to upload. This costs L $10 per photo – ask Sheila if you don’t have money on you 😉
4) Rename the image if you want – you might want to include your name
5) Drag and drop the uploaded texture onto one of the available frames at the gallery.

Gathering in the Butterfly Gallery

[2021/07/29 12:13] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): here is my cushion Marly
[2021/07/29 12:13] Gann McGann: oops sorry
[2021/07/29 12:13] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): come stand and sit where I am
[2021/07/29 12:13] PI (pi.illios): y
[2021/07/29 12:13] Sheila Yoshikawa: I think so, I will whizz back and see
[2021/07/29 12:13] /me Title: Outpouring (Marly Milena)
[2021/07/29 12:14] Sheila Yoshikawa: yes everyone is here!
[2021/07/29 12:15] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): about 17 people here (from the map)
[2021/07/29 12:17] Fran (francisco.koolhoven): .You will need to CTRL+Drag the texture onto the frame
[2021/07/29 12:18] Strandwind: Ready.
[2021/07/29 12:18] Sheila Yoshikawa: no one was left at VWER
[2021/07/29 12:20] Azwaldo Villota: Are the panels 4×3 in ratio?
[2021/07/29 12:20] Fran (francisco.koolhoven): Approximately.
[2021/07/29 12:20] Azwaldo Villota: ty ty
[2021/07/29 12:20] Azwaldo Villota: appear to be near 4×3
[2021/07/29 12:21] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): I expect Sheila to do origami or something….
[2021/07/29 12:25] /me Title: Grids (Marly Milena)
[2021/07/29 12:26] Fran (francisco.koolhoven): To put a texture onto one of the blank frames, hold down your Ctrl key and then drag it onto a frame.
[2021/07/29 12:27] Dex Euromat: to who send the image?
[2021/07/29 12:27] Skie (scythe.elfenbeim): working
[2021/07/29 12:28] Dex Euromat: just a sec need to upload to google drive
[2021/07/29 12:28] Catseye (katsii.tennen): I have to email it from my phone..can’t go directly into sl
[2021/07/29 12:28] Azwaldo Villota: /me is using two panels,for just a moment…
[2021/07/29 12:29] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): some one dropped two in
[2021/07/29 12:29] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): I like the paper folded
[2021/07/29 12:30] Azwaldo Villota: that was my paper project
[2021/07/29 12:30] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): of course, Marly .. your folded paper has very pretty colorings on it ..
[2021/07/29 12:31] Azwaldo Villota: my folded part is/was the text in the image
[2021/07/29 12:31] Blitz (autumnblitz.xenobuilder): That is mine
[2021/07/29 12:31] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): hahaha
[2021/07/29 12:31] Blitz (autumnblitz.xenobuilder): MIne is on right
[2021/07/29 12:31] Blitz (autumnblitz.xenobuilder): Yes
[2021/07/29 12:31] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): with the compass thingy.. cool.. Sheila… oh, Blitz, I like our paper folded too ..
[2021/07/29 12:31] Catseye (katsii.tennen): I am..but it’s not sending 😦
[2021/07/29 12:32] Blitz (autumnblitz.xenobuilder): I crumpled mine into a gazillion planes 😛
[2021/07/29 12:32] Dex Euromat: hmm, having issue here
[2021/07/29 12:32] Azwaldo Villota: No paper here, but i have two pictures of the group,, fold them in half should join the text at top
[2021/07/29 12:32] Dex Euromat: will take few more minutes to upload
[2021/07/29 12:34] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): Cats,… your email is not working on your phone, or is it your gallery share not working?
[2021/07/29 12:35] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): Skie? Pi ? any one else bringing in a photo of their folded hand colored creation?
[2021/07/29 12:35] Strandwind: I would like to.
[2021/07/29 12:35] PI (pi.illios): No I guess my creative process needs more time
[2021/07/29 12:35] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): Marly, I think Skie said he was working on it ….
[2021/07/29 12:35] Skie (scythe.elfenbeim): As I lack materials Marly I have been improvising and doing a slightly modified version. Not really showable as I don’t have the means to import at this point
[2021/07/29 12:36] Jamie Jordan (jwheels.carver): Rl is calling nice to see you all
[2021/07/29 12:37] Skie (scythe.elfenbeim): Created something and made notes 🙂
[2021/07/29 12:37] Strandwind: My picture is much too big. I cannot upload it to SL.
[2021/07/29 12:37] Dex Euromat: My phone having issues, probably won’t be able to upload
[2021/07/29 12:38] Catseye (katsii.tennen): hard to work on gettinng it in and tupe too
[2021/07/29 12:38] Gann McGann: have completed what i did and wrote up my process, wasn’t intending to import it
[2021/07/29 12:38] Catseye (katsii.tennen): o
[2021/07/29 12:38] Catseye (katsii.tennen): yes..too big
[2021/07/29 12:38] Catseye (katsii.tennen): yes..but can’t keep typing and do it
[2021/07/29 12:38] Blitz (autumnblitz.xenobuilder): Can go in edit of whatever photo app and resize
[2021/07/29 12:38] Sheila Yoshikawa: yes Blitz that’s what I did
[2021/07/29 12:39] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): YaY Sheila !!!

Blitz talks about his sculpture

[2021/07/29 12:42] Gann McGann: maybe some of the people here … :-p
[2021/07/29 12:44] Sunny Sza (szavanna.anatra): ty Marly very interesting process 🙂 I must go prepare for the wiggle
[2021/07/29 12:44] Catseye (katsii.tennen): oops…did i just cover someone up?
[2021/07/29 12:44] Catseye (katsii.tennen): i did
[2021/07/29 12:44] Catseye (katsii.tennen): i’m sorry
[2021/07/29 12:44] Sunny Sza (szavanna.anatra): take care all 🙂
[2021/07/29 12:44] Catseye (katsii.tennen): i was aiming below it
[2021/07/29 12:44] Sheila Yoshikawa: lol Katsii
[2021/07/29 12:45] PI (pi.illios): I wished that I know more in sculpture paper
[2021/07/29 12:45] Sheila Yoshikawa: I did find myself thinking – am I allowed to do words? Then I thought – why not!
[2021/07/29 12:46] Catseye (katsii.tennen): colored pens were too thin and light…a little frustrated ..didn’t have the tools i wanted
[2021/07/29 12:46] PI (pi.illios): I tried to draw a tree between the panels
[2021/07/29 12:46] PI (pi.illios): as a growing feel
[2021/07/29 12:46] Catseye (katsii.tennen): thought i was too down to create at first
[2021/07/29 12:46] Blitz (autumnblitz.xenobuilder): Felt the pressure of limited time, so I rushed but in doing so resolved it by crumpling it instead folding
[2021/07/29 12:46] Catseye (katsii.tennen): tough weeks..and week
[2021/07/29 12:46] Stranger Nightfire: with words this could become a kind of concrete poetry
[2021/07/29 12:46] Gann McGann: i think i’ve said exactly that to Marly too – “i’m not artistic” – i’m still not sure , but now it doesn’t stop me from doing stuff
[2021/07/29 12:47] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): Yay … Cats… I am glad you submitted a folded paper !!
[2021/07/29 12:47] Sheila Yoshikawa: I found it worked better as I got more involved in doing it, rather than worrying about what I was supposed to be doing
[2021/07/29 12:47] Catseye (katsii.tennen): turned out that the more I drew the happier I got…
[2021/07/29 12:47] Dex Euromat: oof finally
[2021/07/29 12:47] PI (pi.illios): I wanted more colors I thought that it was dull
[2021/07/29 12:47] Catseye (katsii.tennen): just freely scribbling…changing colors ..expressing without thought
[2021/07/29 12:47] Gann McGann: Folding was frustrating, wanted a 3d shape and it wasn;t emerging in a sculptured way – forming any 3d shapes.
Filling in the planes was satisfying – random doodling – forming pleasing shapes, doodling,
Then tried folding and refolding in a flat plane, giving up on “3d ness” and simply seeing how refolding formed different patterns and then adding to those patterns as they changed.
Folding it out now into a flat paper – it’s kind of ended up as a mess, but it’s interesting to see how it’s captured the history of what I’ve done
But there was no focus or thinking – this was just randomly seeing how the marks developed as the folds were changed
[2021/07/29 12:47] Catseye (katsii.tennen): got happier as i went
[2021/07/29 12:47] Dex Euromat: uploaded and put in the frame
[2021/07/29 12:47] Sheila Yoshikawa: @Blitz yes also same as going with what the thin pens could d, rather than what they can’t
[2021/07/29 12:47] Catseye (katsii.tennen): folding frustrating for me…
[2021/07/29 12:48] Catseye (katsii.tennen): i wanted other parts to show
[2021/07/29 12:48] PI (pi.illios): For me too Cat
[2021/07/29 12:48] Coughran Mayo: Confronting the dissonance between creativity and a time limit was interesting
[2021/07/29 12:49] Skie (scythe.elfenbeim): I wanted asymmetry, thought it should stand, I let images come to mind randomly and drew them, I wondered if words were ok and decided to go with it because my lack of colours. Different items on each facet. When I stood it up different words/symbols were viewable from different angles, and to my surprise they made sense (more accurately I made sense of them). Interesting. Intuitively. Folds both ways.
[2021/07/29 12:50] PI (pi.illios): yeah but I needed more time lol Slow PI
[2021/07/29 12:50] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): interesting point, Mrly
[2021/07/29 12:50] Sheila Yoshikawa: I think I was systematic to begin with, but not after I’d got started, I more went with the flow, I didn’t have an idea of what it should look like, just what I wanted as an inspiration for it
[2021/07/29 12:50] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): Marly*
[2021/07/29 12:51] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): You know , Marly, that idea applied to writing a poem or a 100 word story… might also work ….
[2021/07/29 12:51] Blitz (autumnblitz.xenobuilder): Very much intuitive, got caught in the moment while mark making repetitively, then the fun crumpling—very tactile
[2021/07/29 12:52] Dex Euromat: Did not have plan, just wwanted to start with square and rectangle. The process itself was relaxing.
[2021/07/29 12:53] Dex Euromat: Firstly i thought about the tower raising from the rectangle, but then decided to change direction into tree

Dex talks about his sculpture (l to r the sculptures are by (top row) Catseye; Sheila; Blitz; Marly (Bottom row) [blank] Dex, Strandwind, Marly)

[2021/07/29 12:56] Catseye (katsii.tennen): yes…:)
[2021/07/29 12:58] Dex Euromat: yes
[2021/07/29 12:58] Sheila Yoshikawa: yes
[all those who uploaded pictures agreed to have them left in the gallery)
[2021/07/29 13:02] Stranger Nightfire: we tend to look at even things like clouds and see things in them
[2021/07/29 13:03] Blitz (autumnblitz.xenobuilder): I feel shapes and colors when composed in certain combinations can evoke an emotional response from viewers
[2021/07/29 13:03] Sheila Yoshikawa: the yeses related to whether we were OK with having the pictures left here 😉
[2021/07/29 13:03] Gann McGann: totally abstract – i get frustrated with trying to do representational stuff because i feel pressure to get it “right”
[2021/07/29 13:03] Gann McGann: and i don’t
[2021/07/29 13:04] Skie (scythe.elfenbeim): I have no difficulty doing both but tend toward realism
[2021/07/29 13:04] Gann McGann: well thats true 🙂
[2021/07/29 13:04] Sheila Yoshikawa: I think when I draww things abstract turns partly into recognisable things like flowers or birds, but also to also I think if I’d kept going the pattern of words might have turned also into abstract patterns
[2021/07/29 13:05] Catseye (katsii.tennen): i was just sooo happy just creating and scribbling madly
[2021/07/29 13:05] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): i think Cats was next
[2021/07/29 13:05] Strandwind: Mine is right under.
[2021/07/29 13:05] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): upper left
[2021/07/29 13:05] Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): she would be next ..
[2021/07/29 13:06] Catseye (katsii.tennen): i’m curious about the upper right
[2021/07/29 13:06] Catseye (katsii.tennen): lol..please do
[2021/07/29 13:06] Catseye (katsii.tennen): yes
[2021/07/29 13:06] Catseye (katsii.tennen): i ‘m curious about the upper right
[2021/07/29 13:06] Strandwind: The right under is mine.
[2021/07/29 13:06] Catseye (katsii.tennen): oh..ok
[2021/07/29 13:12] Skie (scythe.elfenbeim): I’m pondering
[2021/07/29 13:13] Gann McGann: yes that describes how i worked exactly
[2021/07/29 13:14] Blitz (autumnblitz.xenobuilder): Solids side by side create a line, the pictorial planes are decorative.
[2021/07/29 13:14] Gann McGann: i think the contrast makes the planes more evident
[2021/07/29 13:14] Skie (scythe.elfenbeim): To me, a pattern feels like the waves and light reflections in a stream, the solid colour feels like the stream bed
[2021/07/29 13:15] Gann McGann: it feels as if it’s more solid because each plane is so different
[2021/07/29 13:15] Dex Euromat: I think this more cubistic abstraction
[2021/07/29 13:19] Sheila Yoshikawa: Thanks very much for session @Marly!
[2021/07/29 13:19] Catseye (katsii.tennen): I sent out Visions of Self
[2021/07/29 13:19] Catseye (katsii.tennen): to those i thought might be interested
[2021/07/29 13:20] Catseye (katsii.tennen): if i didn’t send to you and you ARE interested..let me know 🙂

Marly’s Gallery

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