December 9th 2021, Open Forum

Transcript of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable 9th December 2021
Topic: Open Forum
Photos by Sheila Yoshikawa

VWR on 9 December 2021

Sheila Yoshikawa: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable. We meet on Thursdays at 12 noon SLT for an hour.
Sheila Yoshikawa: VWER is a forum to educate and inform the community about issues that are important and relevant to education in virtual worlds.
Sheila Yoshikawa: This is a public meeting, so we will be keeping and publishing a transcript in due course. The transcripts can be found at
Sheila Yoshikawa: The VWER continues to develop a community of educators from around the world. Please join the VWER group here in SL.
Valibrarian Gregg: /me waves to meryl
Meryl McBride: Hi y’all
Sheila Yoshikawa: If you are on Facebook please join our group there
Sheila Yoshikawa: The topic for this week’s meeting will be: Open Forum
Sheila Yoshikawa: First let’s start by introducing ourselves. Please type as much or as little about yourself as you want to, in text chat.
Sheila Yoshikawa: Just type in all at once.
Sheila Yoshikawa: and welcome Meryl and Shiloh
[2021/12/09 12:03] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Selby Evans, Fort Worth, blogger, retired prof. of psychology
[2021/12/09 12:03] PI (pi.illios): PI Illios Virtual Reference medical Librarian & Library Website Content Developer & Administrator FB Twitter @PI_illios
Meryl McBride: Meryl McBride, Colorado State University
Valibrarian Gregg: Valerie Hill, Seattle
Sheila Yoshikawa: I teach and research in the Information School, University of Sheffield, UK and am VWER leader
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): Shi Emmons … Karina Solski rl …. Special events coordinator w Science Circle …
Sheila Yoshikawa: Thank you
Sheila Yoshikawa: so, does anyone have a question or topic they would like to introduce?
Sheila Yoshikawa: one VWER topic I had was – future topics or visits for VWER
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): I do
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): ProLiteracy works to change lives and communities through the power of literacy in the belief that a safer, stronger, and more sustainable society starts with an educated adult population. Through the Literacy Opportunity Fund, ProLiteracy provides support to nonprofit adult literacy programs across the country. General operating grants of $3,000 to $6,000 are intended to help programs effectively serve adult students. Eligible operating expenses include salaries, technology, supplies, teacher stipends, equipment, space rental, etc. Applications may also focus on a particular project or new programming effort. Requests are reviewed quarterly; application deadlines are January 3, April 1, July 1, and October 1 of each year. Online application guidelines for the Literacy Opportunity Fund are available on the ProLiteracy website.
Sheila Yoshikawa: we ask about this periodically
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville):
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): thank you for sharing this, Selby
Sheila Yoshikawa: Ah, so is that an agency you’ve had any connection with @Selby?
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): I have no connection
Sheila Yoshikawa: (reading the information on the website)
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): The Literacy Opportunity Fund awards grants to nonprofit organizations within the United States that provide literacy services directly to students.
Funded by the Nora Roberts Foundation and administered by ProLiteracy, the Literacy Opportunity Fund distributes grants of $3,000 to $6,000 to support general operating expenses.
This new fund aims to meet the needs of literacy organizations of all types and sizes so that they may effectively and efficiently provide services to students.
Sheila Yoshikawa: Nora Roberts was one of my mother’s favourite authors
Valibrarian Gregg: Looks interesting TY Selby
Sheila Yoshikawa: yes, thank you
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): We have several 501(c)(3) we could work with.
Sheila Yoshikawa: What is a 501(c)(3)? (apologies)
Valibrarian Gregg: It’s a particular type of nonprofit
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): I think you don’t pay taxes when you have a 501(c)(3) designation..
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): That is a US IRS designation that certifies it is nonprofit
Valibrarian Gregg: Section 501 (c) (3) is the part of the US Internal Revenue Code that allows for federal tax exemption of nonprofit organizations. A 501 (c) (3) organization is a corporation, trust, unincorporated association, or other types of organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of Title 26 of the United States Code.
Sheila Yoshikawa: thank you
Sheila Yoshikawa: were you thinking there could be opportunities to develop literacy services through virtual worlds?
Sheila Yoshikawa: using the fund?
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): That is what I was thinking, Sheila.
Sheila Yoshikawa: would be useful to mention at the nonprofit commons meeting as well?
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): We have oral readings and book clubs in the metaverse.
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): good idea, Sheila
Sheila Yoshikawa: and I suppose @Val when the VW Education Consortium is further developed it could be a forum for developing partnerships to apply for grants etc
Valibrarian Gregg: absolutely!!
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Good idea. Sheila
Sheila Yoshikawa: yes @Selby I then remembered you had talked about that and shown some of that in one of our last visits
Valibrarian Gregg: Literacy and virtual worlds! ideas abound
Sheila Yoshikawa: continuing the literacy theme
PI (pi.illios): ` my brain engines are rolling
Sheila Yoshikawa: I I will mention a panel I watched today live
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): The outreach might start with web-worlds
Sheila Yoshikawa: I blogged the recording here
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Readers might role-play the main characters.
Sheila Yoshikawa: also, yes @Selby as you often say it is more accessible via the browser
Valibrarian Gregg: yes- also- we do read alouds in a holodeck that provides the “setting” so you are immersed in the story
Valibrarian Gregg: TY Sheila- I will watch later
Sheila Yoshikawa: What I blogged was a high level international panel on Advancing an International Multi-Stakeholder Framework for Digital Communications Companies to Promote Media and Information Literacy which was part of the Internet Governance Forum, supported by UNESCO and the European Union
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): speaking of which .. perhaps places like Caledon would benefit
Sheila Yoshikawa: (just to finish my thread, sorry)
Valibrarian Gregg: yes Shiloh – CVL and Caledon partner every month and are doing a SCI-FI reading today at 5pm SLT (alternate sims)
Sheila Yoshikawa: yes @Val and @Selby you gave good, different examples of people participating in literacy practices & learning
Valibrarian Gregg: sharing examples of “entering stories and books” virtually could advocate for virtual worlds
Sheila Yoshikawa: getting immersed in the book, characters, or creating the characters and story
Valibrarian Gregg: example: Digiworldz tour entering a fantasy world of stories! We ended up at the great hall in Harry Potter
Sheila Yoshikawa: Also, belatedly, hello Josain
Valibrarian Gregg: just a couple weeks ago
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): .. I would like to see an increase in Literacy Science programs… and Literacy Social Science programs
Sheila Yoshikawa: is that the same as science literacy?
Valibrarian Gregg: @Shiloh- nice! so many forms of literacy (you know I always mention metaliteracy— literacy in digital culture)
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): it might be the same/ or quite similar.. not sure how it is interpreted
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): They learn to appreciate reading when they realize that reading is interactive.
Sheila Yoshikawa: (not being funny, either, there are so many types of literacy….)
Valibrarian Gregg: so true Sheila!!!
Sheila Yoshikawa: For me reading, like virtual worlds, has different aspects, I enjoy reading by myself, but also reading out loud, reading out loud with others, listening
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): i think it is critical to brain development, Sheila
Valibrarian Gregg: Literacy used to be: reading-writing ; speaking-listening ….but now includes much more because most content is born digital
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): and overall literacy, perhaps …
Sheila Yoshikawa: At the moment my husband is reading me Water Scott’s “The Heart of Midlothian” a bit each night, we normally have a bedtime reading book (when I am in London where he’s based)
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): I think reading aloud is also good for the speaker…
Sheila Yoshikawa: being able to actually read words is still very important though @Val
Valibrarian Gregg: yes yes- and next week right here- we will have a holiday read aloud 🙂
Sheila Yoshikawa: @Shiloh yes, at least I enjoy it!
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): my 5th grade teacher read to us for 30 or 40 min.. daily… That is how I heard Fahrenheit 451
Sheila Yoshikawa: great @Shiloh
Valibrarian Gregg: so true Sheila! sustained critical deep reading! I always mention this book Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World
Valibrarian Gregg:
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): (not only literature, but poetry aloud is also good, I think)
Sheila Yoshikawa: thanks!
Josain Zsun: Happy Holidays All. Returning to getting replacement Mac setup.
Sheila Yoshikawa: actually in the UK poetry reading have a bit come back into fashion, mostly with contemporary poets
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): Mine & Lissi’s fav author …
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): that is awesome, Sheila…
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): I know in Japan… poetry slams are very big… I have heard
Valibrarian Gregg: We have a read aloud (SCI-FI) tonight at 5pm if anyone wants to read together 🙂 CVL-Caledon
PI (pi.illios): I would love to but too late for me RL time
Valibrarian Gregg: I know! time zones whew!
Wisdomseeker (lissena): shouts: watching chat here while also in opensim
Wisdomseeker (lissena): meant to whisper
Valibrarian Gregg: there are several poetry groups on Cookie at CVL- some for reading some for writing
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): I find it interesting that… most castles, most royalty.. used to keep a Bard … I wonder if they kept a Literature reader, too
Sheila Yoshikawa: also a well-loved contemporary poet who was very ill with COVID just published a collection on his illness
Sheila Yoshikawa: sorry, drifting away from virtual worlds there!
Sheila Yoshikawa: @Shiloh I suppose the 2 were sort of 1?
Sheila Yoshikawa: also I will continue to deviate from VW in mentioning this book
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): maybe.. but what history I dappled with showed.. there was competition between ruling houses… and their Bards …
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): ooh, thank you for sharing Sheila
Sheila Yoshikawa: which is amusing fantasy imagining the Queen become an obsessive reader
PI (pi.illios): thanks
Sheila Yoshikawa: yes @Shiloh would be nice if wars could be battled by bards not guns etc
Sheila Yoshikawa: OK!
Sheila Yoshikawa: perhaps I should steer things back to virtual worlds?
Sheila Yoshikawa: I have been wondering about how I should be repackaging my expertise and experience so it sounds novel, to make better use of the current focus on the Metaverse by “Meta” etc
Valibrarian Gregg: the pen is mightier than the sword – we all know
Sheila Yoshikawa: has anyone had any thoughts about this
Sheila Yoshikawa: any ideas about how to make their experience sound “new”
Shiloh e. (shiloh.emmons): would be interesting to have.. competition between non profits.. just kidding.. but maybe not a joke… the Non Profit Bard… or… the Charitable Poet
Valibrarian Gregg: yes- I just spoke on a panel with wisdomseeker here…. and the metaverse was the focal point
Sheila Yoshikawa: lol @Shiloh
Wisdomseeker (lissena): 🙂
Valibrarian Gregg: meta meta meta – getting hype
Sheila Yoshikawa: well, but I feel one should be able to cash in on the hype
Valibrarian Gregg: sending my brady bunch meme hehe
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): there is lots of new interest in virtual worlds under the name ‘meta’ —
Sheila Yoshikawa: and just saying “I’ve been in SL for 14 years doing stuff” isn’t enough
Second Life: Valibrarian Gregg gave you Meta Meta Meta.
Second Life: Valibrarian Gregg gave you Dec 9th 5pm Literary Study CVL & Caledon.
Sheila Yoshikawa: hi auralynx
Sheila Yoshikawa: I know @Val, you have been talking about gathering fresh examples of educating
Sheila Yoshikawa: doing videos
Valibrarian Gregg: we are pioneers of the metaverse for education
Sheila Yoshikawa: that are new etc
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): I have been linking to videos so people can see what the metaverse is like.
Valibrarian Gregg: and many people are just hearing the term metaverse
PI (pi.illios): I have to go to RL. Nice to see you all. Stay safe Group hug
Sheila Yoshikawa: I still find Draxtor’s videos useful
Sheila Yoshikawa: bye Pi!
Sheila Yoshikawa: nice outfit btw
Valibrarian Gregg: yes- we are creating video playlists on youtube- good examples of the metaverse for education as well as how-to tips for teachers
Sheila Yoshikawa: probably even covering topics or activities that having been going for years, but with a new video, is useful, to show that life continues here
Beth Ghostraven: I’m sorry I’m late–I knew there was something I was forgetting…
Valibrarian Gregg: hi Beth!
Sheila Yoshikawa: also @Selby have you found any particular set of videos particu;ar;y impressive?
Valibrarian Gregg: Selby has some great playlists
Sheila Yoshikawa: Hi Beth, how could you forget lol
Beth Ghostraven: I know right?!
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Also shows people that they could make videos in the metaverse
Valibrarian Gregg: and I recently watched some of Selby’s stand up comedy! it is pretty great!!!
Sheila Yoshikawa: ;-)))))
Sheila Yoshikawa: BTW right at the start I asked if people had any suggestions for future topics for VWER
Sheila Yoshikawa: topics for discussion, visits, or potential people to interview
Beth Ghostraven: oh, yes, I see we have a lot of TBAs on the schedule
Sheila Yoshikawa: always open to suggestion
Valibrarian Gregg: Curious George (of CalTech and VirTech here in SL) suggested that educators meet up during the holiday break- to promote edu across the metaverse
Valibrarian Gregg: so….VWEC is hosting a holiday party- to bring more people together
Meryl McBride: I’m afraid that I have to get to my RL appointment at the top of the hour. Have a great rest of the day, everybody.
Beth Ghostraven: Val, that’s a great idea
Beth Ghostraven: tc Meryl!
Sheila Yoshikawa: nice to see you @Meryl
Valibrarian Gregg: SUN 12/19 at noon
Valibrarian Gregg: Holiday attire optional- but time for networking 🙂 and Pi has decorated the VWEC pavilion with snow and holiday decor
Valibrarian Gregg: right before the party- will be a holiday read-aloud for those interested

[Beth Ghostraven: I am having a heckuva time copying SLurls lately
Valibrarian Gregg: oh dear- I remember you said I should always copy the SLurl= gotta remember that!
Valibrarian Gregg: for promos
Beth Ghostraven: Val, could you put the SLurl in the notecard and give it to me again?
Valibrarian Gregg: yes just a sec
Beth Ghostraven: Lately I have to actually go to the place to get the SLurl, very annoying
Sheila Yoshikawa: very annoying!
Sheila Yoshikawa: in fact we normally have a break on the VWER nearest Xmas (which would be the 23rd)
Beth Ghostraven: Thanks, Val!
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): another subreddit of possible interest:
Sheila Yoshikawa: and the 30th December will likely be a “looking back and looking forward” discussion – lessons to bring into 2022 and what we plan to do
Sheila Yoshikawa: thanks @Selby
Valibrarian Gregg: ty Selby for links
Sheila Yoshikawa: I often forget about the good bits of reddit!
Valibrarian Gregg: You mentioned ideas and topic for VWER upcoming @Sheila
Sheila Yoshikawa: yes, you already had some ideas @Val
Valibrarian Gregg: We already mentioned #metaverse as a topic of discussion 🙂
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Lots of videos on metaverse in YouTube
Sheila Yoshikawa: yes, we could revisit that in 2022
Valibrarian Gregg: Would anyone be interested in a Kitely tour? there are educators there too
Beth Ghostraven: sure, Val
Valibrarian Gregg: We now have a VWEC pavilion there
Valibrarian Gregg: and a lot of educational projects in Kitely
Sheila Yoshikawa: I also thought it was a while since we had an “educator tools” practical session – do you think that would be useful?
Sheila Yoshikawa: and I think yes re Kitely?
Valibrarian Gregg: also- VWER might like a program centered on Yan Lauria’s amazing teleportal system GATEWAY TO THINKING- he leads monthly tours that are incredible
Beth Ghostraven: Sheila, we usually have something about New Year resolutions, don’t we?
Wisdomseeker (lissena): that would be a great idea
Valibrarian Gregg: yes- if we have an educator tools session- it should be recorded and put on our youtube playlist!
Beth Ghostraven: Val that would be good
Valibrarian Gregg: The only problem with Yan’s tour is it is 7am SLT which is early for some! but good for him— not sure he can come at noon to VWER!
Sheila Yoshikawa: @Beth yes i was thinking the 30th December session perhaps
Valibrarian Gregg: But I could ask or I could show the teleportal system
Beth Ghostraven: VSTE is taking a break for December, and ISTE is no longer in SL; it looks like VWER and Virtual Pioneers are the only edu groups having regular programs right now
Beth Ghostraven: and VWEC’s campfires
Sheila Yoshikawa: @Val no this time is very very late in Japan!
Valibrarian Gregg: ACRL VWIG has monthly programs open to all educators
Beth Ghostraven: oh shoot, Val, yes–I forgot those
Valibrarian Gregg: our next one is next week to 3dww on DEC 15th
Valibrarian Gregg: ACRL VWIG is metaverse focused!
Valibrarian Gregg: right! about Yan’s tour- I could lead it for this group and promote his monthly tours if you want
Valibrarian Gregg: CVL-Caledon Literary study is a monthly event- there are numerous educational ongoing events…and the goal of VWEC is to get all those calendars connected
Sheila Yoshikawa: I’m hoping to be on a writing retreat on December 15th (if it doesn’t get called off because of COVID) here so I hoping I won’t be able to go to VWIG @Val!
Valibrarian Gregg: no problem @Sheila – NPC is also going to 3DWW this Friday 🙂
Sheila Yoshikawa: Some good ideas there, thank you
Sheila Yoshikawa: yes do publicise tomorrow – also we should publicise the OpenSim conference this weekend
Beth Ghostraven: oh yes, I’ll be at OSCC this weekend too, Sheila
Valibrarian Gregg: yes OSCC
Sheila Yoshikawa: thanks
Sheila Yoshikawa: in which some of us here are speaking
Valibrarian Gregg:
Beth Ghostraven: I’m giving a talk on Saturday at 11:30. which you all have probably already heard
Valibrarian Gregg: Note: Sheila and I are speaking SUN at 9:30
Valibrarian Gregg: and the VWEC session is on Sat at 9:30 for OSCC
Beth Ghostraven: Val, I’ll be streaming your session
Valibrarian Gregg: ty Beth for sharing your professional attire video on our VWEC playlist!
Beth Ghostraven: yw!
Sheila Yoshikawa: It is 1pm
Sheila Yoshikawa: so time to finish
Valibrarian Gregg: the playlist just got created this week- so Beth and Andy Sullivan are the first
Valibrarian Gregg: oh the time flew!
Valibrarian Gregg: gotta run – see you all next time
Sheila Yoshikawa: apologies, I think I allowed myself to wander off topic today
Beth Ghostraven: tc Val!
Valibrarian Gregg: bye
Wisdomseeker (lissena): good discussion!
Sheila Yoshikawa: but thank you for all the contributions
Beth Ghostraven: off topic, Sheila? Wasn’t it Open Forum?
Sheila Yoshikawa: lol well yes I suppose
ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Must go — bye all
Sheila Yoshikawa: bye!

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