2008-07-22 Discussion on library services in Second Life

SL Education Roundtable - Montclair State CHSS Island Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008 Library Services in SL with special guest Lori Bell (SLL Lorelei Junot) [15:30] AJ Brooks: we'll be getting started in a few minutes, give stragglers a few minutes to show up [15:30] Yasamine Grayson: hello everyone [15:31] AJ Brooks: oh - I asked … Continue reading 2008-07-22 Discussion on library services in Second Life

2008-06-24 Discussion on informal learning

Second Life Education Roundtable June 24, 08 Informal learning [15:27] AJ Brooks: hello everyone [15:28] Lyrah Lane: hi Al thanks for the reminder! [15:28] AJ Brooks: please join us here at the table [15:28] Mercury Barnes: thanks -- thing is huge...:) [15:29] JeanClaude Vollmar: Hey all [15:29] Gwenette Writer: Aloha all:) [15:29] Lyrah Lane: aloha … Continue reading 2008-06-24 Discussion on informal learning

2008-06-02 Discussion on “Bridging”

VWER discussion: “Bridging” 2 June 2008 [About the transition of younger students when they reach 18: at this point there was a "teen grid" separate from the main Second Life grid] [14:30] AJ Brooks: hi [14:32] Lorelei Junot: Affrontimariana this is AJ Brooks he sets up these educator meetings AJ, this is Affronitmariana [14:32] affrontimariana … Continue reading 2008-06-02 Discussion on “Bridging”

2008-05-27 Discussion on legal issues

Second Life Education Roundtable May 27, 2008 Legal Issues [14:27] AJ Brooks: HIII!!!! [14:27] MLani Montgomery: Hey, AJ [14:28] Storm Parx: I don't know about you all, but i had a hell of a time finding a non-slutty outfit here anyone have any conservative shopping tips? [14:28] MLani Montgomery: Ivalde [14:28] Miranda Llewellyn: there are … Continue reading 2008-05-27 Discussion on legal issues

2008-05-20 Discussion on Other Virtual Worlds

SL Education Roundtable - Montclair State CHSS Island Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 Discussion on Other Virtual Worlds Parts of this transcript have been edited for readability. AJ Brooks: oh - hi everyone Del Hapmouche: Hi, AJ Efuturist Daviau: Hello Al AJ Brooks: I didn't see you guys there, AJ Brooks: have a seat Kay Tairov: … Continue reading 2008-05-20 Discussion on Other Virtual Worlds

2008-05-06 Open Forum

SL Education Roundtable May 6th, 2008 Open Forum - Guest Moderator: Intellagirl Tully Intellagirl Tully: Hi Everyone! Simmon McDonnell: hi AureA Memotech is Offline ScubaChris Wollongong: Hey there! Intellagirl Tully: haha it's not giving me a seat, hmm Intellagirl Tully: working for anyone else? Topher Zwiers: Hey Intellagirl! ScubaChris Wollongong: nope Topher Zwiers: not for … Continue reading 2008-05-06 Open Forum