August 12, 2021: Open Forum

Transcript of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable: August 12, 2021

Topic: Open Forum

[2021/08/12 12:02]  Sheila Yoshikawa: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable. We meet on Thursdays at 12 noon SLT for an hour.

[2021/08/12 12:02]  Briony (brionyblack): hi πŸ™‚

[2021/08/12 12:02]  Sheila Yoshikawa: VWER is a forum to educate and inform the community about issues that are important and relevant to education in virtual worlds.

[2021/08/12 12:02]  Meryl McBride: Hello

[2021/08/12 12:02]  ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): hi everyone

[2021/08/12 12:02]  Sheila Yoshikawa: This is a public meeting, so we will be keeping and publishing a transcript in due course. The transcripts can be found at .

[2021/08/12 12:02]  Sheila Yoshikawa: The VWER continues to develop a community of educators from around the world. Please join the VWER group here in SL. 

 If you are on Facebook please join our group there 

[2021/08/12 12:02]  Sheila Yoshikawa: The topic for this week’s meeting will be:

[2021/08/12 12:02]  Sheila Yoshikawa: Open Forum.

[2021/08/12 12:02]  Sheila Yoshikawa: We will discuss in text chat.

[2021/08/12 12:03]  Sheila Yoshikawa: First let’s start by introducing ourselves. Please type as much or as little about yourself as you want to, in text chat.

[2021/08/12 12:03]  Sheila Yoshikawa: Just type in all at once.

[2021/08/12 12:03]  Meryl McBride: Meryl McBride, Colorado State University

[2021/08/12 12:03]  PI (pi.illios): PI Illios Virtual Reference medical Librarian &  Library Website Content Developer & Administrator   Conrado F. Asenjo Library  University of Puerto Rico’s Medical Sciences Campus FB   Twitter @PI_illios

[2021/08/12 12:03]  Sheila Yoshikawa: I teach and research in the Information School, University of Sheffield, England. I am VWER leader and owner of Infolit iSchool

[2021/08/12 12:04]  Valibrarian Gregg: Valerie Hill, CVL  @valibrarian in Seattle

[2021/08/12 12:04]  Sheila Yoshikawa: and I blog at 

[2021/08/12 12:04]  ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Selby Evans, Fort Worth, blogger, retired prof. of psychology

[2021/08/12 12:05]  Sheila Yoshikawa: OK today is open forum, so that’s any topic or question related to education and virtual worlds

[2021/08/12 12:05]  Briony (brionyblack): Briony, Scotland. Chilling out.

[2021/08/12 12:06]  Sheila Yoshikawa: πŸ˜‰

[2021/08/12 12:06]  Sheila Yoshikawa: has anyone got a topic or question they want to raise

[2021/08/12 12:06]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): Shiloh e …. Special Events Coordinator (West) with Science Circle 

[2021/08/12 12:06]  Briony (brionyblack): What’s the latest on LL’s proposed education continent?

[2021/08/12 12:07]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): is Founder of Whole Brain Health programs and owner of Inspiration Island, home of Lifelong Learning for Well-Being Online. WBH is a virtual arm of the Ageless Mind Project ( 501c3). FB: Virtual Inspiration Island; website:

 and (in Opensim) NYC Area

[2021/08/12 12:07]  Sheila Yoshikawa: @Briony I haven’t heard any more – has anyone else?

[2021/08/12 12:07]  Sheila Yoshikawa: Val or Selby?

[2021/08/12 12:07]  Briony (brionyblack): /me has been on holiday

[2021/08/12 12:08]  Sheila Yoshikawa: I was just thinking about that, as if the continent happens I’m hoping Infolit could be situated near Community Virtual Library and/or other iSchools

[2021/08/12 12:08]  Sheila Yoshikawa: seems like no one knows any more?

[2021/08/12 12:08]  Briony (brionyblack): /me nods

[2021/08/12 12:08]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): Last I hear

[2021/08/12 12:09]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): Phelan was waiting for Madori

[2021/08/12 12:09]  Valibrarian Gregg: yes yes please!

[2021/08/12 12:09]  Briony (brionyblack): stand by for more instalments

[2021/08/12 12:09]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): to decide where to place it

[2021/08/12 12:09]  Valibrarian Gregg: It is in the works…but tech issues to work out I think

[2021/08/12 12:09]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): might be a pretty big region ….

[2021/08/12 12:09]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): I don’t know if that has been decided

[2021/08/12 12:09]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): he wants a big region

[2021/08/12 12:09]  ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Have heard nothing new about education continent

[2021/08/12 12:09]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): so people can be placed where they like @ Sheila

[2021/08/12 12:10]  Marly (marly.milena): Niela Miller= . Founder of Octagon:Creative Exploration, inventor of Symbolic Modeling combining art, psychology and education

[2021/08/12 12:10]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): it is more an area where other sims would surround Rockcliffe

[2021/08/12 12:10]  ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Video from last week: 

[2021/08/12 12:10]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): some can attach–the others would be around it

[2021/08/12 12:10]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): so when someone opens the World Map it would be a constellation of sims’

[2021/08/12 12:11]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): that seems to be his vision

[2021/08/12 12:11]  Sheila Yoshikawa: Phelan gave me access to the spreadsheet I think they will be using for people to propose moves, but I can’t see anything added to it yet

[2021/08/12 12:11]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): said as one of his current tenants πŸ™‚

[2021/08/12 12:11]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): it might be nice to have a focal point… like.. let’s say, the NPC at the center and the offices adjacent.. and the other iSchools around it

[2021/08/12 12:11]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): I think the focal point is to be Rockcliffe, Shi

[2021/08/12 12:13]  Briony (brionyblack): it might help to have an overall strategy, co-ordinating committee.

[2021/08/12 12:13]  Sheila Yoshikawa: lol I was waiting for Val to speak

[2021/08/12 12:13]  Valibrarian Gregg: Perhaps but there is some discussion about educational groups and communities collaborating through the Virtual World Education Consortium (not any one particular institution or SL group).  Madori is working with VWEC

[2021/08/12 12:13]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): yes Val!

[2021/08/12 12:13]  Briony (brionyblack): rather than develop it ad-hoc

[2021/08/12 12:13]  Meryl McBride: I think VWEC is the best way to proceed.

[2021/08/12 12:13]  Azwaldo Villota: /me looks up from Profiles and Notecards and IMs, waves to all

[2021/08/12 12:13]  Sheila Yoshikawa: Given that anyone can come along to the VWER quarterly meetings, that would be more inclusive re liaising with LL, Midori etc

[2021/08/12 12:14]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): πŸ™‚

[2021/08/12 12:14]  Sheila Yoshikawa: /me waves to Azwaldo

[2021/08/12 12:14]  Valibrarian Gregg: VWEC is inclusive to all – strives to promote what all educators are doing – and not to “reinvent the wheel”

[2021/08/12 12:14]  Azwaldo Villota: /me scrolls *way up* in Nearby Chat window…

[2021/08/12 12:14]  Valibrarian Gregg: and at the Oct 6th meeting (facilitated by Sheila) the VWEC will have some new resources to share for all.

[2021/08/12 12:14]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): claps

[2021/08/12 12:15]  Marly (marly.milena): VWER and VWEC are so easy to get confused! Wondering if we should change it to VW ED C

[2021/08/12 12:15]  Sheila Yoshikawa: I imagine there could be small systems of planets around the central point

[2021/08/12 12:15]  Marly (marly.milena): or EDCon

[2021/08/12 12:15]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): that is true Marly

[2021/08/12 12:15]  Sheila Yoshikawa: well I think VWER has the prior claim anyway lol

[2021/08/12 12:15]  Valibrarian Gregg: nice metaphor Sheila!

[2021/08/12 12:16]  Sheila Yoshikawa: I just want to highlight what Selby posted a little while ago – “Video from last week:

[2021/08/12 12:17]  Sheila Yoshikawa: Very nice video by Val of the VWER visit to 3Dwebworldz for those who missed it

[2021/08/12 12:17]  Valibrarian Gregg: ty Selby!  the 3dwebworldz tour was really great! and next WED 8/18 at 9am SLT we are providing another tour of 3dwebworldz-  it is much easier to navigate now

[2021/08/12 12:18]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): yes, even I could figure out how to move around there!

[2021/08/12 12:18]  Sheila Yoshikawa: yes I thought that when I dipped in! walking around seemed easier

[2021/08/12 12:18]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): you all helped

[2021/08/12 12:19]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): I was impressed

[2021/08/12 12:19]  Sheila Yoshikawa: Actually while we are talking of visits – next week VWER visits an Alice in Wonderland sim and we’ll be reflecting on the educational aspects of it

[2021/08/12 12:19]  ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Dae has a lot to show.

[2021/08/12 12:20]  Sheila Yoshikawa: @Selby yes there’s increasingly interesting areas in 3dwebworldz

[2021/08/12 12:21]  Sheila Yoshikawa: @Val is there anything that people need to do in advance of the Alice in Wonderland visit? Do they have to join a group?

[2021/08/12 12:22]  Valibrarian Gregg: no!  they CAN join but it is not required

[2021/08/12 12:22]  Valibrarian Gregg: We will meet here and the tp over

[2021/08/12 12:22]  Sheila Yoshikawa: I seem to remember last time you couldn’t get in if you weren’t in the group

[2021/08/12 12:22]  Sheila Yoshikawa: I was stuck in a door for some time, most embarrassing

[2021/08/12 12:23]  Valibrarian Gregg: You can still go I believe…but you get straight there without the rabbit hole!

[2021/08/12 12:23]  Valibrarian Gregg: I will make sure people can choose- join or not

[2021/08/12 12:23]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): does this limit the number of avatars?

[2021/08/12 12:23]  Sheila Yoshikawa: and yes, we will meet here and I will get out my Alice in Wonderland material and links from my inventory and put it out here

[2021/08/12 12:23]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): what was the LL decision on that sim, Val?

[2021/08/12 12:23]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): Is LL going to support it and let it remain?

[2021/08/12 12:24]  Valibrarian Gregg: I don’t know but can ask Alice!

[2021/08/12 12:24]  Valibrarian Gregg: She has maintained so far

[2021/08/12 12:24]  Stranger Nightfire: go ask Alice

[2021/08/12 12:24]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): cute

[2021/08/12 12:24]  Stranger Nightfire: when she’s ten feet tall

[2021/08/12 12:24]  MystiTool HUD 1.0.23: Entering chat range: Lissena Resident (4m)

[2021/08/12 12:24]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): See… there is merit in sims like that and Dickens.. that should remain.. constant throughout the year

[2021/08/12 12:24]  Valibrarian Gregg: so true Shiloh

[2021/08/12 12:24]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): because of the educational literary value

[2021/08/12 12:25]  Sheila Yoshikawa: lol Stranger

[2021/08/12 12:25]  Sheila Yoshikawa: Alice in Wonderland still seems to be very influential/inspiring for other artists and writers

[2021/08/12 12:25]  Sheila Yoshikawa: any other questions or topics that people would like to raise?

[2021/08/12 12:26]  Marly (marly.milena): MyCounseling in GEnderland book started every chapter with a quote from AIW

[2021/08/12 12:26]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): The Looking Glass sim is more a dance venue.. but also nice decoration..

[2021/08/12 12:26]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): i would like to see The Wizard of Oz Annotated version as a sim ..

[2021/08/12 12:26]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): because there are some deep , dark secrets written into that story line !!

[2021/08/12 12:27]  PI (pi.illios): I already ask this but is itsomewhere we can invite people to the MOOC other than the calendar. Is there an inscription page?

[2021/08/12 12:27]  Sheila Yoshikawa: is that the VWMOOC @Pi

[2021/08/12 12:27]  PI (pi.illios): yes

[2021/08/12 12:28]  PI (pi.illios): I wasn’t specific sorry about that

[2021/08/12 12:28]  Marly (marly.milena): Nellie just sent out a notice about that

[2021/08/12 12:28]  Valibrarian Gregg: Yes- the notice is mostly for presenters I think

[2021/08/12 12:28]  Marly (marly.milena): It will be on Zoom/YouTube

[2021/08/12 12:29]  Sheila Yoshikawa: you sign up on the MOODLE site don’t you?

[2021/08/12 12:29]  Valibrarian Gregg: so we need to get a notice for participants  πŸ™‚

[2021/08/12 12:29]  Briony (brionyblack): please excuse me RL needs me.

[2021/08/12 12:29]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): Marly… I would like to see if you could create a symmod that encourages people to challenge the precepts we are taught about these longstanding stories …and maybe shed more light into how we experience a story …

[2021/08/12 12:29]  Valibrarian Gregg: Maybe the Moodle link here 

[2021/08/12 12:29]  Sheila Yoshikawa: It’s here the VWMOOC signup 

[2021/08/12 12:29]  Sheila Yoshikawa: snap!

[2021/08/12 12:29]  Valibrarian Gregg: lol Sheila!

[2021/08/12 12:30]  PI (pi.illios): Thank you very much

[2021/08/12 12:30]  Sheila Yoshikawa: @Shiloh what would you see as the precepts?

[2021/08/12 12:31]  PI (pi.illios): I want to encourage people to participate

[2021/08/12 12:31]  Marly (marly.milena): @Shiloh–Attn Val– We have talked about doing more literary themes at CVL but there just hasn’t been time for it except for the Dickens project

[2021/08/12 12:32]  Sheila Yoshikawa: perhaps we can discuss this a bit more next week! I’m sure there will be cultural things … I do think of Alice as very English, and I’m English, so probably I see it in a particular way, as being part of my heritage I suppose

[2021/08/12 12:33]  Sheila Yoshikawa: Hi Shila!

[2021/08/12 12:33]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): hello

[2021/08/12 12:33]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): … Sheila… I was reflecting on the idea of.. diversity… critical culture theory… on some times the children’s stories have “normalized” power discrepancies … and biases built into them.  Or.. even Marly’s symmod does make the participant .. rethink what they know and how they understand a situation ..

[2021/08/12 12:33]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): this is my first time here

[2021/08/12 12:33]  Marly (marly.milena): Weird…I was thrown back to my residence!

[2021/08/12 12:33]  Marly (marly.milena): Hmmmm

[2021/08/12 12:33]  Sheila Yoshikawa: Two threads going on at the moment – the Virtual Worlds MOOC and Alice in Wonderland and other rich stories

[2021/08/12 12:33]  Valibrarian Gregg: /me reflects on all the projects of CVL as they whirl through the metaverse yikes – request for more literary related adventures

[2021/08/12 12:34]  Valibrarian Gregg: If people create literary related sims and experiences, we can curate and share them at CVL πŸ™‚

[2021/08/12 12:34]  Sheila Yoshikawa: Welcome Shila, this week the text chat discussion is open forum, so anyone can raise a topic or question related to education in virtual worlds

[2021/08/12 12:34]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): … sometimes we need to unpack those biases…taking a phenomenology approach

[2021/08/12 12:34]  Marly (marly.milena): There is a lot we could do with various classic stories and also improvisations.

[2021/08/12 12:34]  ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): I see Alice as part of my intellectual heritage.

[2021/08/12 12:35]  Valibrarian Gregg: love that line Thinkerer “our intellectual heritage”

[2021/08/12 12:35]  Stranger Nightfire: hello Shila

[2021/08/12 12:35]  Sheila Yoshikawa: @Shiloh though I don’t think necessarily biases, can just be perceptions – and experiences, as you indicate with the reference to phenomenology?

[2021/08/12 12:35]  Stranger Nightfire: 3 now with very similar names

[2021/08/12 12:35]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): hello

[2021/08/12 12:35]  Stranger Nightfire: lets hope Shyla the Supergecko doesn’t show up now too

[2021/08/12 12:36]  Valibrarian Gregg: and the cultural aspect relates to our CVL Summer Fair!  How our culture brings different perspectives to life – and even literature

[2021/08/12 12:36]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): Can i quickly give my introduction

[2021/08/12 12:36]  Sheila Yoshikawa: yes please @Shila

[2021/08/12 12:36]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): Thank you

[2021/08/12 12:36]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): I am involved very heavily in teaching in SL

[2021/08/12 12:36]  Sheila Yoshikawa: @Stranger yes lol Sheila, Shila, Shiloh

[2021/08/12 12:37]  Valibrarian Gregg: wonderful Shila!

[2021/08/12 12:37]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): i teach Physics and Project Management

[2021/08/12 12:37]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): been 2 years now  and i am enjoying

[2021/08/12 12:37]  Marly (marly.milena): I would like a little feedback from whoever came to my Creativity VWER session two weeks ago re how you liked the workshop format. I think we could experiment more with some of these ideas in real time rather than just talking about stuff

[2021/08/12 12:37]  Sheila Yoshikawa: interesting combination of subjects @Shila!

[2021/08/12 12:37]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): I teach at RP Sim, St Elizabeth University, but i made sure that my classes are very real

[2021/08/12 12:37]  ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): That has to any one who studies quantum mechanics.  Alice could believe 6 Six impossible things before breakfast

[2021/08/12 12:38]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): and i make sure content is no less than real classes

[2021/08/12 12:38]  PI (pi.illios): That so interesting Shila

[2021/08/12 12:38]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): usually i get good audience ranging from 15-22 every week

[2021/08/12 12:38]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): my classes are on Tuesday 11:00AM

[2021/08/12 12:38]  Valibrarian Gregg: /me drops Shila info about the Virtual World Education Consortium-  other educators would love to hear about her work

[2021/08/12 12:38]  PI (pi.illios): That’s a lot

[2021/08/12 12:39]  Sheila Yoshikawa: yes! what sort of learners are they?

[2021/08/12 12:39]  PI (pi.illios): I agree with Val

[2021/08/12 12:39]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): When i saw the group notice, i was building a simulation model for Project network

[2021/08/12 12:39]  Stranger Nightfire: actually string theory makes Alice seem like everyday life

[2021/08/12 12:39]  Sheila Yoshikawa: @Marly I have noted your question, we can cover it before we finish!

[2021/08/12 12:39]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): i saw your group notice and immediately jumped here

[2021/08/12 12:39]  Valibrarian Gregg: I love that we can’t wait to talk about Alice even before our field trip hehe

[2021/08/12 12:39]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): Thanks for giving me time to introduce

[2021/08/12 12:40]  Sheila Yoshikawa: @Shila what kind of simulation, if you don’t mind saying?

[2021/08/12 12:40]  PI (pi.illios): St Elizabeth University sounds very intriguing

[2021/08/12 12:40]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): Ohh sure

[2021/08/12 12:40]  Sheila Yoshikawa: Also hello @Baird, apologies for not greeting you sooner

[2021/08/12 12:41]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): so it is a project, with network of activities

[2021/08/12 12:41]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): one activity followed 2 or 3 more

[2021/08/12 12:41]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): and so one

[2021/08/12 12:41]  Baird Barnard: : Np just playing catch up  ^^

[2021/08/12 12:41]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): we say activity will take 5 days

[2021/08/12 12:41]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): but it may be 6 days, 7 days or even 3 days

[2021/08/12 12:42]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): so made a script which consider all the effect and demonstrate the effect of variability

[2021/08/12 12:42]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): rejections, rework etc on complete project timeline

[2021/08/12 12:42]  Sheila Yoshikawa: is that connected to physics teaching @Shila?

[2021/08/12 12:42]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): This is connected to Project Management

[2021/08/12 12:43]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): Shila.. do you have a website we might see?

[2021/08/12 12:43]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): I started teaching Risk Management and so thought of building this script to explain visually how uncertainty affect the project

[2021/08/12 12:44]  Azwaldo Villota: /me waves at Meryl

[2021/08/12 12:44]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): I don’t have website now

[2021/08/12 12:44]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): i never thought that i will be able to so many audience in my class

[2021/08/12 12:44]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): so now thinking of making website

[2021/08/12 12:45]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): I am sorry i stole a lot of time from your agenda

[2021/08/12 12:45]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): Is this like a professional development course?

[2021/08/12 12:45]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): @Shila

[2021/08/12 12:46]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): yes, i am trying to make it that way

[2021/08/12 12:46]  Sheila Yoshikawa: that’s a great idea @Shila, uncertainty is an interesting element to explore and hard to get to grips with

[2021/08/12 12:46]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): i started with several doubts in my mind

[2021/08/12 12:46]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): but now very confident

[2021/08/12 12:46]  Valibrarian Gregg: Great info to share, Shila…and this is an open forum today  πŸ™‚

[2021/08/12 12:46]  Sheila Yoshikawa: yes!

[2021/08/12 12:46]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): Thank you

[2021/08/12 12:46]  ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Shila — we don’t have an agenda today –  we let the discussion set the agenda

[2021/08/12 12:47]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): if someone want to see my simulation , object i can show it after this forum

[2021/08/12 12:47]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): can you put a landmark in the chat here?

[2021/08/12 12:47]  Wisdomseeker (lissena): is it open to visitors?

[2021/08/12 12:47]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): ok

[2021/08/12 12:49]  Marly (marly.milena): Did you-all see my request for feedback above?

[2021/08/12 12:49]  Sheila Yoshikawa: OK I will now reintroduce Marly’s question

[2021/08/12 12:49]  Sheila Yoshikawa: snap again!

[2021/08/12 12:49]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): no.. sorry I was crashing

[2021/08/12 12:49]  Sheila Yoshikawa: ” I would like a little feedback from whoever came to my Creativity VWER session two weeks ago re how you liked the workshop format. I think we could experiment more with some of these ideas in real time rather than just talking about stuff”

[2021/08/12 12:49]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): why  am not able to put LM hmmm

[2021/08/12 12:49]  Sheila Yoshikawa: I will just say that one of VWER’s functions is giving a place to discuss things in text chat

[2021/08/12 12:50]  Sheila Yoshikawa: so we will always have sessions which do that

[2021/08/12 12:50]  Sheila Yoshikawa: but certainly I enjoyed Marly’s session

[2021/08/12 12:50]  Marly (marly.milena): I am proposing that once a month or two, we have a workshop format instead of only a discussion

[2021/08/12 12:50]  Sheila Yoshikawa: for those of you not there

[2021/08/12 12:50]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): 

[2021/08/12 12:50]  Sheila Yoshikawa: it was a workshop were we created paper sculptures

[2021/08/12 12:50]  Sheila Yoshikawa: in the physical world

[2021/08/12 12:50]  Sheila Yoshikawa: thanks @Shila

[2021/08/12 12:50]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): This is my small office named “Share to Unlock”

[2021/08/12 12:51]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): i felt it was very innovative, Marly

[2021/08/12 12:51]  Sheila Yoshikawa: and it is OK to visit @Shila?

[2021/08/12 12:51]  Sheila Yoshikawa: and there was a good discussion

[2021/08/12 12:51]  Sheila Yoshikawa: Oh I put the information on our website I will get the link

[2021/08/12 12:51]  Sheila Yoshikawa: while I do that – others – what is your response to Marly?

[2021/08/12 12:52]  Sheila Yoshikawa: would you like further creative workshops?

[2021/08/12 12:52]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): and this is LM of the St E university 

[2021/08/12 12:52]  Valibrarian Gregg: Anything interactive is always fun and engaging!  Sheila has had us interactive by walking through objects, etc…lots of ways to share info

[2021/08/12 12:53]  Marly (marly.milena): Or, for instance, following up on Shiloh’s idea about creating responses to literary themes….or different ways to play with teaching.  etc

[2021/08/12 12:53]  PI (pi.illios): Thanks for sharing Shila

[2021/08/12 12:53]  PI (pi.illios): I will visit

[2021/08/12 12:54]  Valibrarian Gregg: TY Shilo – I will check that out

[2021/08/12 12:54]  Marly (marly.milena): My questions had to do with how we limit ourselves about our own creativity and how we could use the ideas presented in working with students

[2021/08/12 12:54]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): There is one more info , rather experiment with SL i did recently

[2021/08/12 12:54]  Sheila Yoshikawa: – there are photos of the session and the intructions for the session and chat transcript (a lot was in voice, but there are some reflections in the chat) and the gallery where they are displayed is at 

[2021/08/12 12:54]  Valibrarian Gregg: πŸ™‚ @shila taking note of St Elizabeth University

[2021/08/12 12:55]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): We held one physics Challenge event where we asked members to prepare on physics subject and make presentation

[2021/08/12 12:55]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): 15-20 min slot

[2021/08/12 12:55]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): i was very very nervous initially

[2021/08/12 12:55]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): but we had 10 participants

[2021/08/12 12:55]  Sheila Yoshikawa: could there be a creativity follow up to the Alice visit – though that would be in October as we have all of September planned out now!

[2021/08/12 12:55]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): and contest went for whole July month

[2021/08/12 12:56]  Sheila Yoshikawa: @Shila that all sounds inspiring!

[2021/08/12 12:56]  Marly (marly.milena): It is hard for me to follow two different conversations at once! LOL

[2021/08/12 12:56]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): @Shila… your students would have enjoyed attending the Science Circle Science Fair 2021 this year… was a good challenge

[2021/08/12 12:56]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): i am sorry, i hold myself back now

[2021/08/12 12:56]  Sheila Yoshikawa: @Shiloh yes I was thinking – there was something similar there?

[2021/08/12 12:56]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): Yes, @Sheila… I think that is a great idea !!

[2021/08/12 12:56]  Sheila Yoshikawa: better too much talk than none at all πŸ˜‰

[2021/08/12 12:57]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): a “creativity follow up”

[2021/08/12 12:57]  Sheila Yoshikawa: So @Marly I was asking whether there might be a creativity workshop related to Alice in Wonderland/through the looking glass

[2021/08/12 12:57]  ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): 3 minutes left

[2021/08/12 12:57]  Sheila Yoshikawa: in October, say

[2021/08/12 12:57]  Sheila Yoshikawa: thanks @Selby

[2021/08/12 12:58]  Marly (marly.milena): Maybe Val and I could do something with Alice for VWER

[2021/08/12 12:58]  Valibrarian Gregg: We can talk later Marly  πŸ™‚

[2021/08/12 12:58]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): @ Marly, sounds exciting !!

[2021/08/12 12:58]  Sheila Yoshikawa: yes!

[2021/08/12 12:58]  Valibrarian Gregg: A literary character symbolic modeling session….hmmm fun

[2021/08/12 12:58]  Sheila Yoshikawa: so that takes us more or less up to the hour

[2021/08/12 12:58]  Marly (marly.milena): Haha, didn’t mean to rope you into something without talking about it first!  Running on excitement about the idea

[2021/08/12 12:59]  Sheila Yoshikawa: @Val @Marly are you a caterpillar or the red queen?

[2021/08/12 12:59]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): or even… a them in the story, @Val & @Marly

[2021/08/12 12:59]  Valibrarian Gregg: I know @Sheila!  was just thinking about which character hehe

[2021/08/12 12:59]  Marly (marly.milena): Sometimes one, sometimes the other and sometimes the Mad Hatter

[2021/08/12 12:59]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): theme*

[2021/08/12 12:59]  Sheila Yoshikawa: or the white knight, or… but of course I always want to be Alice

[2021/08/12 12:59]  Valibrarian Gregg: yes @Shiloh-  symmod of a concept or theme

[2021/08/12 12:59]  Sheila Yoshikawa: ANYWAY

[2021/08/12 12:59]  Sheila Yoshikawa: that’s it for next week

[2021/08/12 13:00]  Valibrarian Gregg: ty all!  great conversation…see you next week

[2021/08/12 13:00]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): thank you everyone… barring crashes.. I enjoyed this chat

[2021/08/12 13:00]  Sheila Yoshikawa: we gather here again next week for a brief introduction, then it is down the rabbit hole

[2021/08/12 13:00]  ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): bye all

[2021/08/12 13:00]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): Thank you

[2021/08/12 13:00]  Sheila Yoshikawa: bye!

[2021/08/12 13:00]  Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): stay well everyone, be safe… and Namaste

2021/08/12 13:00]  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel): if any one want to see my simulation script

[2021/08/12 13:01]  Sheila Yoshikawa: actually I could go as one of my kittycats

[2021/08/12 13:01]  PI (pi.illios): stranger!

[2021/08/12 13:01]  PI (pi.illios): Cute Alie!

[2021/08/12 13:02]  Sheila Yoshikawa: yes @Stranger!

[2021/08/12 13:02]Β  Shila Diesel (shila.diesel):

VWER Meeting Transcripts by Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.Based on a work at

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